Automatic Flow Packing Machine Integrated with auto feeder

Automatic Flow Packing Machine Integrated with auto feeder

The JCD-660 automatic horizontal flow packing machine is designed for coated products such as chocolate, wafer biscuits, cakes, and more.

The JCD-660 automatic flow packing machine comes with an integrated auto feeder that can accomplish a series of production processes. The packaging process will begin after discharging is finished, which can efficiently reduce the empty bag rate. The JCD-660 is designed for the packing of products with a coating.

The maximum production capacity of the JCD-660 can reach 1200 bags/min. This machine adopts a touch screen and plc control, which makes the operation of the machine even easier. Then it adopts full servo drive, which provides stable transportation, accurate speed control, and a low empty bag rate.

Max.Production Capacity 1200bags/min
Packing Range /Length of bag 55-200mm
Width 15-60mm
Height 5-30mm
Max.Dia.of Film 390mm
Max.Width of Film 300mm
Gross Power 9.6kw
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Gross Weight 1600kg
Overall Dimension 9800×1000×1700mm
Packing Material OPP, CPP, PET Metallized film, All-plastic film, Paper-rubber complex
Suggest to use of wrapping film with the material of PET13/CPP23-27

Note: We can design and manufacture according to customer’s special needs.

  1. Three vertical heat welding provides more stable heat output and stronger airtightness.
  2. High speed, low empty bag rate, and stable packaging process.
  3. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel #304, which is easy to clean.
  4. The machine has a device for film auto-splice, which makes the process of packing more smooth and improves packaging efficiency.
  5. The conveyor belt structure is easy to disassemble.
  6. Automatic packaging arrangement device reduces labor costs.
  7. The packaging machine can effectively reduce the empty bag rate by the function of automatic acceleration and deceleration.
  8. Full servo drive and plc control, which makes operation of the machine even easier.
  9. The contact parts of food and machine are made of food-grade materials.
  1. Water-cooling system
  2. Outlet conveyor (can lengthen)
  3. Finisher
  4. Empty product blower
  5. Defect removal system
  6. Gas packing
  7. Automatic rectification device
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