Pouch Case Packer Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of case packers for pouches and bags. It comes with fully automatic and semi-automatic pouch packaging, an automatic packaging set, and a separate bag design.

  • Compact design
  • Approved by ISO9001, CE, SGS, cGMP
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High-speed pouch case packer
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JOCHAMP Pouch Case Packer

Excellent packaging not only secures goods but also serves sales purposes, and makes the goods easier to transport. The pouch case packer is now accessible to bring various advantages in the production and efficient packaging process. They are great for stand-up pouches or bags of snacks, candies, sugar, detergents, baking mix, and many more.

At JOCHAMP, we manufacture pouch case packers to support most companies with cost-effective and innovative solutions for pouch packaging, from fully automatic machines to semi-automatic and multi-part packaging systems.

  • JC-503 Robot Case Packer
  • JC-503 Robot Case Packer

JC-503 Pouch Case Packer

The machine integrates the visual inspection system and the manipulator picking system into a set of box systems. The disordered products can be neatly put into the carton by visual correction. Suitable for integration into production lines.

  • Extensive product adaptation
  • Maximum compatibility 7kg product
  • Arrangement for disordered products
  • Compact design, rational use of space
  • Easy integration into production or packaging lines


machine type JC-503
power supply 220V/380V 50/60HZ 5KW
Crawl rate Single: 80-120 pieces/min; Double: 160-240 pieces/min
Packing method Single case/Multiple cases
Use air source 6-7kg
Machine size 3000mm*2200mm*2550mm (L*W*H)
machine type JC-503
  • Extensive product adaptation
  • Maximum compatibility 7kg product
  • Arrangement for disordered products
  • Compact design, rational use of space
  • Easy integration into production or packaging lines

case erector

carton sealer

Secondary packaging line integration

carton sleeve inner bag

Labeling Machine


Glue sealing machine

Stainless steel

heavy duty casters

Leaflet Automatic Dispatcher

export conveyor line

Why JOCHAMP Vial Cartoning Machine


Continuous, non-stop motion for accurate and sensitive good placements. Offers gentle and flexible handling in every pick.


Flexible design, great for coinciding handling of numerous ranges of products.


Adopts fast changeover and user-friendly interface of packing patterns via stored recipes.

Reduce Labor Costs
Reduce Labor Costs

The machine does not need human labor. Meaning, that it can save labor costs and most employees will be more productive.

Great for High Demand Production Solution

JOCHAMP offers a pouch case packer that handles the unique demands related to accommodating bags and pouches. These machines maximize flexibility to provide efficient goods loading into any style of top load case. Our pouch case packer delivers a special ability to seamlessly load, erect, and seal load cases with the solid machine.

The machine is combined with state-of-the-art servo technology, unique design feature, and effortless menu-driven changeovers. Thus, the JOCHAMP pouch case packer has the ability to handle different products with less maintenance and limited product handling. JOCHAMP pouch case packer is the ultimate solution for high demand corresponding with constant format changes, three-shift production, and high efficiencies.

Great for High Demand Production Solution
How Can Our Pouch Case Packer Perform

How Can JOCHAMP Pouch Case Packer Perform

  1. Automatically form and erect corrugated cases.
  2. Transport incoming pouches and bags to the staging zone.
  3. Load the pouches layer into the case.
  4. If the product is once loaded or stacked according to the pack pattern, then the case transfers to the sealing area.
  5. The corrugated case top flaps are folded and can be taped or glued.

Advantage of Pouch Case Packer

JOCHAMP provides a fully automated and semi-automatic pouch case packers to bring efficient packaging solutions. Here are some of the JOCHAMP pouch case packer advantages:

  • Independent electrical cabinet
  • High-quality and super cost-effective
  • Passed SGS, ISO9001, and CE certifications
  • Rich expansion functions (manipulator, image recognition, date printing, labeling, etc.)
  • Compact design
  • Stable operation, heavy-duty rack structure, lower noise
  • Moving parts have a protective cover and protective door
Advantage of Pouch Case Packer

JOCHAMP – Your Trusted Pouch Case Packer Supplier

JOCHAMP – Your Trusted Pouch Case Packer Supplier

JOCHAMP is a leading supplier of case packers for pouch and bags specifically manufactured for today’s packaging requirements. Our automated pouch case packer is associated with the downstream erecting case system. It works well in numerous products as per the required output.

