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JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of k-cup filling and sealing machines that are capable of counting the total capsule automatically. These machines are also customizable according to your specifications and details to meet the criteria of your applications.

  • Integrated with a sealing and roll film cutting system
  • Made from food-grade materials such as stainless steel and aluminum
  • Components from Schneider, SMC, and other famous brand
  • Supports IP55 so it can be washed directly
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Reliable K Cup Filling Machine from JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP offers a reliable K cup filling machines that can fill a variety of product such as coffee into the K cup. It is also suitable for soluble powders including chocolate powders, herbal tea leaf, coffee granules and more. These machines are also suitable for filling different cups such as an empty K cup, slower paper filter, K cup with fast filer, and more.

Our automatic K cup filling machines can produce a lot of output with higher accuracy than manual filling. It features adjustable machine speed and capacity. We offer a wide range of K cup filling and sealing machines that is suitable for Nespresso pods, K shot, and other single served capsules. At JOCHAMP, we offer these machines that are certified by ISO, CE, and FDA to ensure quality and safety. We can also customize each machine to suit your requirements.

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Types of K Cup Filling Machines

By incorporating multiple stations in a linear layout, the machine can handle a higher volume of Nespresso capsules simultaneously. Each station is dedicated to a specific packaging task, such as capsule feeding, filling, nitrogen filling, vacuuming, or sealing.

As the number of stations increases, the machine’s production capacity scales up accordingly. This configuration enables Nespresso manufacturers to meet higher production demands efficiently and effectively.

The ability to customize the number of stations allows businesses to optimize the Linear Nespresso Packaging Machine to match their specific production requirements and scale their packaging capabilities as needed.

In summary, the 1-10 stations in the Linear Nespresso Packaging Machine serve to increase production capacity, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for Nespresso manufacturers looking to enhance their packaging efficiency and output.

The Rotary K-cup Capsule Coffee Packaging Machine is a remarkable packaging solution with a small footprint and extensive capabilities. Its compact design allows it to fit into limited production spaces while offering a wide range of functions.

This advanced machine is designed to automate multiple stages of the packaging process. It seamlessly integrates automatic capsule feeding, filling, nitrogen filling, vacuuming, and sealing functions. This streamlined operation ensures efficient and precise packaging of Nespresso capsules.

By automating these processes, the Rotary Nespresso Packaging Machine enhances production efficiency, reduces manual labor, and minimizes the risk of errors. Its rich functions cater to diverse production needs, making it a versatile asset for businesses of varying sizes.

This high-performance machine empowers Nespresso manufacturers to meet market demands effectively, ensuring consistent and high-quality packaging. Its compact design and multifunctional capabilities make it a valuable investment for businesses seeking to optimize their packaging operations and enhance product presentation.

The Semi-auto Nespresso Packaging Machine offers excellent cost performance and user-friendly operation, making it a top choice for businesses seeking efficient packaging solutions. With its straightforward design, operators can operate the machine with minimal training, making it easy to integrate into production processes.

This Semi-Automatic Coffee Capsule Packing Machine strikes a balance between affordability and productivity, providing a cost-effective solution for packaging Nespresso products. Its efficient performance streamlines the packaging process, optimizing workflow, and reducing manual labor.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls enable operators to quickly become proficient in operating the machine, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The Semi-auto Nespresso Packaging Machine is an invaluable asset for businesses seeking a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution for their Nespresso products. Its ease of use and high cost performance make it an excellent investment for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging capabilities and meet market demands effectively.

Why Choose JOCHAMP K Cup Filling Machines

High-Quality Standards
High-Quality Standards

We manufacture K cup filling machines that are approved by international quality standards including ISO, FDA, CE, and more to ensure high quality.

Designed by Experts
Designed by Experts

In our factory, we have expert engineers and an R&D team to create as well as design an innovative K cup filling machine that will increase your business productivity.

Reasonable Prices
Reasonable Prices

JOCHAMP offers high-quality K cup filling and sealing machines that are manufactured through our in-house assembly line to ensure you low and factory-direct prices.

