How Much Does Shisha Tobacco Cost

How Much Does Shisha Tobacco Cost?

The cost is what influences the final purchase decision among buyers. Without insights into the actual cost of Shisha tobacco, you can face over costs and flavor differences. To prevent such a scenario.

This article will throw light on the shisha tobacco concept, its cost, and factors influencing the cost. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in!

What is Shisha Tobacco?

Shisha Tobacco
Shisha Tobacco

You can define shisha tobacco as narghile tobacco or hookah. It is different from regular tobacco that you experience in cigarettes. Shisha tobacco uses a mixture of molasses, glycerin/honey with a combination of single/multiple flavorings such as fruits or herbs. The shisha tobacco also utilizes water which plays its part in cooling down the smoke for smoother inhalation.

Cost of Shisha Tobacco

The average price of shisha tobacco for 250 grams package lies in the range of $5 up to $30 or even more. Several factors play their part in determining the cost of shisha tobacco. Some key factors include:

Shisha Tobacco Brands
Shisha Tobacco Brands

1. Flavor and Packaging

Flavor and packaging impact the total cost of shisha tobacco. The common and easily accessible flavors are cheaper than hard-to-obtain flavors, which involve special ingredients. Apart from this, the premium packaging, which plays its part in preserving freshness, contributes to higher shisha tobacco costs.

2. Quantity or Weight

Quantity or weight has a direct relation with the price of shisha tobacco. Larger weight or quantities means a higher cost. But usually, for greater quantities, you get value for money. If you are a beginner, choosing a smaller quantity with lower prices will be beneficial.

3. Geographical Impact

The prices for shisha tobacco vary depending on geographical location. For instance, in the region where the usage of shisha tobacco has restrictions, you will experience higher costs. On the other hand, the region where there is no restriction on the use of shisha tobacco. You will get your shisha tobacco at a lower cost because of higher competition/higher demand.

4. Local Regulations and Taxes

Local regulations and taxes also impact the cost of shisha tobacco. Some regions or countries pose higher taxes on the utilization of tobacco products. This is to minimize or eliminate smoking activity. Consumers need to pay this surplus contributing to the total shisha tobacco cost.

5. Shisha Tobacco Brand

Brand refers to the manufacturer of shisha tobacco. Some brands have spent decades manufacturing shisha tobacco. They have a well-established reputation. Buyers trust these brands for their qualitative service. Such brands cost more for their shisha tobacco products.

Of course, the shisha tobacco flavor also plays an integral role here.

Top Brands Shisha Tobacco Prices Comparison

Sr. No. Shisha Tobacco Product Weight/Quantity Price ($)
1 Black Nana 40 200 gm 3541
2 African Queen 25 gm 442
3 Holster Tobacco 25 gm 430
4 Bonnie n Clyde 25 gm 425
5 Sommer in Beirut 25 gm 420
6 Adalaya Love 66 25 gm 410
7 Holster GRP 2.0 25 gm 400
8 Al Massiva Bruderherz 25 gm 400
9 Al Fakhar Double Crunch 25 gm 400


Final Thoughts

In summary, the price of shisha tobacco greatly influences the buying decision. Consider multiple factors mentioned in this article to make an informed choice. This will eventually lead you to an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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