Heat Shrink Film Guide

1. What is heat shrinkable film?

Heat shrink film, also known as shrink wrap, is a heat shrinkable plastic film that, after shrinking, fits tightly over electrical insulation, tubing, and other heat-sensitive materials. It also provides a good moisture barrier.

2. What is the production process of heat shrinkable film?

  • The film is heated to the softening point and then stretched on a die.
  • Air is blown onto the film to cool it and achieve the desired thickness.
  • The film is then sized and heat sealed on one side.
  • Heat seal one side, then heat shrink using a heat gun or a hot air oven.

1) Depending on the production process, there are two types

Blown Film: This film is made by blowing molten plastic through a small hole in a metal sheet. The molten plastic cools and is pulled into the film. Cast Film: This type is made by casting molten plastic onto a moving conveyor belt or roller. The molten plastic cools and is pulled into the film.

2) According to the difference of materials, there are three kinds of

PE shrink film, PVC shrink film, POF (polyolefin shrink film)

3) Features of shrink wrap

  • tear resistance, puncture resistance, not easy to break
  • Strong shrinkage stress, firm packaging, not easy to fall off
  • Suitable for palletized packaging and retail products, fast and convenient
  • The packaging is tight to prevent the goods from being polluted by the outside
  • Heat shrinkage, heat sealing, heat resistance, heat insulation

4) Typical benefits

Standard benefits:

  • This is a cost-effective way to protect your product from damage and extend its shelf life.
  • Can be used as temporary roofing material, or to seal doors and windows during construction.
  • Moisture-proof, dust-proof, dust-proof, deodorant.

Emotional benefits:

  • It will make you feel more secure about the safety of the product.
  • -It will make your customers feel better when they buy knowing that they are getting a high-quality, protected product

3. The difference between PE shrink packaging, PVC shrink packaging, and polyolefin shrink packaging

There are several differences between polyethylene shrink wrap, PVC shrink wrap, and polyolefin shrink wrap:

  • Polyethylene shrink film is made of polyethylene, PVC shrink film is made of polyvinyl chloride, POF shrink film is made of polyolefin.
  • Polyethylene shrink film is the most commonly used shrink film, which has high tensile strength and low elongation.
  • PVC shrink film is less common than PE shrink film, but it has good heat resistance and can be used to package food products.
  • POF shrink film is the thinnest and lightest type of shrink film, but it has low heat resistance and should not be used to package food products.

4. What is POF film?

POF shrink film is the abbreviation of biaxially oriented polyolefin shrink film. It is the most widely used and fastest growing new type of environmentally friendly shrink film. The product adopts advanced biaxially oriented three-layer and five-layer melt co-extrusion special process.

Produce high definition, high shrinkage, high toughness, high heat sealing performance, excellent antistatic and cold resistance, safe and reliable soft and durable shrink film. It is ideal for food, cosmetics, gifts, medicine, stationery, electronics, wood products, retail products, bundles of multiple items, different types of packaging.

Typical applications of heat shrinkable films

  • Food Packaging: Can be used to package and store food, beverages, boxes and help keep food safe and fresh.
  • Cable Insulation: Can be used for cable packaging to prevent cable damage and corrosion.
  • Boat and Car Cover: It can be used to cover boats and cars, which helps protect them from the weather.
  • Shrink wrap: This is probably the most common application for polyolefin shrink film. It is used to package products for shipping and protect them from damage.
  • Heavy duty products: Can be used as temporary roofing, door and window systems.
  • Electronics: Can be used to protect electronic components from moisture and corrosion.
  • Industrial applications: bundling and reinforcement.

PVC shrink film for different types of packaging?

Roll, flat bag, box, packaging, etc.

Estimated price range for PE shrink film

Different PE prices vary widely.

Heat shrink film can be found in the range of $1.80~2.40/kg.

How long does heat shrink wrap last in sunlight?

Heat shrink wrap can last about 12~18 months in sunlight.

How to shrink the plastic wrap when using it?