Complex Solutions
Complex Solutions

We offer K-cup filling machines along with after-sales services, upgrade maintenance, and technical support to provide you with complete solutions for your business.

JOCHAMP K Cup Filling Machine Standard Functions

JOCHAMP offers an innovative K cup filling machine that has the following standard functions:

  • Twice auto seal
  • Automatic foil lid sucking through sealing, cutting, or roll film
  • Filling coffee by servo motor while vibrating
  • The automatic dropping of K cups or empty Nespresso capsule
  • Equipped with a sensor to detect whether the K Cup is well loaded
  • K cup inserted with a filter through the machine

K Cup Filling Machine Construction

We manufacture K cup filling machines that are high-quality and high-speed. It can perform both functions such as filling and sealing K cups. We used superior quality components to ensure quality. JOCHAMP manufactures this machine with high-quality construction such as:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Fixed-mobile pulley and castor
  • Mold structure
  • Touch screen control panel
  • No cup no filling construction
  • Adjustable temperature

K Cup Filling and Sealing Machine Applications

Our K cup packaging machine can be used for different applications such as the followings:

Filling Materials:

  • Juice powder, coffee, and more.

Packing Container

  • K cup and small cups
  • Plastic capsules and coffee capsules
K Cup Filling and Sealing Machine Applications

Premier K Cup Filling Machine Supplier – JOCHAMP

Details of JOCHAMP Coffee Capsule Packaging Machine

K cup filling machines from JOCHAMP are the best choice for your business. It is available in single or multiple columns according to your requirements. We guarantee rich functionality and high filling accuracy machines. It can fill 160 up to 200 K cups per minute. With its auger filling system, this machine can fill K cups with very minimal error.

Here in JOCHAMP, we produce K-cup filling machines using our advanced assembly lines. We have expert engineers to design and customize each machine innovatively. With the exceptional designs of our K cup filling machines, you can guarantee reliable performance. Rest assured that we can help you skyrocket your business.

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  • Our K cup filling machines have different models including:
    • Entrance Level Models. We manufacture entrance-level models K cup filling machines that are rotary type. It is a one-lane filling machine that can produce a number of cups ranging from 50 to 60 pods per minute. This machine is ideal for start-business.
    • Medium Output Model. This machine is integrated with more than one lane that can fill 90 to 100 k-cups per minute. It is also equipped with heat sealing features.
    • Large Output Models. These machines are perfect for low-level and high-level production.
  • JOCHAMP manufactures K-cup filling machines that can provide the following advantages:
    • Made from 304 stainless steel materials that are food-grade
    • Equipped with high precision and superior strength bearing and wheel
    • Integrated with electrical parts from popular brands around the world
    • Has a conveying system and capsule sorter to save labor cost
    • Can count the number of total capsules automatically
    • High accuracy filling system

Different Functions of a K Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Our k-cup filling machines have doser or filler that is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel materials. It is a cone-shaped hopper with quick-dropping coffee features. With its Schneider servo motor, the auger spinning is precisely controlled. Therefore, achieving a stable mechanical output while ensuring high output. To guarantee filling accuracy, the machine is integrated with a compact agitator to ensure a uniform coffee flow.

A nitrogen injection system is integrated into the machine’s lid station, filling station, and cup loading station to retain the coffee taste. The coffee material hopper is also equipped with a nitrogen system to keep the freshness of the coffee. Here in JOCHAMP, you can assure an innovatively designed K cup filling machine that will surely help your business to skyrocket.

JOCHAMP k-cup filling machines are built with a vertical loader. This is where the empty k-cups are loaded. This system is integrated with a detector sensor to monitor whether the k-cups are well-loaded in the mold plate. An alarm system is linked to the sensor. We also equipped the K cup filling machine with a UV lamp to ensure food safety. It also has an anti-static device to ensure that the food packed in the k-cup filling machines is clean and not contaminated.

