JOCHAMP – High Speed Case Packer Provider

With more than 15 years of expertise in providing high-speed case packer machines, JOCHAMP proves its excellency and continue making high-technology case packer machine that caters to different kinds of packing such as:

  • Roll
  • Box
  • Pouch
  • Carton
  • Bags

JOCHAMP High-Speed Case Packer

JOCHAMP high-speed case packer is very adaptable and versatile to every industrial plant. Our machine design takes minimal space in your production area. Some of our designs also bring the best function as we adopt innovations in machinery.

Our company offers the best quality of case packer at an advantageous price. We can also fabricate a machine made with stainless steel that gives superior quality and a long life span. To ensure a durable and high-quality case packer machine, we conduct different assurance tests.

Why JOCHAMP Tray Packer Machine

High-Speed Design
High-Speed Design

JOCHAMP can fabricate a customized design and features of the case packer. We can provide a high-speed robotic case packer that can optimize the load with each cycle. This amazing feature gained some positive feedback from our clients.

Diverse Packing Option
Diverse Packing Option

These diverse high-speed features of the case packer have interleaving ability and will allow you to interleave layer or by layer, and enable an abundance option for load patterns. Let this machine become your partner on skyrocket the production line of your business.

Full Automation
Full Automation

The automation of the machine is one of its key advantages of it. JOCHAMP manufactures a fully automated high-speed case packer machine with fully integrated case packing functions. This design of our machine can provide you full control of specific case handling, and it will also give you an advantage in cost and floor space.

Integrated System
Integrated System

JOCHAMP proudly introduces its high-speed case packer with multi-function features. Our case packer machine can operate bag making, seal checking, product weighing, and bag making. These unique features provide the highest packaging per minute.

High-Speed Case Packer for Pouches

This high-speed pouch case packer is a fully automatic machine that can also do the job of packing, sealing, and cartoning. Its efficiency on the production line is very stable, the speed is excellent, and the packing performance meets international standards.

JOCHAMP provides this pouches case packer will great controls and functions. It can detect cartons missing, the material on feed, and its position of detection on the carton is within each station to ensure monitoring in the whole production.

High-Speed Case Packer for Pouches

High-Speed Case Packer for Bags

This JOCHAMP bag case packer unit composes of some useful parts such as a set of weighing, bag packaging machines, a bucket elevator, and a set of sealing machines. Our machines can also incorporate some functions such as sewing, bag-opening, weighing, bag-feeding, and conveying.

The JOCHAMP high-speed bag case packer offers an excellent performance of sealing and provides hygienic requirements to our clients. All of the control and electrical components applied on our machine is well-known brands such as Delta, Omron, Schneider, and Siemens.

High-Speed Case Packer for Bottles

JOCHAMP designed this case packer for bottles by absorbing some basis of foreign technology. JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of this type of case packer with high-speed features. This type of packing machine is powered by electric and pneumatic functions.

We engineered this machine and apply some excellent features to provide great advantages for our clients. Our low energy consumption, compact structure, stable & convenient operation, and beautiful appearance case packer machine design are truly amazing.

High-Speed Case Packer for Bottles

Why Choose JOCHAMP High-Speed Case Packer

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

JOCHAMP wants to adopt the words and idea that saying “We enlighten your easy life”. That’s why we always strive for making the best quality case packer machine to provide easier and more efficient life for our clients and some production industries.

We can make case packing line machines for different types of products. We also provide a high-speed case packing machine for the foods of a traditional bakery. Our machine can pack candies, crackers, bread, and cakes. In able to fight and support many countries to fight COVID 19, we also manufacture a high-speed case packer machine that can perform a massive amount of production for face masks.

Need something to pack? Get your solution now on JOCHAMP. Just contact us directly.

JOCHAMP High-Speed Case Packer

High-Speed Case Packer Features

We’ve been through some practices and gatherings and we built a smart and professional team. We have also our creative and experienced engineers that undergo some extensive training. That’s we create some creative and helpful features on our case packer machine like:

  • Excellent automation motion control
  • Wide range of case media styles
  • Extended magazine
  • Multiple closure options
  • Innovative options
  • Long useful life
We Understand the Product and the Solutions

JOCHAMP had been through 15 years focused on R&D packaging and manufacturing machinery. With years of expertise in our business, we also develop the skills and expertise on taking our customer’s products into a case. In terms of packing different products like rolls, boxes, cartons, bags, pouches, or something, JOCHAMP can provide your packing solutions with reliability and care.

We believe that understanding the product will result in effective case packing. That’s why we always discuss the compatibility of product and machine functions, the allowance & spaces remaining in cases, and the possible reaction of our clients when getting our products. The collective knowledge and expertise of our company for more than 15 years can understand some common or complicated challenges in the packaging line. JOCHAMP understands its line of business in providing the best solution for packaging matters.

Why 1000+ Clients Trusted JOCHAMP High-Speed Case Packer

Offers Perfect Alignment

We manufacture high-speed cased packers that feature pouch alignment drive conveyor. This feature allows the pouches to be packed straight and centered. Therefore, our high-speed packer infeed can provide perfect alignment.

