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Jochamp has built a reputation in China as an expert and professional manufacturer of high-speed packing lines after focusing on R&D and production for more than 15 years. All of our packaging lines have been certified by CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP.

  • Faster packaging and easy to manage
  • Ensuring your operation is safe and consistent
  • European quality and Asian price
  • All types of packaging machinery are available to purchase

JOCHAMP High Speed Packaging Line

Jochamp high-speed packaging line is a machine-based process that incorporates fully automatic machines and equipment used for packaging various finished products. Most of these machines are maneuvered automatically for convenient and high-speed progress. It keeps all products exactly packed and prepared for shipment. 

A high-speed packaging line is highly on-demand to all packaging industries. Due to its high-speed working performance, it can handle multiple packaging tasks for different products, which correspondingly results in the efficiency of the entire production process. 

As an industry-leading builder for high-speed packaging lines, Jochamp continuously develops to produce various machines for all packaging industries. We are willing to pick out and respond to all your questions and inquiries about our services and products. 

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High Speed Packaging Line Feature


Clients select the packaging line they require, and we will have a guide on how to set up the equipment in their area. We may make them in three different styles: U, L, and straight.

Wide Applicability
Wide Applicability

Each machine is designed, with an interactive multi-purpose operation panel. Can save up to 10 to 20 different operating settings and is simple to load for various products.


Jochamp high-speed packaging line has a self-diagnose, displays errors, and makes alarms. Well, cooperation between each machine and in the whole line.

Easy to Work
Easy to Work

Take purposed to operate, easy to operate, to adjust, clean, and maintain. Low working cost, low maintenance cost. 3 workers will be enough to operate.

More Improved Packaging Line

Jochamp’s high-speed packaging line provides exceeding benefits to the entire packaging business. This is associated with high-programmed technology and machines. Our high-speed packaging line has a perfect combination of speed and flexibility, making it a great asset in handling immense product packaging. It delivers enormous improvement across the vital packaging process. 

A high-speed packaging line saves working time and elevates product output. Jochamp ensures a sturdy and protracted construction for all high-speed packaging lines as a dedicated manufacturer. We make sure that it works correspondingly according to your need and purpose.

More Improved Packaging Line
Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications

Jochamp offers a comprehensive suite of high-speed packaging lines for all applications and industries. This machine can work flawlessly in different packaging operations. It can also create a different packaging style for various products – from soft to hard, large to small, solid to liquid.  

Jochamp is accessible to assist you in finding the right high-speed packaging line solutions based on your packaging application and types. We give you all the support you need for your pursuing packaging business.

Professional Production

Jochamp has an unmatched ability to manufacture a complete turnkey high-speed packaging line. We meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured all machines that give energy-efficient performance and easy access to operators and working areas. It comes with an advanced programmed set-up and installations for the most potent and systematic functions. 

Furthermore, Jochamp uses the best materials for packaging lines. We undertake all the necessary processes and inspections by using new technologies and following strict quality control. Our high-speed packaging line comprises different models.

Professional Production

Why Choose JOCHAMP High Speed Packaging Line

Why Choose JOCHAMP High Speed Packaging Line
Why Choose JOCHAMP High Speed Packaging Line

Jochamp centrally focused on high-speed packaging line production. We worked for over 15 years in this industry. As a dedicated manufacturer, we offer a turnkey solution for all packaging businesses and industries through our products. We offer our high-speed packaging line with different configuration structures, programs, materials, dimensions, performance capacities, etc. 

Our high-speed packaging line helps to improve your packaging line efficiency, speed, and product throughput. At the same time, it also elevates the packaging output and reduces the possible errors during the process. All the machines can function adequately for long runs and guarantee for long life span.

Jochamp only provides a high-speed packaging line that incorporates our customer’s needs and satisfaction. Since our establishment, we have worked closely with our local and international clients. Jochamp is always active to help you to seek the most cost-effective solution for a high-speed packaging line that suits your utilization.