China’s Leading K Cup Filling Machine Supplier
China’s Leading K Cup Filling Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP is a world-leading K-cup filling and sealing machine manufacturer that offers fast response service, meticulous quality control, and system remote diagnosis. We also provide free sample tests, global localized installation, training support, and excellent after-sales services.

  • “Thank you, JOCHAMP for the high-quality K Cup Filling Machine My business has increased efficiency since I have purchased your machines.”

  • “JOCHAMP has been my no.1 supplier of K Cup Filling Machine for almost three years. They never failed to provide us with high-quality and electricity-saving machines.

  • “Thank you JOCHAMP for giving me the chance to purchase your K Cup Filling Machine it is very easy to use and helps my business to grow more. I will give five star for you and your team.”

K Cup Filling Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you want to learn about K cup filling machine features, working principle, functions or how to boost your coffee business – this guide offers a perfect solution for you. Let’s look at some fundamental aspects of K cup filling machine.

What Is K Cup?

K cup is a plastic cup that serves a single coffee or tea hence the cup is sealed in cartridge that has a plastic ring covered with a foil.

K cup is a coffee capsule and not coffee pod that comes from Keurig cups hence they are simple to use, very short brew time and are the pinnacle of convenience.

coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

K cup filling machine

What Is K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine?

It is a device that fills tea or coffee in plastic cups and seal them with aluminum foils. Therefore, the k cup filler machine can also fill milk powder, other powders and granular products.

K cup

K Cup

K cup filling machine can produce different brands of coffee by exchanging the molds and examples of the brands are; K cup, K-fee, Lavazza and dolce gusto.

You can enjoy multiple brew sizes with K cup system since the machine allows its users to set the brew size.

Usually, it is used in dispensing hot water to mix with infant rice cereal food, instant noodles, cold drinks, hot chocolate, cider, rice, cocktails and pasta.

K Cup filling and sealing machine

K Cup filling and sealing machine

Coffee Capsule Vs K Cup

Coffee capsule and K cup coffee are both single -serve brewers but K cup has over 80 different models while coffee capsules is single served.

coffee capsule

coffee capsule

K cup coffee is a black coffee that are contained within capsule made from aluminum or plastic and once used, you must dispose of hence it has a foil on top.

K cup coffee contains a lot of caffeine compared to coffee capsule hence k cup pods contain between 80 to 150 mg while capsules can contain up to 120mg of caffeine.

K Cup

K Cup

Coffee capsules has a great taste when they are brewed compared to K cup coffee hence the capsule unleashed the rich taste because of the technology they use to the coffee.

Applications Of K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

K cup coffee makers are popular and the coffee is bought on a daily basis whether used at home or at the office.

The following are the companies that uses K cup filling and sealing machine;

  • Alpine coffee.
  • Intelligent blends.
  • Custom K cup.
  • Abstract coffee.
  • Joe’s garage coffee.
  • PBFY flexible packaging.
Why Invest In K Cup Filling Machine?

The K cup filling machines can deliver your request as fast as possible thus they are designed to quickly brew not only coffee but also other beverage products.

This includes; tea, hot chocolate and iced coffee.

The following are the benefits of K cup filling machine when investing in it;

  • The k cup machine has more options when set over any pod brewer hence it makes lattes lemonade, coffee, cold tea and hot tea.
  • You can choose variety of flavour you want to use since the machine can brew coffee without the instant flavour.
  • Using a single cup machine not only ensures fresh coffee but also that each person will make enough for themselves on every occasion
  • It takes less effort to clean the machine with no disassembly required hence prevent any mold in the machine by using one part water and one-part white vinegar.
  • If you leave your machine on, it is super quick hence the machine will save much time since it takes 60 seconds to brew 8 cups and reheat the water quickly for the next cup.
Parts Of K Cup Filling Machine

The following are the main parts of k cup filling machine;

Drip Tray

It is designed to store overflow thus it is where a coffee cup is set in order to get the filled up hence is a removable part on the bottom of the machine.