JOCHAMP case packer for pouch has a compact design that performs with efficient speed. These machines can guarantee less maintenance and are easy to use. Being a trusted pouch case packer supplier in China, we ensure all our machines have passed international quality standards – cGMP, ISO9001, SGS, CE, and more. We strictly implement quality control in every detail of our machines, from raw materials, testing, assembly, to shipping.

If you need a reliable pouch case packer for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

JOCHAMP Pouch Case Packer

Features of Pouch Case Packer
  • Efficient speed up to 30 cases/minute
  • Collating system for standup pouches and bags
  • Flat and vertical pack casing to maximize retail ready displays
  • Vision and cartesian guided robot configurations
  • Load numerous load trays or case
  • Repeatable and quick changeovers
  • Stainless-steel washdown selection and sanitary frame structure
Our Services
  • Lifetime after-sale service
  • Provide guidance on maintenance
  • Regular after-sales care
  • Quick delivery time of 15 days
  • 24/7 fast response
  • Supports LC, TT and other payment process

We Care for Our Clients


Being a leading pouch case packer supplier in China, JOCHAMP will listen to our client’s request and provides a solution to solve their problem. We are always here whenever and wherever you need us!

Customized Solutions

One of our strong points is a customization that enlarges to assistant. Our customized solution allows you to change machine format according to your unique needs.


JOCHAMP offers in-house training for our team. Meanwhile, we can provide in-house training to our clients too. They can benefit from this training since it gives the skills required to handle all scenarios.

Skyrocket Your Business with JOCHAMP Pouch Case Packer

We have been supplying top-quality pouch case packers for over 15 years. We focus on providing efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions.

  • I was extremely pleased with the purchase of a pouch case packer from JOCHAMP. Our company was looking for several options every time we need to add a new line and increase our productivity. And yes, JOCHAMP is the obvious choice.

  • The service and sale personnel at JOCHAMP has been very helpful and professional in exceeding our special request and putting our machine into service. Rooting with JOCHAMP to do a business together for my next automation needs.

  • JOCHAMP has reputation for constructing rough ready to operate equipment that exceeds our daily activity needed in our facility. The service and setup of the machine is outstanding and unprecedented exceeding our time line. I would recommend JOCHAMP to anyone who needs reliable case packer and other packaging machineries.

Pouch Case Packer: The Ultimate Guide

There are many pouch case packer machines available in the market. This guide will help you choose perfect pouch packer machine for your packaging industry. So, before investing in the next pouch case packing machine, read this guide.

What Is Pouch Case Packer?

It is equipment designed for filling and sealing a wide range of product pouches into different cases.

This machine provides a better solution to attain reliability and enhance the overall production cycle in the penultimate step of packaging process.

You can find it in different sizes with varying specifications determining the actual speed, capacity, and throughput.

Robot Case Packer

Pouch case packer

Advantages Of Pouch Case Packer

Ideally, this equipment is an absolute game-changer as far as offering reliable and efficient packaging solutions is concerned.

Of course, the essence of investing in this machine is to enhance faster packaging of products in different pouch designs.

Thus, some remarkable advantages it offers include the following;


The design and several features of this equipment allow you to eliminate or minimize human labor in different operational parameters.

Besides, it is energy-efficient, and these make it highly cost-effective since it reduces operating costs significantly.

Reduces Wastage

The programming elements of this machine ensure it only fills and seals the required amount of products to respective pouches.

This is imperative because it prevents wastage and, in the long run, increases profitability.

Easy To Maintain

Design construction of pouch case packer is quite simple, making it easy to maintain accordingly.

