Is Shisha Tobacco Bad for You

Is Shisha Tobacco Bad for You

I know you are probably wondering whether shisha tobacco is good for your or not. Well, there are many unverified information about smoking hookah.

Well, to unravel the misconceptions about hookah, this article explores some truths about shisha.

So, before going for next shisha smoking session, there is some important information you should know.

Shisha Tobacco
Shisha Tobacco

Let’s Shisha Smoking into Perspective

Various conflicting perceptions have emerged on the underlying effects related to the smoking of shisha tobacco. These perceptions have been influenced by a variety of factors such as personal experiences, and social and cultural backgrounds.

For example, from personal experience, smoking hookah has beneficial impacts since it is termed a stress reliever.

On the other hand, shisha tobacco has also been poised to have serious health concerns for the human body. For instance, this drug has been scientifically proven to contain an element of nicotine that leads to addiction.

Furthermore, other negative impacts of this drug include impaired judgment, withdrawal symptoms, and worst case scenario death from hookah-related complications. As such, since the benefits of taking this drug seem to outweigh the negative effects, this drug can be considered to be bad for human consumption.

When is Shisha Tobacco Good for You?

Relieving Stress

Shisha tobacco can be taken as a stress reliever. It is poised to have a calming and relaxing effect on the body thus making people abuse it whenever they develop any kind of stress.

Social Interaction and Bonding

Through hookah smoking gatherings, people can learn a lot from others thus significantly impacting social interactions. More so, one may find these gatherings as perfect opportunities to interact with friends.

Shisha Tobacco Social Experience
Shisha Tobacco Social Experience

When to Avoid Shisha Tobacco

During Pregnancy:

 Shisha tobacco is presumed to have harmful effects on unborn babies therefore expectant mothers are advised to avoid it.

 During Young/Teenage Years:

Children are advised to keep away from shisha tobacco since they can develop addiction at such an early stage.

Health Conditions:

 Health concerns such as respiratory conditions can result in the avoidance of smoking shisha tobacco. Consequently, smoking hookah whilst having serious health concerns can lead to secondary infections.

Health Effects of Shisha Tobacco


Addiction is caused by nicotine which has been proven to be a highly addictive component of shisha tobacco.

Respiratory Complications

These complications can be caused by continuous smoking which alters the normal functioning of respiratory organs such as the windpipe.

Respiratory Complications Due to Shisha Tobacco
Respiratory Complications Due to Shisha Tobacco

Examples of these problems include asthma, bronchitis and even swelling of the esophagus.


Shisha tobacco can result in throat cancer since it contains harmful substances that can damage vital cells of the body. Once the cells are damaged, the body becomes vulnerable to cancerous cells which are responsible for cancer formation.

Whether Shisha Tobacco is Safer than Cigarette

Shisha tobacco is deemed to be part and parcel of cigarettes since they both consist of almost similar chemical composition. For instance, they both contain nicotine which is a highly addictive element.

Similarly, various studies have revealed that the chemical composition in cigarettes is relatively less harmful as compared to that of shisha tobacco.

For instance, shisha tobacco contains various harmful chemicals such as tar, carcinogens as well as carbon monoxide whilst cigarettes only contain nicotine, carcinogens, and tar.

Cigarrate Smoking
Cigarrate Smoking

Is Shisha Tobacco Addictive

Shisha tobacco is highly addictive since it contains nicotine substance in them that causes addiction. Once one is addicted, it is difficult to quit since taking this drug results in strong feelings of pleasure and relaxation. This explains why it is difficult to quit shisha tobacco after becoming an addict.

How to Reduce Hookah Effects

Reduce Smoking Frequency

 One way of mitigating the effects caused by hookah is by reducing the number of smoking sessions. For instance, if you smoke hookah thrice a day, you can reduce this to once a day and this can reduce exposure to harmful components of shisha tobacco.

Opt for Non-Tobacco Drugs

One can choose non-tobacco drugs that are free from nicotine over shisha tobacco as a way of reducing the effects of hookah.

Constant Hydration

 Taking a lot of water and fluids can reduce the effects caused by hookah since smoking hookah may cause dehydration.

Personal Use of Mouthpieces

Infections can be transmitted from one person to another as a result of sharing hookah mouthpieces. To curb this, mouthpieces should be used for personal purposes to avoid transmission of these infections.

How to Quit Shisha Tobacco

Seek Guidance

 Seeking guidance from close people such as family members and friends can significantly help to quit shisha tobacco. These groups of people offer emotional and physical support which are vital in the quitting process.

Be Engaged and Busy

 Idleness might tempt one to end up using hookah. Due to this, hookah addicts are advised to engage in multiple activities that can distract them away from thinking about the drug. The best activities that one can engage in both physically and mentally are one’s hobbies and interests.

Change Behavior

 Behavior change begins by changing normal routines and daily activities since they are the main contributors to behavior. A certain behavior, therefore, tends to determine the do’s and don’ts of a person. As a result of changing daily activities such as interacting with fellow smoking members, smoking behaviors can be overcome.

Handle Your Stress

 Many people tend to abuse drugs as a way of managing their stress.


In summary, the abuse of hookah can result in various detrimental health problems and thus individuals need to be well-educated on the underlying effects of smoking hookah. As such, individuals should understand the potential consequences of taking this drug despite its significance in certain circumstances such as stress relieving.

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