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JOCHAMP is a leading supplier and manufacturer of pill packaging machines that can be able to pack medications or supplements. It offers superior speed, accuracy, reliable performance, and long service life for pharmaceutical and other applications.

  • Easy to use during the production process
  • Can able to give comport on operators
  • Fully equipped with an advanced technology system
  • Can able pack up to 80 products
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Custom Pill Packaging Machine

Pill packaging machines are manufactured to be used for hospitals and nursing homes. It is able to pack different types of products for medications. Pill packaging machines can provide accurate and easy to use for specific medical applications with equipped with advanced technology they can be able to sort flat pills, round pills, and long pills.

For many years in the industry of manufacturing a reliable machine including a pill packaging machine, we have always ensured that it is made from high-quality raw materials. We provide OEM and ODM production services. Also, we can offer a 7/24 hour fast response to give you quality and the best machine to fit your needs.

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Pill Packaging Machine Features

Features of our pill packaging machine such as the following:

  • Fully equipped with computer system
  • Can able measure, fill, bag making, heat sealing, cut and more
  • Have a high sensitive electro-optical sensor system
  • Can pack a large number of medical products
  • Fully installed by constant temperature heating system to ensure the stable temperature
Pill Packaging Machine Features
Pill Packaging Machine Applications (1)

Pill Packaging Machine Applications

Below is the following application of pill packaging machines to make:

  • Candy pill
  • Coffee capsule
  • Dry kibbles petfood
  • Hawthorn-pill
  • To pack different types of medicine
  • And many more
Enhance Your Business with Pill Packaging Machine from JOCHAMP
Enhance Your Business with Pill Packaging Machine from JOCHAMP


JOCHAMP provides a reliable, high-performance, and stable quality Pill Packaging Machine. We can offer short lead-time, affordable prices, and factory-direct supply.

Pill Packaging Machine Guide

The process of packaging medicine is as delicate as making it, hence the importance of a packaging machine.

The process should maintain the pill’s composition since altering it could become hazardous, especially when it comes into contact with external influences such as air, moisture, and heat.

This guide will help you choose a highly efficient and reliable pill packaging machine.

What Is A Pill Packaging Machine?

A pill packaging machine is designed to automate filling prescription vials, correcting mistakes, and ensuring correct medication labeling.

A pill packaging machine is usually fitted at the end of the production line. It is responsible for laying the final cover on the pills before transport.

pill packaging machine

pill packaging machine

With these machines, one can maintain the integrity of the pills throughout the production process, including transport, distribution, and storage.

Functions Of A Packaging Machine

Increases Efficiency And Output

The primary function of a pill packaging machine is to boost productivity.

Manually filling each prescription can be tiresome and prone to errors, especially when dealing with a large consignment.

You can scale down staffing with the right packaging machine while meeting demand.

A pill packaging machine also allows producers with pharmacist-to-tech staffing regulations to increase production while staying compliant with state and federal laws.

You will likely increase daytime production, eliminating the need for night shifts and overtime. This increases efficiency while lowering the cost of production.

Increase Patient Safety

As mentioned, manually dispensing, filling, and packaging medication is tiresome and, in some cases, exposes the drug to contamination.

A packing machine helps dispense the correct pill strength and avoid prescription errors.

A pill packaging machine is automated and programmed to dispense, fill, and seal a specific amount of the drug.

This action can take place for extended hours without worrying about fatigue, which is the main cause of errors.

These machines can also be programmed to fill blister cards.

Provide Scalability

Pill manufacturing, like any other business, has the potential to grow to meet new demands.

A packaging machine will help provide scalability to meet rising and new demands.

The best approach is to get a packing machine that can be reconfigured to meet your new production demands.

With an upgraded machine, you can easily scale up your business using the same equipment.

This move is also economical since you don’t have to constantly change your equipment with the evolution of prescription filling needs.

Types Of Pill Packaging Machines

Strip Packing Machine

A strip packing machine is a high-speed sealing machine popular for its high quality.

