Perfume Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a professional and reliable manufacturer of perfume packaging machines. The machine is equipped with automatic safety features to guarantee its efficient and secure operation.

  • The process is easy and reliable.
  • Systems for PLC and HMI
  • Customization is acceptable
  • Ideal to use in any perfume sizes

JOCHAMP Perfume Packaging Machine

The perfume packaging machine is a high-powered packaging machine, generally utilized in the perfume and cosmetic industry. The machine is entirely built with extreme compactness and simplicity through durable metal materials. It has good mechanical properties and operation features, allowing for complete synchronization, accuracy, and well-ordered functionality. 

Moreover, this perfume packaging machine also guarantees high automation, simple operation, convenience, and less maintenance. We offer a complete line of perfume packaging machines. Reach JOCHAMP for your request, we have our staff who is reliable to assist you.

JOCHAMP Perfume Packaging Machine Advantage

Sturdy & Durable
Sturdy & Durable

Every perfume packaging machine is constructed with high-quality, long-lasting materials. We guarantee that the equipment operates correctly and safely.

Excellent Quality
Excellent Quality

Our selection of perfume packaging machines is of exceptional quality and is thoroughly examined and tested before shipping. 

Consistent Performance
Consistent Performance

Our perfume packaging machine has a faster packing speed, and constant performance levels, and is simple to use. It can lower labor expenses and is energy-efficient.

OEM&ODM Support
OEM&ODM Support

To satisfy the needs of our customers, a priority is given. We offer OEM/ODM support for all types of perfume packaging machine products.

Full System Perfume Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP carries an extensive production of perfume packaging machines that can handle and accomplish continuous perfume packaging operations. It is a heavy-duty packaging machine that has complete coordination of every part that gives higher benefits for fastest and increased productivity. 

Our perfume packaging is built to last. That is equipped with plenty of specialized features and performances that are required for the perfume packaging sector. JOCHAMP has all the perfume equipment available for your business needs. 

Full System Perfume Packaging Machine
State-of-the-Art Innovation Perfume Packaging Machine

State-of-the-Art Innovation Perfume Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP perfume packaging machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of the perfume industry. We offer countless solutions, like offering different models of perfume packaging machines, allowing for excellent quality production and efficiency. 

A wide range of our perfume packaging machines is specialized in having an automated control that can work simultaneously. It is suitable to pack different kinds of perfume products in all shapes and sizes. Besides, our perfume packaging machine is also known among manufacturers due to its state-of-the-art innovation, speed of use, and less maintenance cost. 

Perfume Packaging Machine Structural Characteristics

  • The perfume packaging machine is built with reasonable design, versatility, toughness, and compact structure.
  • It gives reliable and performance stability due to its photoelectric control system
  • High-performance PLC control system and high-tech touchscreen
  • Convenient operation and gives output one-time finish
  • The packaging form can be back-side-seal, three-side, or four-side seal
Perfume Packaging Machine Structural Characteristics

Why Choose JOCHAMP for Fully-Automated Perfume Packaging Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP for Fully-Automated Perfume Packaging Machine
Why Choose JOCHAMP for Fully-Automated Perfume Packaging Machine

Since its establishment, JOCHAMP is acknowledged as the prominent manufacturer of perfume packaging machines. We have comprised of expert engineers who are dependable in terms of research, design, manufacturing and assembling of numerous packaging machines. Therefore, our perfume packaging machine becomes highly esteemed by most machine markets and industries due to its unsurpassed mechanical strength and capabilities. 

We are leading the thoroughgoing state-of-the-art production of perfume packaging machines. It comes with plenty of machine models, performance specifications, and attributes that qualify enough for any packaging needs. Your ideal design for your machinery is manufactured that fulfills and meets your production target. Send us your blueprint now!

JOCHAMP Perfume Packaging Machine Standards

We manufacture numerous model types of perfume packaging machines obtaining complete certification standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • RoHS
  • CE Marking
  • FDA-approved
  • ATEX certified
  • cGMP
JOCHAMP Manufacturing and Assembly Capabilities

JOCHAMP showered unmatched expertise and capabilities in undertaking perfume packaging machine manufacturing:

  • Material selection
  • Finishing treatment
  • CNC machining
  • Design proofs
  • Validation testings
  • Machine calibration
  • Logistics

JOCHAMP Perfume Packaging Machine Background Services

15 Years of Experience

JOCHAMP has been manufacturing perfume packaging machines for more than 15 years. We also focus on R&D and manufacturing different types of packaging machinery.