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Industrial Advantages

The high-speed packaging line is highly demanded in all packaging fields. However, Jochamp manufactures high-speed packaging that holds impressive advantages from primary to tertiary packaging process:

  • Excellent quality control
  • Increased production speed and product output
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Accelerated production and distribution
  • Flawless consistency
  • Elevated hygiene standards for packaging processes
  • Time-consuming
  • Increased operation opportunity
  • Lowered the risk of packaging errors and accidents
Industrial Uses

Jochamp’s high-speed packaging line ensures that all classifications of products are packed securely and adequately before shipment. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly valuable for a range of packaging industry for various products, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Medical kit packaging
  • Food and beverages packaging
  • Hygiene kits and cosmetics packaging (like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.)
  • Appliances packaging
  • Automotive parts packaging
  • Electronic components packaging
  • Construction packaging

Custom High Speed Packaging Line Based on Your Applications

High-Speed Packaging Line

A high-speed packaging line is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing packing equipment. High speed has a significant impact on the size and configuration of your packaging line. Now is the time to invest in a high-speed packaging line at Jochamp manufacturer.

Packaging Production Line

Packaging production lines employ a variety of packaging materials to pack a wide range of products, including soft, hard, large, small, solid, and flexible items. The packaging production line from Jochamp is the best packaging line for your business. Get yours now.

Case Packing Line

Case packing lines can be done in a variety of ways, including top-loading, side-loading, bottom-loading, and wrap-around. Each packaging solution is determined by the product’s application, speed, unit per case optimization, and product protection.

Liquid Packaging Line

Liquid packaging lines are essential equipment in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, where liquids must be packed in a variety of receptacles. Jochamp manufactures a high-quality liquid packaging line at an affordable price.

Food Packaging Production Line

A packing line offers a variety of applications that necessitate clean design expertise. The food packaging production line from Jochamp is made of high-quality materials. This packaging line is applicable for any type of food packing.

High Speed Packaging Line Manufacturer in China
High Speed Packaging Line Manufacturer in China

From payment to document certification to freight and customs clearance, Jochamp has a professional international trade team that provides seamless point-to-point trade process services. Every stage of the quality control process, from raw materials to machine assembly and testing, is overseen by experts. Contact us Now!

  • “Jochamp is a perfect partner business for any type of high-speed packaging line. They provide a great quality high-speed packaging line, which works perfectly and long-lasting. We are happy to be with Jochamp services”

  • “Jochamp high-speed packaging line provides faster packing speeds and an automated system that is simple to manage. They meet the standards of our packing line. We are delighted to be in the companionship of Jochamp.”

  • “If you really want to meet your specific needs, Jochamp is the manufacturer to choose; they never let us down when it comes to our specific orders about the high-speed packaging line. Our business works easily because of the packaging line that came from Jochamp.”

High Speed Packaging Line: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing energy efficient, reliable and accurate high speed packaging line can be an overwhelming tas without the right information.

A reason this guide will walk you through the vital aspects of high speed packaging line.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is High Speed Packaging Line?

A production line comprises various independent lines or stations that ensure efficiency. One of such lines is the packaging line.

The packaging line is vital in ensuring that all the products are wrapped-up, boxed or cased. Consequently, offering the product’s protection during shipment or pre-use handling.

Additionally, most modern packaging lines incorporate marking and coding devices that apply marks and codes on the packaging material for easy traceability of the products.


Finishing mechanism for high speed packaging line

Finishing mechanism for high speed packaging line

A high-speed packaging line can package a huge number of products within a short time.

Depending on the type, a high speed packaging line can pack over 3000 products per minute.

Conclusively, high speed packaging lines are intended for large-scale use and they are ranked according to their output.

Types Of High Speed Packaging Machine

The types of high speed packaging machines vary depending on the type of products they help package.

High speed packaging machines are used in almost all industries.

Below are some common types of high speed packaging machines:

High Speed Wrapping Machines

These assist in applying wraps in products such as candies, chocolates, protein bars, pencils, dry baked goods, etc.

These machines allow for the usage of various wrapping materials, with the most used being foils. Also, some wrapping machines are designed to apply one or two wrapping materials.

Wrapping machines can operate at high speeds of up to 1600 pieces per minute, with the lowest speed being around 200 pieces per minute.

High speed candy packaging machine

High speed candy packaging machine

Moreover, wrapping machines also allow for sealing or gluing of the wraps once applied on the product.

High Speed Case Erectors

As the name implies, these packaging machines are used in erecting boxes around a product. Commonly, these machines are integrated with case sealers for applying glue or tape to the erected box.

Case erectors produce square cases that are used to pack several products. As such, the application of these machines is in most industries.

high speed case erectors

high speed case erectors

They can either come as standalone machines in a packaging line or integrated in a packaging machine.

