Fruit Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp can manufacture the exact fruit packaging machine for your requirements. Our automated and super-efficient equipment can pack all kinds of product packaging purposes. It is ideal for large-scale and small-scale industries.

  • Shorten your production lead time
  • High productivity, high speed
  • High accuracy and precision pack
  • Customizable equipment
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Jochamp Fruit Packing Machine

Fruit packing machines are built from heavy-duty metal materials and high-quality electronic parts. These guarantee a reliable and high-performance operation. It is fully compliant with various food packaging requirements. It can exceed any request in terms of productivity and product size.

Jochamp is an expert in manufacturing a broad array of packaging machinery. With advanced technology and equipment, we promise to deliver the finest machine for your applications. It can be customized to your specific request to boom your business. Message us and receive a free quote.

Fruit Packing Machine Excellent Features

  • Equipped with intelligent options
  • Fully meet food packaging requirements
  • Automated and efficient
  • Consistent performance levels
  • Energy-efficient help reduce manual labor costs
  • Durable and provide a longer work-life
  • Easy to operate and have a faster-packing speed
  • Pack different bag sizes
  • Distinct voltage capacities and powerful engines
Fruit Packing Machine
fruit packing machine

Fruit Packing Machine Applications

Our wide range of machines can produce aesthetically appealing and robust packages perfect for products having different shapes and dimensions. It can pack fruit vegetables such as citrus, pome fruits, drupes, berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers, pears, apples, etc. Jochamp offers food-safe and flexible bags for packaging. We provide an attractive option for packaging fresh produce bags such as:

  • Doy Packs with zippers
  • Perforated Flat Bottom Bags
  • Classic Pillow Style Bags
  • Stand-up pouch-style bags
  • Packed in trays
Fruit Packing Machine Supplier
Professional Fruit Packing Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp is a trusted packaging machinery supplier in China. Our machines are assembled from high-grade metals and high-quality parts and components. You can guarantee stable and excellent operation 24 hours.

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