Water Housing

A good housing stores enough water that can fill up to six cups of coffee.

The housing varies in size since it is where water is kept so that the user does not add water every time, he wants to make a cup of coffee.


This is the main part of the machine hence it has blue buttons of different controls where you can turn on the machine and also turn off.

Water Heater

It heats water from 20c to 100c in one minute so that the beverage should be warm when consumed.

Air Compressor

This part forces pressurized water from the water heater into the pod hence for the water to flow through the machine filter into the cup.

Water Pump

The part moves the water from the holding tank to water heater.

How K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine Works

Here is how k cup filling and sealing machine works;

Water is added to the water housing then pumped into the heating element where it is heated and forced up to the pod housing through a funnel to increase pressure.

The pod chamber contains two hollow needles of large holes than a marinade injector thus it fills the cup with hot water once punctured on top of the foil.

The other one punctures the cup’s plastic bottom for the brewed coffee to make its way to the cup then you choose the coffee of your choice and size.

There is either small or larger option hence the smaller one will definitely be stronger and will fill between half of a standard coffee while the larger one is always more diluted.

The bottom puncture hole allows the water to flow through the grounds and filter out through the bottom hole into your cup.

Manual K Cup Filling Machine Vs Automatic K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine.

Manual machine allows you to control how much water is used in a shot output but automatic machine once it is set, it uses the same amount until you change the settings again.

In manual machine, the spring and direct level types have a cavity in the group head that is filled up with brewing water once you have fully engaged the lever.

Manual K Cup filling machine

Manual K cup filling machine

While the Automatic machine takes care of the entire coffee brewing process since it has a pre-set features for brewing the coffee from grinding to brewing.

Manual machine has a filter-holder that could be pressurized and the user needs to manually dose and tamp with single-use coffee pods.

While the Automatic machine has integrated grinders that tamps and doses coffee and a menu with pre-set and customizable drinks.

Manual machine is best for people who like traditional approach hence by rotating a knob, you activate and stop the brewing as you like.

Automatic K Cup filling and sealing machine

Automatic K Cup filling and sealing

Integrating K Cup Filling Machine With Secondary Packaging

We need a machine that can apply display presentation sleeves and is capable of packing single cups, cup sets of various shapes and sizes directly into trays or cases.

The machine that saves space and money, reduces operating time, is easy to use and can handle different formats.

Secondary packaging allows shipping case to be fully filled so as to protect primary packages from moving during shipment.

A K cup filling machine with secondary packaging can handle different types of coffee capsules with production speed up to 60 cartons and 500 capsules per minute.

It can adapt to pack several capsules configurations and different materials like plastic and aluminum in which cartons are picked with articulated arm and shaped.

After shaping cartons are filled from above with the capsules through a pick and place filling system, designed to handle the capsules hence to avoid any damage.

K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine Maintenance Process

The k cup filling machine can get dirty so it is required to be cleaned regularly hence to protect your health and extend the life of your machine.

  • Unplug your machine and disassemble the K cup holder, the water tank and the lid mug tray.
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the k-cup holder and the mug try hence separate the pod holder from the funnel and carefully use a paperclip to clean away the stack dirt.
  • Rinse the pod and funnel with clean water before reassembling then rinse the reservoir and the lid with water too and let them air dry.
  • Use wet sponge to wipe down the hot plate hence to remove burnt-on coffee stains, scrub the outer surface of the machine and replace all the removable parts.
  • Finish by descaling process hence by removing all the minerals using running water a couple of times to get rid of the vinegar taste before brewing coffee.
Types Of K Cups

There are five different types of K cups;

  • Four Ounces K cup.

it is the smallest size of K cup and is known to be making strong coffee drinks.

  • Six Ounce k cup.

This is the second smallest K cup.

  • K cup eight Ounce.

The K cup is available in almost all their models thus it is the most commonly used k cup.

  • K cup ten Ounce.

Available in almost all K cup models and also popular.