  • Affordable and aggressive pricing
  • Excellent and prompt delivery
  • Extensive production experience
  • Strict quality assurance procedures
  • Excellent and knowledgeable team
Research & Innovation

The ongoing development of new technologies is reflected in the progress of our perfume packaging machine. A one-stop shop for automated packaging solutions.

  • Product innovation
  • Design 
  • 100% made from raw materials
  • Research and development
After Sales Support

We provide our clients with flexible and dependable technical support after the transaction. 

  • Giving guidance on maintenance
  • One-year quality assurance
  • Lifetime after-sales service
Expert Perfume Packaging Machine Supplier in China
Expert Perfume Packaging Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP is committed to offering top-notch products and making unwavering efforts for each client. Real-time service allows customers to save time and money. All perfume packaging equipment has received certification from CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP. Send your inquiry now.

  • “We got a perfume packaging machine from JOCHAMP, and they gave us everything we needed, like a separate PID temperature control system with accurate temperature control.”

  • “JOCHAMP has the best provider of the perfume packaging machines. We are thankful for its high efficiency and support services. The machine has outstanding packing quality, and is suitable for long-term operation.”

  • “We are very grateful to JOCHAMP for designing our perfume packaging machine with PLC control and a soft-touch display, enabling more flexible operation. Thank you JOCHAMP for your great services.”

Perfume Packaging Machine: The Complete Guide

Choosing an efficient perfume packaging machine can be an overwhelming task without the right information. This guide explores all fundamental aspects of perfume packaging machine – keep reading to learn more.

High Speed Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

High-speed perfume box cellophane wrapping machine is an equipment designed to wrap different sizes of boxes in 3D using cellophane/BOPP.

perfume packaging machine

perfume packaging machine

Apart from perfume box wrapping, this machine can also be used to automatically package boxes containing products like condoms, cosmetics, cigarettes.

How Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Perfume Packaging Works

The first step is to convey forward the box containing the perfume containers from the bin through an entrance conveyer.

While moving the box forward, the film is also conveyed forward and cut according to preset specifications through servo motors.

This is followed by automatic movement of the perfume containing box to the next station which is the feed pusher.

perfume packaging machine

perfume packaging machine

The feed pusher is designed to continuously rotate at a given speed.

At the feed pusher, the box is wrapped using film, folded and sealed through heat.

After sealing, the conveyer moves the box towards the exit conveyer.

Exit conveyer gets the box out of the machine and it is ready for distribution.

Generally, the machine automatically feeds the box, feeds film, sticks tear tape, cuts, folds, heat seals, shapes, and discharges the box.

Features Of Perfume Box Wrapping Machine

Machine functions have been automated including folding, push box, hot sealing and ejection making the machine more efficient and accurate.

Sealing is done to cover the whole package which provides protection of the package from water, moisture and other contaminants.

Instant and automatic sealing to prevent storage of boxes or sealing materials within the sealing station protecting heat sensitive items.

perfume box wrapping machne parts

perfume box wrapping machine parts

Anticounterfeit tear tape is automatically pasted on the box to ensure that the products are not counterfeited or tampered with.

Smooth and effortless speed adjustment and changeover processes to ensure that the cardboard is replaced and smaller box sizes are achieved.

A PLC touch screen is in place which makes the machine more intelligent and user-friendly reducing the need for labor input.

Another feature is that, this machine is designed in a way that maintenance and repair can be done easily in few steps.

Machine frame is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and avoid corrosion for long lasting operations.

A compact design ensures machine stability and saving on space on the working area since it occupies a smaller space.

Machine is flexible and can be incorporated into a production line or can stand and work on its own.

How To Maintain Perfume Packaging Machine

Operating and maintaining a perfume packaging machine requires special personnel who are experts in such procedures to avoid costly mistakes.

Do a frequent check on the gearbox to ensure that the oil level is sufficient for proper functioning of the machine.

Oil level in the gear box should always be at or above 2/3 of the capacity of the gear box.

The oil must be replaced every once a year to ensure contaminants are removed for proper functioning of the machine.

Lubrication of the moving parts of the machine including gear drives, chain drives, sheave drives, cam drives, is done with grease.

Add grease to these parts after a period of three months and also check their working condition frequently.

In case of any damages to the tensioning sprocket given the transmission conditions, adjust or get them replaced immediately.

Use a soft cloth to clean the outer cover of the machine to ensure it is always kept beautiful and clean.

perfume box wrapping flow chart

perfume box wrapping flow chart

If the machine has not been used for some time, the before its next use, ensure that the cutter is cleaned.