High Speed Palletizers

A palletizer automatically sorts and stacks products onto a pallet. Hence, allowing for easy shipping of the products.

Palletizers are classified as high-speed depending on the design. However, all high-speed palletizers are automated.

high speed palletizer

high speed palletizers

Palletizers ensure precision, load stability, and operation speed (by minimizing the time required to move the products).

High Speed Case Packers

These machines aid with packing your products in boxes, cartons, bags or pouches. There are various types of cases packers depending on their mode of operation.

high speed case packers

high speed case packers

The common types of case packers include:

  • High Speed Horizontal case packers – They are ideal for wrap around cases, regular slotted cases, half slotted cases, and trays.

However, you can still use a number of case media on this machine.

  • High Speed Vertical Bottom Loading Case packers – These machines are used for products that require bottom loading.

If your product falls under the below categories, it is advisable you use a vertical bottom loading case packer:

  • Food product that is delicate or has lay flat cartons.
  • Dairy product with gallon jugs or gable-top cartons.
  • Products with transparent film or shrink wrap on the top.
  • Products packaged in industrial bottles or cans.

You can look at vertical bottom loading case packers as a pick and place system since the machine never let’s go of your products.

  • High Speed Robotic Case Packer – These machines are equivalent to a human packing the products, but at a faster speed.

The main component of the robotic case packaging machine is vision-guided robotics that not only pack but also consider product irregularities and ensure the products are correctly oriented.

  • High Speed Gable Top Case Packers – The gable top case packers are used for products packed in gable top cartons such as dairy products (milk) and juice.

Notably, the high-speed gable top case packers feature a case erector to ensure easy and gentle packaging of the products.

Note: Most of the case packers use tape or low-temperature hot melt glue for sealing purposes.

Strapping And Bundling Machines

Strapping and bundling machines are mechanical equipment that wraps the products together to ensure they don’t split or fall apart during transit.

Typically, these machines use cabled plastic or similar material to hold the products together. Products are usually strapped or bundled when they are packaged on a pallet.

Other packaging machines may include

Benefits Of High Speed Packaging Line

The primary role of any machine or line is to make work easier. The same applies to the packaging line – it makes the packaging process easier.

However, the high speed packaging line makes packaging easier and increases the speed of packaging.

Below, we have highlighted the top reasons why you need to incorporate a high speed packaging line in your day-to-day production or packaging.

Reduction of labor requirement – Most packaging lines are automated; hence, they significantly reduce the labor requirement.

Ease of operation – Packaging lines are easy to operate since they require moderate expertise or knowledge of the packaging machines.

Standardized Human-machine Interfaces (HMIs) also make the machines in the packaging line more user-friendly.

Quality control – Besides packaging, the packaging line also enhances quality control .

This is by ensuring that only the products that meet the programmed standards are packaged.

Informed decision making – Modern packaging machines have detailed HMIs that allow the operators access to information pertaining to the packaging line processes and individual machines.

Using the data and analytics from these HMIs, managers and operators can make well-informed decisions about the packaging process.

Increased production speed – Production starts from the manufacture to the packaging of a good or product, ready for shipping.

Any delay in any production step significantly affects the production speed.

A high-speed packaging line will quicken the packaging process, which reduces the production time.

Reduced Error and Consistency – There is high probability of error or inconsistency during manual packaging.

On the other hand, high speed packaging lines are automated – significantly reducing any chances of error. Also, automation ensures consistency in the packaging process

Increased Employee Safety – High speed packaging lines have an ergonomic design thus ensuring maximum safety of the operators.

Applications Of High Speed Packaging Line

High speed packaging lines are used in most, if not all, large scale industries that require packaging of their products.

Some common industries where high speed packaging lines are used include:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Confectionary industry
  • Cosmetic industry
Production Capacity Of High Speed Packaging Machine

The production capacity of high-speed packaging machines varies depending on the specific machine.

Typically, the production capacity of these machines range from 200 products per minute to over 1600 products per minute.

Auxiliary Equipment For High Speed Packaging Machines

Some packaging machines come as all-in-ones, with almost everything to adequately package a product.

However, other high speed packaging machines will require certain supporting equipment such as:

  • Shuttle Cart
  • Case sealers
  • Stack and wrap – For palletizers
  • Pallet dispenser
  • High speed lanners
  • Conveyors

The above equipment adds to the packaging line’s efficiency and ensures that less time is consumed when packaging your products.

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