How Shisha Tobacco Is Made

Shisha tobacco also referred to as hookah is a combination of tobacco prepared in molasses and flavored with fruit flavors. Shisha tobacco is traditionally created by fermenting tobacco with glycerin, molasses, and a variety of flavorings.

Shisha Tobacco
Shisha Tobacco

Practical Way of Making Shisha Tobacco

Step 1: Soak the Dried Tobacco

Soak the dried tobacco with water, this helps to re-hydrate it remove a small amount of nicotine, and soften tobacco.

Soak for about 30 to 40 minutes, soaking for a longer time helps to add or use a little flavor and makes the flavor take more space since some of the nicotine has been removed.

Change the water more frequently until you reach the desired level of washing. Not only one can soak but also boil or raise it in water.

Step 2: Stripe the Stem and Chop the Leaves

Removing the stem in tobacco helps to remove bitterness high nicotine content and unpleasant flavors.

After the spines have been removed collect the tobacco together and cut it to a fine course.

Step 3: Add Molasses, Honey and Other Flavorings

The most common ratio used for molasses or honey is ratio 3:1.For every 3 grams of tobacco use 1 gram of molasses or honey.

Mix all the honey or molasses and you flavoring you want like glycerin. Glycerine helps to absorb moisture from other ingredients, it also creates a sort of evenness in your shisha preventing a quick and uneven burn.

Some prefer to start with light flavoring because some are extremely strong. Mix it well with wet hands or a fork place it in a container stay overnight. Some prefer to bake the tobacco before adding any flavors.

Step 4: Give Shisha Tobacco Sometime

After leaving your shisha tobacco to stay overnight and the results or consistency is right and smells good, load up to bowl ready to smoke. Incase its dry add more honey or molasses.

Add extra flavoring of your choice like vanilla extract.

Shisha Tobacco Features
Shisha Tobacco Features


There are different ways in which shisha tobacco can be made depending on one recipe. Shisha tobacco can only be accomplished or done by combining or mixing shisha tobacco with honey or molasses and glycerin.

Making your own shisha comes with several advantages like mixing whatever flavor you want and choice of ingredients of your choice.

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