How Much Does a Food Packaging Machine Cost

If you are looking for any food machine for sale, probably, one of the fundamental factors to consider it the unit cost.

Well, the price of food packaging machine varies depending on many factors. In this guide, we shall explore some fundamental factors determining the price of these essential packaging machines.

Estimate Prices of Food Packaging Machine

Below are the estimated prices of different food packaging machines:

  • The cost of vacuum food packaging machines will mostly differ based on size and use type. You will find them ranging from $300 to $70,000 or more.
  • The cost of form-fill seal food packaging machines also range from $10,000 to $110,000 or more for the vertical type and ranges from $20,000 to over $150,000 for horizontal types.
  • With automatic weighing and packing food machines, the price ranges from $5000 to $150,000. This is mostly based on the scale size.

Generally, the cost of these machines will range from $300 to $200,000 or more.

Food Packaging Machine
Food Packaging Machine

Factors Affecting Cost of Food Packaging Machine

1. Type of Food Packaging Machine

There are different types of food packaging machines. Food packaging machines in China try to develop machines to meet every need with unique working principle: Below are some important notes:

  • Manual Food Packaging Machine

These types of machines are mostly cheaper on the market. Factors that affect costs under this machine type include:

  1. Speed of production is not so high.
  2. Maintenance is low
  3. Comes with higher cost of labor
  4. User technicalities are minimal.
  • Semi-Automatic Food Packaging Machine

Although semi-automatic food packaging machines cost more than manual types, they do not cost as much as fully automatic ones. Some factors that affect the cost of these machines:

  1. Moderate speed in production
  2. Cost of labor is low
  3. Has some level of versatility
  4. Training required is minimum
  5. Easy to maintain
  • Fully Automatic Food Packaging Machines
  1. Labor cost is almost non-existent
  2. Very high level of production speed
  3. Maintenance cost is quite high
  4. Extensive training is required for operators to use
  5. Comes with some unique and advanced features
  6. Unique technology and operation features
  7. Built to meet specific regulations

2. Specific Area of Application

Where the cost of food packaging machines are concerned, specific area of applications must be considered. Here, food packaging machine price or the cost of machines designed for home will not be the same as those for commercial purposes. Below are the major considerations:

  • Operation scale

Machines designed for use at home are mostly smaller and provide production of low volumes which makes them quite affordable. On the other hand, food packaging machine for sale for commercial purposes will cost a lot. This is because they are designed to be highly productive.

  • Their unique features

With home use machines, food packaging machine manufacturers in China make sure features and functionalities are simple. However, with commercial types, enhanced features such as integrated labels, automatic feeding, and more are added.

  • Material durability

Packaging equipment used in processing food in the home are not made with strong and durable materials. This is because they are meant for light duty use. On the other hand, commercial machines are made with strong industrial graded materials that can stay even in most rigorous conditions.

In all, home use machines will always be cheaper compared to commercial use machines.

3.Functionality of Food Packing Machine

Food Packaging Station
Food Packaging Station

Food packaging machine functionality has a major way of affecting its market price. Below is how some major functions affects its total cost:

  • Form packaging container

With this function, the machine is able to form from raw materials some containers. Also, it is able to work with diverse materials and use various forming methods.

  • Filling different foods

Different products necessitate the use of different filling methods. So with this, the best machines are designed to have these functionalities and more with accuracy and high productivity assured.

  • Sealing Food packaged

This function means, the food packaging machine for sale will be able to seal packages after filling is done. These machines are able to seal to precision and precisely to perfect the food packaging process.

  • Labels and Batch Number Printing

Food packaging machines with labeling features as well as batch number print features make it possible for food packaging to be completed in one place with designs and batch numbers printed before preparing for sale.

  • Safety features

The best machines are those with detailed safety features. This is one thing that helps keep operators safe and working surroundings safe too.

  • Control systems

This feature at its highest level prevents much human intervention which makes work smooth and prevents accidents.

4. Food Packaging Machine Brand

Where food packaging machine brands are concerned, reputation and trust sells more. This is why it is common to find some brands selling same machines with same features at a higher cost. High demand brands with a loyal clientele will always sell at higher prices.

At JOCHAMP, we have a wide range of food packaging machines. From solid foods, liquid food products, paste food product to fresh vegetables and fruits.

5. Other Specifications of Food Packaging Machines

Other specifications of food packaging machines that influence its price include:

  • Packaging type – The type of packaging that you need done and the material purchased counts.
  • Material for packaging – The material types the machine can work with also counts.
  • Grade of Automation- Whether it is manual, semi or fully automatic affects its cost too.
  • Operation mode – How the machine works also counts with pricing.
  • The filling speed and capacity of the machine plays a major role in price determining.
  • Machine size counts where pricing is concerned.
  • Energy efficient features

Bonus: How to get the Best Food Packaging Machine Price

  • Be certain of what you need where capacity, features, and type of machine is concerned.
  • Get to know about the different brands
  • Consider your future necessities
  • Get quotes from different suppliers
  • Do your best to beat down prices or negotiate
  • Refurbished or used types can be considered
  • Check out discounts
  • If possible buy standard models
  • Make sure the warranty is good

Wrap Up:

Clearly, there are many variables affecting food packing machine prices. However, with proper guidance from experience food packaging machine manufacturers, you will definitely get high quality machines.

For competitive food packing machine prices – contact JOCHAMP now.

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