Herb Packaging Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP focused on designing and manufacturing superior quality and performance packaging machines. We can also create a specific machine for herbs and spices. Customizable to meet your specifications and requirements.

  • High packing speed and accuracy
  • User-friendly PLC control
  • Low noise operation and low maintenance
  • Widely used in the industrial applications

Custom Herb Packaging Machine

Herb packaging machine is suitable for packing and sealing herbs and spices. It can be manufactured in large and compact designs to accommodate small and big production facilities. Ensure to improve the packaging performance and product formation quality.

JOCHAMP can provide various models of herb packaging machines in semi-automatic and automatic packing types. Guarantee to have robust construction, easy operations, and changeover. Adopts digital display and the intelligent micro-computer. It can be integrated with a larger motor and hopper capacity ensures a faster packing solution. Save your production time, and improve your dispensing accuracy. Get in touch today!

Safe and Hygienic Herb Packaging Machine

Jochamp ensures safe and hygienic, non-toxic machines to pack different kinds of herbs and spices. Made from food-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant and lower your product waste.

It is a cost-effective and reliable solution to speed up your packing operations. This machine is capable of larger and faster capacities. Available in various types of dosing/filling installations for easy adjustment of the size of the bags.

Cannabis Packaging Machine Applications
Coconut Packing Machine Features

Choose Custom Herb Packaging Machine from Jochamp

  • Ideal for high-volume sealing and packing
  • Increases productivity and sales
  • Reduces packaging costs and labor
  • Great versatility machine to pack various types of aromatic herbs.
  • Optional printed film allows the easy identification
  • cGMP certified food-safe packing
  • Streamlined packing processes
  • High return on investment
herb packaging machine supplier - Jochamp
Premier Manufacturer of Herb Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP manufacture the perfect packaging solution for any herbs products. Certified with cGMP, SGS, ISO9001, and CE qualifications. Message us now!

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