They are fitted with features such as temperature controllers and high-pressure sealing rollers to ensure high-quality sealing.

It also features an adjustable film feeding system and conveyor table to increase efficiency.

Strip packing machines mostly use materials such as plated Teflon, which is heat resistant.

Teflon offers excellent sealing, forming a barrier between the medication and external influence, thus preserving the integrity and strength of the medication.

strip packaging machine

strip packaging machine

This machine is fitted with an automatic wastage film collecting unit to prevent wastage and eliminate the need for manual intervention.

Strip packing machines come with a protective function featuring a cutter designed to minimize damage to the product and a safety glass cover to protect you from volatile materials.

Strip packing machines are recommended for tablets, capsules, and pills that use heated sealable-coated films such as paper poly, aluminum foil poly, and cellphone poly.

Aluminum Foil Packaging Machine

Unlike most pill packaging machines, these machines require manual input to promote efficiency.

It’s fitted with a heat seal, punch, and molds adjusted to meet the desired specifications.

The saving factor is that it’s easily adjustable and works well for different size plates.

An aluminum foil packaging machine offers flexibility and adaptability, making it an ideal choice if you want to scale up production soon.

automatic pouch packing machine

aluminum foil packaging machine

The machine comes with multiple feeders that are changed to suit the product. It’s also suitable for heat-sensitive pills and tablets.

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

An automatic pouch packing machine is one of the top choices for a fully-automated machine that guarantees efficiency and reliability.

This machine is designed to form a standup pouch before it’s filled with medicine and sealed.

An automatic pouch packing machine eliminates manual intervention or potential human error since every process is programmed.

automatic pouch packing machine

automatic pouch packing machine

 It also offers better seal strength and less leakage, preserving the integrity of the mediation.

Aside from pill packaging, this machine can also package tablets, candy, small granules, viscous liquids, and powdered medicine.

Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine

Accucounter tablet packing machines are popular for their high precision and accuracy.

It features a performance counter that ensures the precise cunning of pills, tablets, and capsules onto identical products.

Aside from functionality, it also features a lustrous design with conventional controls to ease operation.

It features a dual nozzle made of stainless steel to ensure continuous filling and counting.

Accucounter tablet packing machine

accucounter tablet packing  machine

You can effectively raise and lower the counting speeds to match your preference.

The Accucounter tablet packing machine is also fitted with an accumulating device used to regulate the machine’s accuracy.

Accucounter tablet packing machines are primarily used for packaging capsules, tablets, caplets, pills, and transparent gel capsules.

Blister Packaging Machine

The blister packaging machine is known for its high efficiency and accuracy.

It is considered one of the most popular pill packaging machines.

Polyvinyl chloride blisters, polystyrene blisters, and other similar materials are used for packaging.

The machine features a vibration feeder and powder remover for eliminating crisps and powder from medicine.

Various functions can be performed simultaneously by blister packaging machines.

These functions include automatic counting, waste-side cutting, printing batch numbers, horizontal perforation, and auto punching.

Accucounter tablet packing machine

blister packaging machine

As a result, manual labor is eliminated, and productivity is increased.

Aside from packaging pills, this machine has multiple applications in various fields, including food production and hospital preparation laboratories.

Popular versions of the blister machine include the self-checking molding aluminum blister packaging machine and the automatic strip blister packaging machine.

Vertical Tablet Packing Machine

A vertical tablet packaging machine boasts a precise, compact, and logical design that produces little noise when used.

This is one of the best choices for clients looking for a packing machine that offers reliability and adaptability.

vertical tablet packing machine

vertical tablet packing machine

 It’s comparatively stable, making it less vulnerable to malfunctions.

The machine is automated to perform a process such as measuring, filling, and printing the batch number.

Vertical tablet packing machines are often used for capsules, sugarcoated tablets, and other non-medical products such as nuts, bolts, and buttons.

It’s also ideal for producing identically-shaped products.

Benefits Of Using A Pill Packaging Machine

Using a pill packaging machine is equivalent to automating your services to increase efficiency and productivity.

