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Jochamp offers safe and reliable pizza packaging machines produced from stainless-steel materials. These machines are suitable for packaging whole pizza, mini/portion/sliced pizza, pita bread, and much more.

  • CE, ISO9001, SGS, and cGMP certifications
  • Longer work-life
  • Reduce manual labor costs
  • Fast delivery
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Jochamp Pizza Packaging Machine

The pizza packaging machinery is a convenient and speedy way for pizza packaging to be sold in markets or shipped to buyers. It is intentionally manufactured for the tortillas and pizza industry. The pizza packaging machine ensures the highest shelf life of the product and gains end-consumers in great condition.

If you need of affordable and efficient packaging machine to seal and pack your premade pizzas and other premade meals, Jochamp can help. All our machines are fully inspected before shipping. We also provide one-year quality assurance, free sample tests, and lifetime after-sale service.

Pizza Packaging Machine Features

Listed below are the following features of our machines:

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Mobile temperature control
  • Accepts all shrink film widths
  • Fast release top box for cleaning
  • Quick change heating element
  • Available 30-minute timer version
  • Available fork, film dispenser, and other optional kits
Pizza Packaging Machine Features
Benefits of Pizza Packaging Machine for Your Business

Benefits of Pizza Packaging Machine for Your Business

  • Extends shelf-life: Using our pizza packaging machines to seal your food items will help increase shelf life by protecting it from contaminants and removing oxygen.
  • Safety: When selling and shipping sealed food to home, there is barely any contact.
  • Cost-Effective: Using our pizza packaging machine is more affordable and much faster compared to packaging food items by hand. Our packaging machines for pizza can save both labor and time costs corresponding with manual packaging.
Pizza Packaging Machine Manufacturer
JOCHAMP – Trusted Pizza Packaging Machine Supplier

We can guarantee a high-speed, high-performance, and safe-to-use pizza packaging machine. You can get benefits with our one-year quality assurance, regular after-sales care, and fast response service!

Pizza Packaging Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s look at some fundamental aspects you should consider when choosing pizza packaging machine. Whether you want to know the benefits, feature, classification or working principle – this guide has all vital information you are looking for.

Advantages Of Pizza Packaging Machine

Improves Safety And Hygiene – It protects the operator from accidents and pizza from contamination since it prevents human contact.

Increases Output – The automation features of this machine allows it to be speedy and ultimately increase packaging throughput.

Saves Time – Integrated pizza packaging processes in this machine enhance efficiency that saves a significant amount of time.

Improves Pizza’s Aesthetics – The ultimate packaged pizza attains an attractive and neat look, which increases sales significantly.

Offers Cost-Efficiency – Human labor required while using this machine is limited, thus reduces operating costs and allowing you to expand the profit margin.

JCZ-130 Automatic cartoning machine

pizza packaging machine

How To Choose Pizza Capper

You need to look into various functional features and the overall design structure of pizza capper to select the most suitable one.

Here are some vital elements to consider when buying this device;

Structural Material – It is advisable to go for one with stainless steel construction material.

This material prevents the pizza from contamination since it is hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

Versatility – The ideal pizza capper should be able to accept a wide range of widths of shrink film. The essence here is to enable you to make different sizes of pizza easily from time to time.

Timer – Pizza preparation requires accurate timing; hence it is ideal to go for one that features a timer.

Adjustable Temperate Control Mechanism –When preparing pizza, the desired temperature usually varies depending on specific stages.

A pizza capper with adjustable temperature control unit allows you to set the desired temperatures accordingly.

Easy Cleaning – The top box of an ideal pizza capper should allow a quick release to make it easy for complete cleaning after use.

Weight – It should vary based on the size, but an ideal one should be portable to allow you to carry it around easily.

Auxiliary Kit – Go for a pizza capper that comes with additional components such as a fork and film dispenser, which facilitate efficient preparation of pizza.

Types Of Pizza Packaging Machines

The most common variants you will find used in different environments include the following;

Pizza Shrink Wrap Machine

It is a type of pizza packaging machine designed to wrap heat-shrinkable film tightly around a single or several pizza products.

Oversized Shrink Wrapper

pizza shrink wrap machine

The machine covers the pizza and sends it through an oven or heat tunnel for shrinking.

How Pizza Shrink Wrap Machine Works

The machine works by setting up manually fed film using a hand-held heat gun.

This equipment dispenses the manually-fed plastic wrapping film and loosely folds it over the pizza product.

The film is heated to create a tight wrap around the pizza and ensure it covers it tightly as desired.

Benefits Of Pizza Shrink Wrap Machine

a) It seals pizza in a better and more protective manner, thus keeping out dampness and unnecessary light induction likely to contaminate it during transit.

b) This machine offers low-cost pizza wrapping solutions since it uses cheap and readily available wrapping materials.

c) The packaging solution offered by this machine enhances the shelf-life of packaged pizza.

d) It makes it difficult to tamper with the product since it applies both seals and holds its shape afterward.

e) You can use it conveniently to wrap different sizes of pizza.

Features Of Pizza Shrink Wrap Machine

  • Durable stainless steel or aluminum construction for easy and quick cleaning
  • Ability to wrap pizzas ranging from 12-20 inches
  • Standard 3-prong plugins that can heat to desired temperature within minutes.
  • Adjustable heat settings to accommodate heat material being used.

Pizza Vacuum Packing Machine

It is a pizza packaging machine that creates a vacuum by removing air from the package before sealing.

This equipment automatically processes vacuuming, sealing, and cooling in a single operation.