Besides, it rarely breaks down thus does not necessarily require in-depth routine maintenance.

Increases Precision

Ordinarily, this machine is automated hence programmed to ensure the specific packaging parameters are met as desired.

This is primarily attainable when using this equipment since it guarantees accuracy, which is imperative in accountability and quality control.

Higher Production Throughput

Since this machine is programmed to deliver specific parameters within a given duration, it guarantees faster packaging solutions.

Ideally, this is imperative, especially in a typical manufacturing setting where packaging speed is greatly concerned.

Improves Safety

This machine has different safety features that protect it and the operator from potential damage or harm, respectively.

It is advantageous because it gives you peace of mind, which in turn, enhances high productivity.

Guarantees High Reliability

Pouch case packing machine is quite robust and rarely breaks down or encounters intermittent delays due to mechanical aspects.

This implies that it is highly reliable, which is an important element, especially from the perspective of large-scale industrial packaging.

Applications Of Pouch Case Packer

Pouch case packing machine has been in use for quite a long time for filling and sealing a wide range of products in different industries.

As such, you can find them in different designs used in various industrial packaging applications.

The notable applications of this equipment, however, include the following;


In FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, pouch case packaging machine is quite dominant since it helps in packing different products into respective pouches.

This industry benefits significantly from this machine since speedy packaging is a considerable concern in ensuring goods get to the consumers rapidly.

Food And Beverage

A wide range of food and beverage products are often packed into respective packages using this particular case packer.

It guarantees high accuracy, safety, and reliability, which are essential in attaining desired packaging solutions.


Pouch case packing machine comes in handy in packaging of different pharmaceutical products.

Syrup, tablets, and capsules are among the notable pharmaceutical products often packed conveniently and safely using the machine.

Dairy Products Packaging

This equipment is also widely used in packaging a wide range of dairy products, including milk, powdered milk, cheese, etc.

Hygiene And Personal Care

Companies manufacturing different hygiene and personal care products such as toothpaste and lotions often use this machine to package products.


Ideally, different confectionery items such as biscuits, chocolates, lollipops, gums, etc., are typically packed using this particular machine.

Parts Of Pouch Case Packer

A typical pouch case packing machine comes with different parts and components, all designed to perform a specific function in the overall packaging process.

However, the main parts and components of this machine, which you need to know since you will continuously interact with them, include the following;

Feeding Unit

It is used for loading the materials and pouches into the equipment for consequent packaging based on the preferred pouch orientation.

Electric Unit

This component consists of various electrical parts and devices designed to transmit and supply electric power into various functional units of the machine.

PLC Touchscreen

It displays different variables and parameters of the machine during packaging process for easier control and monitoring.

Forming System

This unit contains devices designed to mold the pouches to be in line with the preset orientation and dimensions.

Photoelectric Sensor

It is a device with an in-built light-emitting feature that triggers a light beam ideal for detecting presence or absence of pouches during packaging process.


This component is used for printing various details on the surface pouch case material. Such details include product batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, lot code, etc.

Control Buttons

They are used in triggering or activating and deactivating particular functional parameters depending on the required function.

Protective Guard

Prevents or minimizes potential damage or injuries to the machine or operator respectively in case of unsafe maneuvers.

Roll Film Setting

It provides films used in sealing the pouches after filling.

How Pouch Case Packer Works

The working principle of a typical pouch case packer is quite straightforward, and the process entails the following elements;

Case Feeding

It starts with loading the cases into the machine through the feeding unit.

Here, these cases are stored in an easy-to-load magazine.

The magazine is integrated with vacuum suction pads with arm clutches that convey each pouch to case erection section.

Case Erecting

At this stage, the positive case erector creates the case to ensure it attains the required orientation or structure based on its shape.

Once the case is erected, it implies it is now ready for loading.

Pouch Feeding

The conveyor system moves individual pouches to the machine in readiness for product filling and sealing.