High Speed Design

Our high-speed case packers are designed with gantry robot top-load. It can load up to 12 cases per cycle. It is also designed with arm tools to ensure that the pouches are placed with precision. With its high-speed design, this machine can pack different products in a tight case in a short period of time.

Extensive Packing Patterns

Our high-speed case packers are designed with extensive packing patterns that offer a lot of advantages such as:

  • Recipe-driven capability
  • Can provide layer-to-layer interleave
  • Offers a variety of load pattern options
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JOCHAMP – Your Leading Provider of High-Speed Case Packer

JOCHAMP will be glad to become your case packer partner for your production company & industry. With more than 15 years of providing solutions in packaging lines, you will not regret the thing you own from us.

  • Can’t hide my happiness when I’m using the case packer machine from JOCHAMP, its high-speed features help us to frequently increase our supply of products. My kind of thanks to this company.

  • I’ve been using this case packer machine 2 years ago, and I only experienced very minor problems with it. I can say that it is a very durable machine, safe & friendly, and has very low energy costs to operate.

  • From manual handling and packing, I adopt the automatic way of packaging my products. From the day I bought that case packer machine, till now, it always made me feel relaxed and comfortable when using this amazing machine.

High Speed Case Packer: The Ultimate Guide

For your high production, choosing high speed caser packer is a perfect solution. A reason you should understand all aspects of high speed case packer such as features, parts, working principle, classification creator to specification.

What Is High Speed Case Packer?

It refers to a machine designed to pack different types of cases and load products from varied orientations.

This equipment packs different products into a wide range of corrugated boxes with fully automated operating parameters.

The most outstanding feature of this case filling and sealing machine is its immense speed and advanced technology features.

high speed case packer

Primarily, this packaging equipment comes in handy in a typical business surrounding since it offers extremely fast product packing solutions.

It is the reason you will find it in busy manufacturing industries where processing speed is a fundamental concern.

This guide gives you comprehensive details regarding different aspects of a high speed case packer and why it makes the best investment for your business.

Advantages Of High Speed Case Packer

Since this machine guarantees high-speed case packing solutions, it presents several advantages in an ordinary production setting.

The main advantages that make this equipment a worthy investment include the following;

Quick Return On Investment

Since all operating aspects of this machine are automated, it guarantees a faster return on investment due to enhanced reliability, performance and efficiency.

Thus, this is advantageous because you are certain you will get value for your investment within shortest time possible.

High Reliability

In case packaging solution, the higher the equipment reliability and the process, the more the returns.

This machine rarely breaks down since; thus, you can easily plan and deliver accordingly.


Ordinarily, high speed case packer is energy-efficient; hence it reduces power and other related utility bills.

Besides, it eliminates need for human labor since its operating parameters are fully automated.

Prevents Material Wastage

This machine is programmed to ensure it uses the precise amount of material set required each time.

As such, it reduces wastage significantly, and this is beneficial since it averts unnecessary losses and instead enhances profitability.

Guarantees Safety

Ideally, this machine is integrated with a wide range of safety features that protect it and the operator from potential harm.

It is advantageous because it reduces damage or injuries and related costs of dealing with the resultant occurrences.

Increases Production Volume

Technically, speed is a fundamental element in a case packaging, especially in a manufacturing setting.

Thus, using this machine ensures you get the necessary production volume within shortest time possible effortlessly.

Parts Of High Speed Case Packer

This equipment features different parts and components designed to perform various functions combined in a single unit.

But the notable parts you need to know about include the following;

PLC touchscreen – It shows graphics and other different functional variables of the equipment for faster and easy selection and monitoring.

Sensors – These are devices designed to monitor performance of different processes and aspects of this equipment’s operation. They also detect varying fluctuations in machine’s performance.

Roll film setting – Its role is to deliver film used in closing the cases.

Control keys – They are used for activating and deactivating a specific functional variables based on the required operation.

Forming unit – It is responsible for creating or molding the packaging case into set orientation and dimensions.

Printer – It prints the required details on the surface of case packaging material, including date, batch number, lot code etc.

Conveyor unit – The design of this component allows it to move packages and products from one station to another within the machine.

Safety guards – Reduces or prevents possible harm by guaranteeing equipment’s safety if unsafe maneuvers occur.

Photoelectric eye – This device has an in-built light emitting element that emits a light beam, which is crucial in color making the case during packaging.

Loading units – Are used for feeding the materials and the packages into the machine for subsequent packaging, depending on the preferred orientation.

Electric systems – It features a wide range of electrical devices and components that transmit and supply electric power within the equipment.

Types Of High Speed Case Packing Machine

You can find high speed case filling and sealing machine in a wide range of types and designs with unique specifications and features.

Ideally, knowing these types is important because it makes it possible for you to determine the most suitable one based on your needs.

Most types of high speed case packing equipment are categorized based on the case structure or orientation during packaging.

Nonetheless, the most notable types you can find in the market and often used in different industrial applications include the following;

Side Load High Speed Case Packer

It is a type of high speed case packer used mainly for bag in box type of packages.