This applies to both automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines. Below are some of the benefits of getting a packing machine for your pharmaceutical business:

Meet Rising Demand Easily.

At one point, most businesses have to scale up, meaning more customers and increased demand for prescriptions.

Despite the increased demand for your pills, you need to be able to meet the rising demand.

Packaging is a good start to ensuring you can cope with the increased demand.

They also provide a way to increase production without increasing labor costs, sacrificing quality over speed, and investing resources in training new personnel.

Reduce Labor Costs

Packaging pills can be strenuous and time-consuming, but it still needs to be done.

In the long run, hiring manual labor may prove costly, especially if you factor in paid leaves and other taxes.

You can cure this by installing a scalable packing machine.

A packing machine can pay for itself after a short while without accruing extra costs.

With these machines, you don’t have to worry about go-slows or strikes that may affect productivity.

Minimize Waste And Product Rejection

As mentioned, packaging pills is equally delicate as making them.

You need to be extra careful during packaging to prevent reducing or increasing the strength of the medication.

A packaging machine will eliminate the human error that causes overfilled/under-filled prescriptions and damaged products.

These machines are designed with high precision and accuracy to prevent waste and minimize potential damage to the pills.

By ensuring repeatability, the machine can reduce the chances of product rejection.

Improved Efficiency And Productivity

Machines seldom get tired and don’t need to shift to execute their role.

This translates into increased production speeds and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

With a machine, it’s easy to scale up and down production depending on market trends, unlike using manual labor tied to labor laws.

Better Quality Assurance

Humans are susceptible to error, which could prove costly in pill production.

Manual packaging may result in damaged packing, loosely fitted caps, overfilled containers, and wrong labeling.

These actions can force you to hire a quality assurance team to keep track of recurring errors.

However, with a machine, you are guaranteed consistency which plays a key role in quality assurance.

Materials Used For Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging is important in drug production as it provides a medium for storage and protection.

There are several materials used for drug packing. The material used is dependent on factors such as;

  • Degree of protection needed,
  • Dosage
  • Ease of use/convenience
  • Sterilization technique used
  • Cost
  • Filling method

Some of the popular choices include;


This is the oldest material used in drug packing due to its versatility and reliability.

Bottles and vials made from glass are generally transparent, tough, and durable, making it easy to label and identify.

Glass is also inert, meaning it won’t react with the medication and alter its composition.

Most manufacturers use ultra-resistant borosilicate glass, surface-treated soda lime glass, ad soda lime glass to make packaging materials for pills and other drugs.


This is the most popular choice for its availability and affordability.

Plastic is malleable and can be designed in multiple shapes and sizes, depending on the type of medication.

Producers often use three types of plastics for drug packing. They include high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyethylene terephthalate.

Sterile Packaging

Sterile packaging is an envelope term used to refer to all sterilized packaging materials to protect the product and customer.

These materials are characterized by a coextruded film made from plastics such as HDPE and PP.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Pill Packaging Machinery

Buying a packaging machine is a significant investment that requires careful consideration.

The machines should strive to answer some of your production questions, including scalability. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing packaging machinery:


Speed is an important factor to consider in your production line. The machinery should be able to keep up with the input to meet demand.

It should answer how fast you want the machine to operate based on how many pills you want to be packaged in an hour.


When considering cost, you should also consider the cost of owning the machinery.

Some machines have a higher initial price but overtime pay for themselves by increasing your business’s profitability.

You should consider the initial cost, maintenance, repair, and overall cost of ownership, including the need to train personnel.

Staff Training

Technology is fast evolving, and people need to adapt.

When picking packaging machinery, you should consider if your staff will need in-depth training to operate it.

All machinery requires some training, but it’s best to get one that your staff can maneuver easily without specialized training.

As mentioned, packaging machinery is a significant investment that requires research and consideration to get right.

It’s advisable to take time and review your options while weighing the impact of adding the machinery to your production line.

You can also learn more about packaging and labelling.

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