Advantage Of 2 Head Perfume Filling Machine


A 2 head perfume filling machine is designed to automatically fill the bottles with preset perfume quantity avoiding small errors.

Manual filling of these perfume bottles could lead to unavoidable inconsistencies.


Once the bottle is filled to the required level, which is accurate for all the bottles, the filling head stops filling.

This ensures that each of the bottles are accurately filled unlike when it is done manually through human labor.

High Production Speed

With this machine, a company can fill double the number of bottles it would have filled using a single-head filling machine.

Also, the speed here is way higher compared to when using hands to fill the perfume bottles with the perfume liquid.

High Quality Products

The machine does most of the functions automatically producing quality products that can meet the market demands and attract more buyers.


Perfume filling machines are designed to serve for a long period of time and for longer performance without breaking down.

This can be achieved by doing proper maintenance checks monthly, employing a few experts for this job etc.

Easy Maintenance

A 2 head perfume filling machine is easy to maintain with a simple maintenance procedure that saves on labor and time.

Simple Operation Process

With proper training of personnel on how to operate the machine, the process becomes very simple.

A PLC control with a touch screen is attached to the machine which can be used to control time, fill times, speed etc.

Reduction of human labor

By making functions of the machine automatic, human labor which is associated with errors, inaccuracy, inconsistencies and low speed, is reduced.

Steps In Perfume Packaging Process

Feeding Of Products

First, the machine automatically loads the product and the bottles into hoppers getting them ready for the filling process.

Within the feeding hoppers, the product is dosed according to requirement through heating or emulsification giving the perfume the scent required.

To achieve the right dose, the hoppers are equipped with pressers, heating systems, mixers and syringes.

Filling Bottles

Secondly, the bottles are fed into the filling station and set ready to be filled with perfume.

Filling can be achieved through one of the following mechanisms enolmatic vacuum filler, enolmaster, or doselite volumetric filler.

Bottles are filled depending on the preset perfume quantity for each bottle.

Capping Bottles

After filling the bottles, the next step is to place caps on them through either a pneumatic capper or descending head capper.

Machine automatically caps the bottles using PFP aluminum, plastic, or twist off caps to prevent the contents from spilling.


Once capping is done, the bottles are conveyed to the labelling station where the bottles are labelled with preset details.

Labelling can be done through hot foil printer, inkjet printer or squared bottles labeler.


At this point the bottle is ready for the next machine which could be within the same production line or outside.

Once it is ejected from the filling machine through a conveyer, it moves the perfume box packaging machine.

Box Packaging

Perfume bottles are packed into carton boxes according to the preset number of bottles per box.

Box Wrapping

The perfume box is then wrapped using a film which is folded to cover the whole surface of the box and cut depending on size.

Sealing Of The Box

Hot sealing is done to ensure the contents of the box are safe before ejecting the box from the machine for distribution.

Other complementary processes.

Bottle Rinsing

Bottle cleaning or rinsing is a procedure which is undertaken before the bottle filling process takes place.

This is to remove left over perfumes in the bottles, or to rid the bottle of any chemicals or contaminants available.

Features Of Perfume Bottle Crimping Machine

Single head machine which works better compared to the hand operated bottle crimping machine.

Perfume bottle crimping machine is designed for laboratory or small or medium sizes operations.

The machine is automatic and does not need as much human labor.

Machine structure is made up of mild steel or coated with stainless steel for durability.

Tooling system is made with stronger material that has been hardened and machined to ensure crimping is done correctly.

Simple operation of the machine is achieved through foot switch for pedal operation during the crimping process.

The foot switch is soft and easy to operate making the process easy to control.

Apart from perfume bottles, the machine can also crimp other bottle types depending on the product requirements.

perfume bottle crimping machine

perfume bottle crimping machine

Crimp tightness can be adjusted using a set of screws available in the collet.

Perfume bottle crimping machine can crimp about 10 to 15 bottles in one minute depending on the level of expertise.

Applications Of Perfume Filling Machines

Perfume filling machines are applicable in various industries that deal in fragrance production.

Also, the machine can be used in other industries such as beverage, chemical, food and commodity.

Perfume filling machines can work with packaging materials like plastic, glass or customized.

The machines are suitable for small- and large-scale perfume producing companies.

Various bottle types and sizes can be filled using the perfume filling machines depending on the requirements of a company.

Generally, these machines handle perfumes or other liquid products making them very versatile.

Some of the functions offered by these machines include, bottle crimping, product feeding, bottle filling, bottle capping, bottle labelling, bottle discharge.

Perfume filling machines can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic depending on the needs of a company.

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