We can use heat gun to apply shrink wrap film:

  • Cut the heat shrinkable film to the desired size. Lay one side on a flat thing and use a heat gun to heat from the other side, 4-6″ away.While it’s shrinking, be careful not to get burned by touching it while it’s hot!
  • After cooling for 10 minutes, you can use your hands or an eraser to remove any bumps that appear.If not handled properly, some may say that “shrink” smells bad when heated because it chemically reacts with PVC plastic, which is found in many grades of heat shrink film.
  • Find the two corners and attach it securely to your product with staples, tape or elastic wrapping techniques such as bagging and wrapping with string for the best protection.

What can replace shrink wrap?

During shipping, there are many ways to protect your product.

Some alternatives to shrink wrap include:

  • -Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is a lightweight and economical option to protect your products.
  • Foam: Foaming peanuts is a great way to protect your product from damage.
  • Carton: The price is higher, but the material can be recycled.
  • Stretch Film: Lowest cost, easy to obtain, suitable for pallet packaging.

How strong is PVC shrink film?

It is a heat activated adhesive material. When heat and pressure act on the stretched film, the heat will make the molecules of the shrinkable film close together, thereby shortening the shrinkable film and producing a shrinkage effect.

Shrink film is not waterproof or soundproof.

How to distinguish high quality shrink film and inferior shrink film?

High-quality plastic wrap should be made of high-quality heat-resistant materials, and both sides are heat-pressed to provide thermal damage resistance. It should also be heat sealed, flame retardant, and able to withstand moisture.

Low-efficiency films are often made from poor-quality raw materials that are not resistant to heat or moisture, or are not heat sealable. The shrink film has low efficiency, poor heat resistance, poor transparency and poor gloss. It also lacks elasticity against chemicals or solvents, as it is not as heat-resistant or flame-retardant as a good shrink film.

Important characteristics of high-quality PVC shrink film?

  • High clarity and gloss
  • Measure even thickness
  • Tamper proof seal
  • No pores on the surface
  • FDA Approved
  • Fully sealed roll or bag packaging
  • Smooth shrinkage process and good sealing performance

Can heat shrink film stick to itself?

Shrink wrap is a heat activated material that shrinks in heat. It can be used to warm up your food in the microwave, decorate a campfire with heat, or cheer people up when they’re sad. Heat shrinkable films are often used for bundling products during shipping.

Shrink wrap prevents the tray from being torn by the plastic forks when opening the box with the tray in it. heat shrink wrap Prevent scratches, abrasions or other physical damage from friction or friction during product movement or stacking.

Does the shrink film contain toxic substances?

Shrink wrap is made of plastic and releases toxic fumes when heated. It is important to use heat resistant and flame retardant shrink film to avoid any harmful gases.

How to vent hot air or excessive heat inside the shrink film?

  • Increase the number of small holes
  • Slow down the belt speed of the packaging machine to allow more time for the heat to escape from the shrink film
  • Raising the temperature of the packaging machine helps shrink film leaks

How to remove fogging on the surface of shrink film?

  • Reduce the temperature of the packaging machine
  • Increase the belt speed of the packaging machine and reduce the heat time of the shrink packaging machine

How to solve the wrinkles on the surface of the shrink film?

  • Increase the temperature of the packaging machine
  • Reduce packaging machine speed
  • Reduce the number of air cycles of the machine

Causes of Shrinkwrap Line Cracks or Small Holes

  • Turn down the temperature of the heat sealing knife of the sealing machine
  • Incorrect seam line height: seam line height should be half the package height
  • Uneven pressure on the seal frame
  • The heat sealer or sealer base may be dirty
  • Damaged seal base thermal pad or thermal sticker
  • The sealing time is too short, adjust the sealing time for a long time

The solution is to form triangles at the corners of the shrink film

  • make shrink bags smaller
  • Reduce the speed of the shrink wrapping machine
  • Adjust the down circulation air of the shrink wrapping machine
  • Increase the temperature of the shrink wrapping machine

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