Pouch Assembling

It involves organizing several single pouches into different batches.

The machine uses a race track collation system to gather and arrange all the pouches before bundled into a single case.

Case Loading

All the bundled pouches are then picked and loaded into different cases.

This machine has a preprogrammed robotic system that picks and places the pouches into the cases accordingly.

The number of pouches loaded into the particular depends on the size of the case and pouches being packed.

Case Closing

Once the pouches fill the case based on the settings, it is closed using a hot-melt glue system.

Types Of Pouch Case Packer

Pouch case packing machines are available in wide varieties and designs with unique specifications.

Different pouch case packers are classified based on the case orientation or structure during filling and sealing.

The notable designs of this packing machine include the following;

· Top Load Case Packer For Stand Up Pouches

It is a case packer featuring a single or double axis pick-and-place collation with an integrated gripper head of vacuum.

top load case packer

You can use it to package different products in various industries for a wide range of case sizes and orientations, including stand up pouches.

· Drop Case Packer For Pouches

This ultra-compact machine offers packaging solutions for a different range of rigid case containers.

It features an exclusive design that integrates a case erector and packer into smallest footprint for reliable case packing productivity.

drop case packer

drop case packer

· Side Load Case Packer Pouches

It is an ideal pouch case packer for packing pouches by holding and stacking them inside the case through vacuum suction cups.

Side Load Case Packer

side load case packer

Ideally, it features an intelligent orientation for a single side packaging operation.

· Bottom Load Case Packer For Pouches

This compact pouch case packing machine is specifically designed for filling and sealing pouches with flexible and complex shapes into respective cases.

It needs several metering and infeed methods for reliable product handling and facilitating easy changeovers and repeatability.

Mechanical case packer

bottom load case packer

· Intermittent Motion Pouch Case Packer

The design of the case packing equipment allows it to place the pouch on top or side of wraparound, harness, or tray blank style.

Primarily, it features an all common end-of-line case packaging designs and can wrap different pouches into the cases.

intermittent motion pouch case packer

intermittent motion pouch case packer

· High Speed Case Packer For Pouches

As the name indicates, this is pouch case packing machine offering absolute high-speed packaging solutions.

It has an outstanding packaging speed hence can pack several pouches into cases within shortest time possible.

high speed case packer

· Horizontal Case Packer For Pouches

The distinct feature of this pouch case packer is its ability to different case types with servo-design and high versatility.

It is compact, thus takes a smaller space but can pack cases with different orientation styles such as wrap-around, regular, half-slotted trays, etc.

horizontal case packer

· Vertical Case Packer For Pouches

This machine is designed to pick q product from an infeed conveyor and place it into a respective case by vertical motion.

vertical case packer

vertical case packer

It is preferred when packaging product pouches that are prone to slipping.

Types Of Pouches You Can Package With Case Packer

A typical pouch case packing machine is quite versatile; hence it means you can use it to pack different types of pouches.

Of course, pouches are available in numerous designs hence the common ones you can pack on this equipment include the following;

  • Stand up pouch
  • Window pouch
  • Gusseted pouch
  • Standard pouch
  • Vacuum pouch
  • Kraft pouch
  • 3-side seal pouch
  • Pillow pouch
  • Shape pouch
  • Spouted pouch
  • Zipper pouch
Features Of Pouch Case Packer

Ideally, features of pouch case packing machine often vary from one equipment to another depending on design structure and other specifications.

But the general features you will always find in most types of pouch case packers include the following;

  • Durable powder-coated steel framing material
  • Hot glue or tape sealing ability
  • Simple, repeatable, and quick changeovers
  • Easy-to-understand PLC screen user interface
  • Compact footprints thus occupies smaller floor space
  • Continuous motion for sensitive and accurate product placement
  • Several metering and infeed techniques offering effective product handling
  • Faster case packing speeds
  • Synchronized handling of various products
  • Auto-case management mechanism
  • Effective pouch collation system

For all your pouch case packer machines, contact us now.

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