How Pizza Vacuum Packing Machine Works

In an automatic pizza vacuum packing machine, the operator feeds filled containers to the equipment through the conveyor.

Machine compresses the container towards the seaming head while it holds the lid.

Next is the first seaming roller coming in and interlocking the container’s body flange with the lid curling to form a loose seam.

Once the first seaming roller retreats, the second one comes in and flattens the seam from the first roller to form a hermetic seal.

A pump using rotating blades removes air from the container, followed by a double seaming process.

Benefits Of Pizza Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • It is fast and efficient; thus, you can use it for packaging and sealing several pizzas within the shortest time possible.
  • You can use it to attain multiple pizza packaging options using different containers such as tear-notches, reclosable zippers, foil-lined, etc.
  • It forms seal barriers that prevent external elements such as dust, moisture, and insects from getting into and contaminating the pizza.

Features Of Pizza Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • User-friendly operation
  • Robust stainless steel contact parts
  • Digital display
  • See-through lid
  • Microprocessor-based
  • Emergency stop button

Pizza Packaging In Flow Pack HFFS

Flow pack HFFS machine enables the pizza to go through for packaging purposes.

How Pizza Packaging In Flow Pack HFFS Works

Pizza packaging process using this machine is relatively straightforward.

Packaging or wrapping film gets into the machine via packaging film driving roll bar where it is created.

It is then fed into the machine through a conveyor unit.

Product, in this case, pizza, gets into the packaging section where longitudinal sealing of the pizza follows with horizontal cutting.

Pizza then proceeds to the output section of the machine, awaiting the next process.

Benefits Of Pizza Packaging In Flow Pack HFFS

  • Increases production volume due to its automated functions that guarantee ideal speed.
  • Enhances convenient pizza packaging by blocking air from getting to the packaged product.
  • Guarantees clean and hygienic pizza packaging solution since there is limited food handling by a human being.

Features Of Pizza Packaging In Flow Pack HFFS

  • Stainless steel material for contact parts and framing component
  • User-friendly control unit featuring PLC touchscreen with human-machine interface
  • Reliable roll setting bar
  • Emergency stop buttons and other safety features
  • Automated operating parameters to enhance efficiency and reliability
  • Adjustable conveyor unit for moving pizza from one station to another
  • Box forming ability to facilitate easy packaging and sealing of pizza

Pizza Box Making And Packaging Machine

It is a type of pizza packing machine that forms boxes based on the set dimensions and shapes and then packages the product at the same time.

This machine has several functional units integrated into one to ensure it delivers desired results accordingly.

How Pizza Box Making And Packaging Machine Works

A plain paper box is fed into the machine through the feeding unit and adjusted based on the required settings.

It moves to the forming unit for box formation and gluing unit for securing the loose ends of the boxes.

Upon box formation, the conveyor unit moves it to the packaging zone, where pizza is loaded into it.

Once the pizza loads into the formed box, it moves to the sealing unit for closing of the opened surface.

The process repeats for each pizza piece until you are done.


Benefits Of Pizza Box Making And Packaging Machine

  • It offers several functions, including box paper feeding, forming, gluing, and sealing operations, all under one unit.
  • This machine increases pizza packaging solution efficiency since it makes boxes and packages pizza in real-time.
  • It reduces running costs since it hardly uses human labor in all aspects of box forming and pizza packaging.
  • High packaging speeds due to automation levels increase pizza packaging throughput.

Features Of Pizza Box Making And Packaging Machine

  • Adjustable high speeds with a capacity of 60-180 boxes per minute depending on box shape and size.
  • Ability to use multiple material for box forming, including corrugated paper, cardboard, kraft paper, etc.
  • Stainless steel contact parts and framing components enhance hygiene and easy maintenance
  • PLC touchscreen control module with integrated easy-to-understanding human-machine interface
  • Integrated pneumatic units to facilitate different box-making and packaging functions
  • Water-based adhesive feeding device
  • High precision box making and pizza packaging based on desired settings
How To Choose Pizza Packaging Machine

Here are the main elements to consider when choosing an ideal pizza packaging machine;


Different pizza packing machines come with various technical and functional features.

It is important to ensure the specific one you are choosing is integrated with features that can meet your pizza packaging demands.

Speed, accuracy, control systems, and electrical elements are the core features to look into in this machine.

Packaging Type

The specific type of packaging you desire for the pizza is an important aspect to consider when choosing the ideal machine.


Various manufacturers design different models of pizza packaging machines.

Hence, it is important to choose the one with an esteemed reputation as far as reliability, efficiency, and quality is concerned.

Type Of Packaging Material It Uses

Determine the type of packaging material the machine uses.

Some are versatile and can use a wide range of packaging materials, whereas others are restricted to a specific type of packaging material.


You will always find this machine at different prices depending on many factors like size, capacity, speed, structure, and other features.

However, you should always ensure the particular choice you make offers value for the money.

Pizza Packaging Machine Maintenance Process

Here are the notable maintenance processes to consider for a pizza packaging machine;

  • Ensure the moving parts are thoroughly and properly lubricated always to reduce friction and enhance the durability of such parts.
  • Always clean the machine thoroughly using clean water and recommended detergents to ensure the material does not corrode.
  • Repair and replace all damaged and worn-out parts to ensure the machine maintains its efficiency and reliability.
  • Troubleshoot all the errors you encounter during packaging process. Besides, ensure the troubleshooting is done correctly and at the right time to prevent unnecessary inconveniences.

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