Fully Automatic Filling, Capping, Labeling Integrated Packaging Production Line

Fully automatic filling, capping, labeling integrated packaging production line

The machine has automatic bottle feeding by turntable or screw, automatic bottle detection (with bottle filling, no bottle without filling, bottle with internal plug, without bottle without internal plug), automatic filling, automatic internal plug, Automatically drop the outer cover, automatic capping, and other functions.

The robotic double-head liquid filling machine is the latest product developed by our company in recent years. It uses a microcomputer to set the number of steps peristaltic pump to perform metering filling (a special ceramic pump is used for special occasions) and has automatic filling and automatic plugging. Various functions of the screw cap. The machine is equipped with a unique special manipulator in China. The lower inner plug and the screw cap are in the form of swing arms. The lower cap is accurate. The screw cap adopts the torque mode of the servo motor. The screw cap has the same tightness and easy adjustment to achieve full automation.


Applicable specifications: 2-50ml

Production capacity: 40-60/min

Filling accuracy: ≤±0.5%;

Power supply: 22V50HZ

Rotation (rolling) cover rate: ≥99%

Automatic plugging rate: ≥99%

Air source: 2m3/h 0.4-0.8Mpa

Power: 1.0KW

Machine net weight: 400KG

Dimensions: 2400*1100*1500mm

  1. Microcomputer setting, accurate loading, and convenient operation.
  2. The filling system can be customized with suction function without dripping.
  3. The inner plug is automatically added by the manipulator and the outer cover is screwed.
  4. Automatic stop function, it can stop automatically if there is no filling and no cover on any track.
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