Automatic Flowwrapping Cartoning Packing Line

Automatic Flowwrapping Cartoning Packing Line

Automatic Flowwrapping Cartoning Packing Line is a self-developed model which combines the actual situation of domestic users. It’s abutting a joint middle transferring product mechanism with separate flexible to scrabble up, without any mechanical drive connection and electrical control to pillow packing machine to achieve crawler linking to cartooning machine.

This packing production line is suitable for a flow-wrapped package bag inserted into a carton which automatically links to the cartooning machine. Online can automatically finish product feeding (such as blister), detecting, aluminum film packing, rejecting for lack of product, pillow package bag automatic middle transferring and feeding, leaflet folding, carton forming, product inserting, batch number printing, carton flap sealing, waste product rejecting, finished product output, product counting and so on.

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JCDZ-120  line is composed of a flow wrapping machine and a cartooning machine. It is applied to the packing of various kinds of items with regular shape in many industries, like food, hardware, medical products, daily use products, stationery, toys, hotel supplies, electronic products, etc.


  1. Flow wrapping: packing the items into the bag.
  2. Cartoning: filling the bags into the carton box.
  1. Main technical parameters for cartooning machine

    Encasing speed30-100boxes/min
    BoxQuality requirement250-350g/m2[Base on carton size]
    Dimension range(L×W×H)(70-180)mm×(35-85)mm×(14-50)mm
    LeafletQuality requirement60-70g/m2
    Unfolded leaflet specification(L×W)(80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
    Fold range(L×W)[1-4]Fold
    Compressed airWorking pressure≥0.6mpa
    Air consumption120-160L/min
    Power supply220V 50HZ
    Motor Power0.75kw
    Machine dimension(L×W×H)3100mm×1100mm×1550mm
    Machine weight1400kg

    Main technical parameters for Automatic Flowwrapping Machine

    Production capacity30-230 (package/minute)
    Packaging size

    (two cutters) mm

    Packaging size

    (one cutter) mm

    Max width of the film250mm
    Power of supplyAC220V/ 50HZ 2.4KW
    Outline dimensions4050×650×1550mm
  1. Automatic Flowwrapping Machine

    1. Compact structure, stable and advanced performance, easy to operate.
      Double frequency convert motor, and stepless variable speed and the length of the bag can be set on PLC, and cutting will be reaction instant, just one step, and save the time and film.
      3. PLC control, friendly operate interface, for convenient and rapid to set parameters
      4. Intelligence software, diagnose, and show fault automatically.
      5. Hi-sensitive electric eye, which traces the printed web on film and makes the sealing on accurate position.
      6. Accurate temperature control, which controls the sealing temperature for various of packing film. And the sealing effect is very well.
      7. Main body is made of stainless steel. Fit to GMP standard.
      8. Simple transmission system, which is more reliable work and convenient maintenance.
      9. According to the situation of packaging products, it can be combined with different automatic feeders.

    Cartoning machine

    Adapt to the feeding speed of pillow packing machine automatically

    1. Feed product intermittently by servo motor
    2. No pillow package, no suck leaflet and carton.
    3. Pillow package automatic /manual change track and export.
    4. PLC automatic control system, speed regulation with frequency conversion,
    5. Touch screen interface operation system
    6. Machine overload, automatic stopping machine with alarm
    7. Display fault and count finished products.
      Stable performance, operate easily, and understandability.
    8. Pneumatic components are a famous international brands.
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