Pasta Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp is over 20 years in supplying packaging machines for the pasta manufacturing sector. Our packaging machine for pasta is designed to preserve the typical characteristics and shapes of pasta, minimizing the risk of damage.

  • Comes with numerous models
  • Can pack different types of bags
  • High-speed and efficient performance
  • High-end materials
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Jochamp Pasta Packaging Machine

The pasta packaging machine is efficient and high-speed packaging equipment for a short-cut and long-cut pasta. It serves as a packaging unit that is matched with the weighing system to ensure every packaging solution for different pasta. This machine is modified for small and large production.

Jochamp fabricates packaging machines for the pasta to automate palletizing, pallet wrapping, and case packing works. Whether you need to pack your pasta in a bag, box, or different types of containers, Jochamp can assist you to automate the packaging works. We can follow the main packaging appearance of your products.

Pasta Packaging Machine Features

  1. Unique feeding conveyor designed for long pasta with stainless steel gliding plane, internal blades, double chains, and pneumatically running device.
  2. Driving unit that composes of the longitudinal welder and double wheels.
  3. Variable Bag Length
  4. Reel-holding support project from the bottom, maximum film width about 600 MMS.
  5. 1000 mms length of the outcoming mat
  6. The device allows stopping the machine every time welders are open.
  7. With electric control panel fabricated in compliance with CE standards.
  8. Ink-jet printing tools
Pasta Packaging Machine Features
Pasta Packaging Machine Equipment

Pasta Packaging Machine Equipment

  • Horizontal Packaging Machine: A machine intended for long-cut pasta shapes such as bucatini and spaghetti. It continuously improves in terms of waste reduction and packaging speed.
  • Multi-head Weigher: Equipment for accurate weighing of short-cut pasta that can be matched with vertical packaging machines. It ensures high efficiency and precision.
  • Vertical Packaging Machine: This machine provides the appropriate solutions to handle and preserve short-cut dry pasta with famous packs like flat bottom, pillow, gusset, or brick bags.

Joochamp guarantees the manufacturing, development, and engineering of state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the food market needs.

Pasta Packaging Machine Manufacturer
Reliable Pasta Packaging Machine Provider

We can provide a one-stop-solution for a complete pasta packaging machine. Jochamp pasta packaging machine ensures to meet CE, ISO, and cGMP standards. Also, our team provides one-year quality assurance and excellent customer service.

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