Herbal Shisha VS Tobacco Shisha – A Complete Comparison Guide

Many people ask whether herbal shisha vs tobacco shisha are the same. Well, the key variation comes in the ingredients and other effects we shall discuss in this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Hookah Pipe (Water Pipe)
Hookah Pipe (Water Pipe)

Ingredients for Herbal Shisha vs Tobacco Shisha

For herbal shisha, you will not find tobacco or nicotine, the key ingredients include:

  • Dried herbs
  • Molasses
  • Sugar cane
  • Honey
  • Natural fruit flavorings

On the other hand, tobacco shisha has the following as they ingredients:

  • Tobacco leaves/nicotine products
  • Glycerin
  • Fruit flavorings
  • Honey or molasses

Remember, these ingredients vary from one product to the other.

The major ingredient that is used in making Tobacco Shisha is tobacco. This flavored tobacco appears in a range of flavors not limited to mint, strawberry, and apple. On the other hand, herbs are the main ingredient for making Herbal shisha which is a blend of different dried herbs such as natural fruits, mint, or tea leaves among other herbal plants.

Additives like honey or molasses are added to Tobacco shisha or herbal shisha so as to come up with a moist texture and create smoke that is thicker and smoother.

Looking at tobacco and herbal shisha, artificial flavors are part of the key ingredient. Ideally, this tried to improve on the taste.

When it comes to smoke production, glycerin is added to Tobacco hookah as an additive to help in the production of smoke and enhance the appealing experience of smoking. In contrast, either vegetable glycerin or honey is added to Herbal Shisha to provide smoke-like clouds as well as moisture.

One key distinct feature when it comes to ingredients is the nicotine content which is not available in the herbal shisha but present in the tobacco shisha


When it comes to prices, we cannot give an approximation, since the prices vary based on regional variations, location, time, and size of the package. In common cases, Tobacco Shisha comes at the top as it’s a bit expensive compared to Herbal Shisha.

Other Characteristics of Herbal Shisha vs Tobacco Shisha to Compare

Health Concerns

Using Tobacco shisha for a prolonged period can bring concern to our health since it contains dangerous elements.

The elements have the tendency of causing injuries to the lungs and the respiratory system leading to severe tobacco-related diseases like heart disease, lung cancer, as well as stroke. These elements include tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals.

Long term Effects of Smoking on Lungs
Long-term Effects of Smoking on Lungs

However, this does not imply that using herbal shisha is 100% safe. The smoke could still cause some health complication to the lungs. Although, you will be free from nicotine.

Remember, even though the nicotine aspects is not a major issue here, you have to deal with the smoke. Remember, this smoke may affect your lungs.

Furthermore, there are shisha manufacturer who claim their product are herbal or nicotine free. So, ensure you buy herbal shisha from genuine suppliers.

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Production of Smoke

The presence of glycerin in Tobacco shisha together with the high temperatures of tobacco helps in the production of thicker and high-density smoke. Although herbal shisha may contain these ingredients, the smoke is usually not that dense.


Talking of addiction, Tobacco Shisha contains nicotine one of the compounds that is highly addictive when used for a long duration. This is not the case for herbal shisha.

Flavor Options

As for flavors, tobacco and other range of flavors like mint and apple are used in the manufacturing of Tobacco shisha. Besides, nicotine is also included in Tobacco shisha.

Herbal shisha is also available in different flavors. Herbals Shisha carries zero nicotine making the taste to be sweeter and more enjoyable.


The herbal blends may help one relax and feel better. Despite the fact that it can create a calming impression, it is still not safe as one should be more conscious of the possible health problems that may arise due to smoking Herbal shisha.


It’s essential to note that when choosing between Herbal Shisha and Tobacco Shisha, there are priorities to be taken in. These priorities include your health, personal preference, and many other smoking potential risks.

The fact that Herbal Shisha is free of nicotine and tobacco, can still create a bad serious effect on your health as it involves inhalation of smoke.

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