  • Twelve Ounce K cup.

The largest K cup in size and is not very common.

Automatic Functions Of K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine
  • It’s a simple, compact machine that allows you to take a break from K cups and use your own coffee.
  • The machine is used to brew coffee with or without a pod using the pod holder or grounds basket.
  • You can enjoy many sizes of brew with the machine since the K cup machine allows its users to set the brew size.
  • Used in dispensing hot water to mix with infant rice cereal food, instant noodles, cold drinks, hot chocolate, cider, rice, cocktails and pasta.
Troubleshooting K Cup Filling Machines

The most common problems of the K cup machine and their solutions are as follows;

K Cup Machine Lights Blinking.

Seeing all the lights blink at once is so alarming hence you should try and hold down the small cup, large cup and auto-off bottoms continuously.

Change the charcoal filter and place the water filter back in the brewer if you are using a water filler.

Machine Is Not Heating.

The heating system will malfunction because of problems with the water pump thus remove any unwanted calcium build-ups and then run a water only cycle to check if the system is working.

Leakage From K Cup Machine.

There would be a big problem if your machine is leaking either hot water or cold water hence if it starts leaking, you need to buy a new tank.

The Machine Brews Only Half A Cup.

This is a common problem since the water might just be too low to be used so you need to be sure to look over the device before using it.

K Cup Coffee Tastes Bad.

The problem can come up when the machine is clogged up thus the older coffee grounds can build up and calcium can leak into new coffee leading to bad taste.

You need to clean your machine regularly and change your water very often to avoid this problem.

K Cup Machine Slowed Down.

This happens because of water line and small concentrated needle line where the coffee will pass through will get blocked.

Ensure you unplug the water lines inside the machine and clean them out hence to prevent the machine from slowing down.

Machine Is Not Brewing.

You need to clean your machine if it does not work or do a full reset and hold down the power button fully then unplug the machine.

The machine always turns off automatically every 60 seconds hence to avoid such problem.

Dispensing Too Much Coffee.

Check the cold-water reservoir and make sure that the machine is aligned correctly since a blocked water line prevents the machine from properly brewing a full cup of coffee.

K Cup Filling Machine Vs Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

Both machines use heat and pressure to extract the flavour from the coffee grounds into water but coffee capsule machine does not brew finer beverages.

Coffee capsule machine is built tougher than K cup machine hence water is forced through the capsule at 18bars of pressure to brew a tasty coffee.

k cup filling machine

K cup machine brews a lot of different models of coffee and other beverages of your choice while coffee capsule machine brews only coffee capsule.

Coffee capsule machine is a little different since it brews larger cups of coffee hence multiple holes are punctured into the side of the pod while K cup only brew single cup at a time.

Both the machines are budget friendly hence it is important to not get too caught up in the cost of the machine itself but in the cost of the capsules.

coffee capsule filling machine

K Cups Vs Coffee Pods.
  • K cup is a plastic cup that serves a single coffee or tea hence the cup is sealed in cartridge that has a plastic ring covered with a foil.
  • Coffee pods comes in a flat surface paper bag that contains coffee grounds wrapped in filter paper, are flat and round hence they are not used in Keurig machines.
  • Coffee pods existed before k-cups but there were many challenges that coffee pods faced like; distribution of the coffee pods, compatibility with the coffee makers and many others.
  • The taste of both products may differ but the content of both products is coffee hence the contents come from brand specifications.
  • Both coffee capsule and K-cup flavour differ but the individual designs are for a single cup thus their content is just enough for one single cup of coffee.
  • They are both easy to brew as long as you have compatible machines hence making variety of options but K-cups offer more extensive flavour palette.
  • You may want to consider coffee pods if you like to taste every coffee you brew since the pods gives stronger taste of coffee than K-cup.
Dosing Mechanisms In K Cup Filling Machine

We have two types of dosing mechanisms that are commonly used in K cup filling machine;

  • Powder dosing.
  • Liquid dosing.

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