The packs reach the stacking unit then each row is stacked in a holding plate unit.

Once the desired number of rows is stacked, collation is pushed into open case, opened and held in position by vacuum suction cups.

Side Load Case Packer

side load high speed case packer

Case flaps are then folded and closed before case discharge.

It features an intelligent layout for a single side operation and has an ergonomically positioned bank magazine.

You can learn more about side load case packer.

High Speed Horizontal Case Packer

The design of this machine enables it to easily handle all case types with all servo-structure, ease of operation and versatility.

It is highly adaptable to several packaging plants, takes minimal space, and has smallest energy footprint.

high speed horizontal case packer

Besides, it accommodates different case types, including regular, half-slotted trays and wrap-around cases.

It also comes with an operator-friendly interface, which simplifies the various operations of the equipment.

Vertical High Speed Case Packer

It is a monoblock high speed case packing machine designed to pick up product from an infeed conveyor and place it in case by vertical movement.

This machine is most suitable for unstable products with higher possibilities of slipping.

It features a single-axis servo-driven pick and place mechanism and solid steel framing structure.

vertical high speed case packer

The case infeed conveyor of this machine is motorized and has a low friction slat chain conveyor.

It also features digital HMI for a setting of production variables, parameters and alarm display integrated into the equipment’s design.

Top Load High Speed Case Packer

This high speed case packer features a single or dual-axis pick and place assembly with an integrated vacuum or gripper head.

It portrays a quick change tooling that offers precision product handling hence designed for superior flexibility.

This machine can handle a wide cross-section of manufacturing applications, products and case sizes and types.

top load high speed case packer

Additionally, it features an automatic case management system user-friendly human machine interface.

Also, this machine provides system flexibility and customization to enable you to meet the case dimensions and volume requirements.

Learn more about top load case packer.

Robotic High Speed Case Packer

It is a fully-automatic case packer that utilizes a combination system of case erector automatic robotic packing to pick and place.

This high speed case packer variant guarantees unmatched flexibility and has infeed unit that can be replaced rapidly.

It offers high versatility and accounts for product irregularities hence easily solving any orientation difficulties.

The scalability and efficiency of this equipment is immense, and it can accumulate, articulate and pack all in one station.

Robot Case Packer

robotic high speed case packer

It is servo or intermittent motion indexer driven and has a color touchscreen HMI for monitoring and regulating operating parameters.

This machine increases throughput, precision and reliability while reducing labor and related costs.

Learn more about robotic case packer.

Wrap Around High Speed Case Packaging Machine

It is an innovative intermittent running case packing machine that places a product from top or side of the wraparound, tray blank or harness style.

Ordinarily, this machine forms all common end-of-line packaging styles and can wrap a wide range of products.

Moreover, it guarantees product traceability, data recording, and communication with line control throughout the process.

wrap around high speed case packer

It offers a broad range of benefits, including case blank magazine with greater capacity and flat blank storage and shipment.

Besides, corrugate usage is relatively low, and cost per blank is less.

You can learn more about wraparound case packer.

Bottom Load High Speed Case Packer

It is a compact, fully automated unit designed to load products with flexible and complex shapes into cases.

Hence, it is most suitable for cylindrical tubs and heavy product packaging requirements.

bottom load high speed packer

It features various infeeds and metering methods for efficient product handling.

Moreover, the changeovers in this machine are simple and repeatable.

Here is more information about bottom load case packer.

Applications Of High Speed Case Packer

It is used in a typical manufacturing setting to package different products.

Some common industries where this equipment is used include the following;

  • Food and beverage
  • Household equipment packaging
  • Dry food packaging
  • Pet food packaging
  • Dairy packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Jars, tins and can packaging
  • Bakery packaging
  • Candy packaging
High Speed Case Packer Vs High Speed Cartoner

There is a thin line between a high speed case packer and high speed cartoner.

Ideally, both machines use relatively same working principle in packaging different products in cases and cartons, respectively.

They also share similar features and parts, such as a user-friendly interface and high-resolution PLC touchscreen among others.

high speed cartoner

Besides, you can always integrate both machines with other auxiliary equipment in a production setting to complete the cycle.

However, there is a slightly noticeable difference between these two types of packaging machines.

First, high speed case packer is relatively compact hence does not necessarily require ample space in your workroom.

On the other hand, a high speed cartoner is somewhat bigger hence can occupy considerable floor space in your room.

Features Of High Speed Case Packer.

These features often vary from one type of high speed case packer to another.

However, the notable features of a typical one include the following;

  • Extremely high case packaging speeds
  • Simple, faster and repeatable changeovers
  • Powder-coated steel framing material
  • Compact footprints to save floor space
  • Numerous infeeds and metering techniques for effective product handling
  • Multiple pack pattern mechanisms
  • Efficient product accumulation/collation
  • Tape or hot glue sealing
  • Positive dual vacuum case erector
  • Auto-case management system
  • Continuous motion for precise and sensitive product placement
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simultaneous handling of various products

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