Honey Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP, an experienced manufacturer of honey packing machines is offering a top solution to meet the honey industry’s requirements. Our machine can be customized based on your requirements to match any packaging requirements.

  • Easy to install and use
  • CE, ISO, SGS, and cGMP approved
  • European quality
  • One-year quality assurance

JOCHAMP Honey Packing Machine

Honey packaging machines can pack not only honey but also packs chocolates in one machine. It comes with numerous optional elements, such as an automatic filling system, a date printing system, and a conveyor. These machines are designed to maximize your productivity.

At JOCHAMP, we have expert engineers and designers to help you choose the right machinery. We can help you with the entire design of your honey packaging system to meet specific requirements. JOCHAMP can also provide excellent services to enhance the performance of your honey production line. Our services involve high-speed camera services and leasing to avoid machine breakdown and malfunction.

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High-Accuracy Honey Packing Machine

The honey packing machine from JOCHAMP can guarantee high accuracy. The accuracy and flexibility of the machine allow to pack not just honey but also numerous liquids like edible oil, shampoo, jam, cream, juice, butter, etc.

JOCHAMP honey packing machine is widely used in many industries, such as chemical, daily chemical, food, and other industries. Our rich experienced R&D team can customize different packaging solutions based on your product characteristics.

Bag Types and Packing Material

JOCHAMP honey packing machine is ideal to pack honey products in different bag types and packing materials.

  • NUMEROUS BAG TYPES: Middle Sealing Pillow Bag, Stick Bag, Three-Side Sealing Sachet Bag, Four-Side Sealing Sachet Bag.
  • PACKING MATERIALS: Nylon/CPP, BOPP/Polyethylene, Polyester/Aluminized/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene.
Honey Packing Machine
Your Leading Honey Packing Machine Provider – JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP provides easy to operate, high-performance and high-speed honey packing machine. We provide one-year quality assurance and lifetime after-sale service. Our honey packing machine is offered at a very competitive price!

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