JOCHAMP Poultry Packaging Machine

Jochamp manufacture versatile and flexible poultry packaging machine for your small or massive poultry packaging production. All machines are manufactured in strict adherence to food safety protocols and standards. Affordable, high-output, and durable.

  • Deliver perfect bags of fresh food
  • Robust, ultra-sanitary packaging
  • Provide cost savings packaging
  • Customized to your specifications

Custom Poultry Packaging Machine

A poultry packaging machine is an automatic chicken packaging equipment suitable for frozen and fresh end goods. It is built for superior reliability and has low maintenance. The steel construction is durable and FDA-approved ensuring safe production. The core parts and components are sourced from branded suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc. These machines are easy to clean using high pressure because all delicate parts are well covered.

You can always find the right and ideal packaging machines at Jochamp. It is designed with enhanced sustainability and improved your brand. We provide film pairing options that reduce labor and cost. Guarantee short production lead time, high-efficiency in your operations. With advanced manufacturing techniques and in-house graphics management, we can develop high-performance, effective and high-productive machines for your business. Message us today!

One Stop Packaging Solutions

Jochamp poultry packaging machines can be flexibly designed to meet different output scales and packaging types. It is suitable for small poultry or large poultry processing facilities. We provide complete packaging solutions from 5 various packaging systems:

  • Stretch filming
  • Thermoforming
  • Tray Sealing
  • Horizontal Flow Pack (HFFS),
  • Vertical Flow Pack (VFFS)
Poultry Packaging Machine
Poultry Packaging Machine

Poultry Packaging Machine Advantages

  • Food-grade structure machine
  • Improved product presentation
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Handle the harshest washdown procedure
  • Excellent sealability and decreases your carbon footprint
  • More sustainable packaging with recycle-ready shrink bag
  • Provide higher shrink that decreases wrinkles and visible purge
poultry packaging machines
Professional Poultry Packaging Machine Supplier

Jochamp is a trusted manufacturer of Poultry Packaging Machine in China. We are specialized in the design, unique R&D, manufacturing and sales of various packaging machines suitable for your needs. All machines offer high efficiency, high productivity, and ensure high ROI. Message us today!

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