Lettuce Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

Our Lettuce packaging machines are widely used in the food and industrial sectors. This type of packaging machine of Jochamp is automated in processes, can reduce labor costs, and increase packaging production. Choosing Jochamp on providing your lettuce packaging automation partner will provide you with those benefits.

  • Consistent packaging machine
  • High-quality & high performance
  • Optimize production process
  • Smooth and stable operation

JOCHAMP Lettuce Packing Machine

The lettuce packaging machine is not only applicable to lettuce but also suitable for celery, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, garlic, onions, peppers, etc. Our lettuce packaging line can attain product contact surfaces and can able to meet food hygiene and prevent secondary contamination of vegetable products.

As your trusted packaging machine supplier for lettuce, Jochamp can provide your desirable packaging machine for your business. And as an expert packaging machine manufacturer, we have the capabilities of designing, conceptualizing, installing, integrating, servicing, and manufacturing this machine equipment.

Low Heat and Limited Contact Lettuce Packaging Machine

Jochamp packing machine for lettuce is designed to quickly move the packaged lettuce through the packaging machine. It also reduces the heat exposure that the machine produced itself. Our packaging machine for lettuce has the ability to efficiently and effectively sealed films at a lower heat requirement. That would help to reduce residual heat issues.

Our equipment system is also providing gentleness on the lettuce and other veggies products. Even delicate items like baby green mixtures can be processed safely through Jochamp lettuce packaging equipment without smashing and spoiling the leaves.

Characteristic of Salad Packaging Machine

Lettuce Packaging Machine Features

Jochamp lettuce packaging machine has some unique features such as:

  • Dual frequency control
  • Interface features are easy to set and operate
  • Self-diagnosis failure function
  • Photoelectric eye color tracing with high sensitivity
  • Simple driving system
  • Temperature independent control
  • All control is through software
Jochamp – Your Trusted Lettuce Packaging Machine Provider

Jochamp will help you on your way when you choose us to provide your innovative machine solutions for lettuce packaging. Our machine for lettuce packaging has gained and maintain a good reputation for its reliability, efficiency, and excellent quality.

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