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A Compelete Guide for Vertical Form Fill Seal

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) also called vertical bagging, it is a packaging method where bags are created during the filling process. Simply put, it is putting the product into the bag vertically, not horizontally. Here’s what it actually looks like:



A Quick Guide to Flow Packaging

Flow packaging is suitable for the packaging of solid items such as biscuits, scratch cards, and medicines. If your business is looking to package your products using a process, this guide can help. This guide will explain what flow packaging is, highlight the most suitable products and answer frequently asked questions.


A Complete Guide for Horizontal Packaging Machine

The horizontal packaging machine is a device that fills the product into a package and seals it. In this guide, I’ll take you through the different properties of the machine, including its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also look at vertical vs. horizontal packers, their uses and components. It’s also important that we explore how this machine works before we finally look into what should be considered when buying.

How to Calculate Bag Size and Film Width for a Product

Before buying a new horizontal wrapping machine, most people will check the parameters of the packaging machine, especially the packaging range. However, these ranges refer to bag size, not product size. Do you really know the calculation method from product size to bag size?


Flow Wrapping vs Overwrapping What’s the difference

There are many packaging methods, each of which is suitable for different packaging needs. Flow packaging and overwrapping are the two most commonly used consumer products used by industry professionals. The following blog post outlines the flow packaging and overwrapping processes and outlines what they contain their unique advantages and typical applications.

Worn Gears Cause Flow Wrapper Problems

Worn gears are often overlooked as a flow package for setting and sealing problems. In this tech article, a technical expert of Jochamp encountered these problems while rebuilding the customer’s cutting and sealing head in our manufacturing plant.



Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine Troubleshooting Checklist

This guide provides a troubleshooting checklist to work with us to solve the horizontal flow wrapping machine problem. The answers to the checklist questions will enable us to help define your problem, determine the cause, and develop solutions to restore package quality and productivity.

A Guide to Operate a Flow Wrapper

This is a detailed article that guides the horizontal flow wrapper operation and troubleshooting skills, with a total of 16 applicable steps, making you a master in a short time.



Flow Wrap Materials 5 Considerations to Maximize Speed

Flow packaging or fin sealed packaging provides an efficient way to package a wide variety of products. With changes in economic demand, it is more and more necessary to increase the output of flow packages. There are many variables in optimizing the materials and machinery used in this application, and each variable has its advantages and disadvantages.

A Complate Guide for Flow Packaging Machine Gallery A Complate Guide for Flow Packaging Machine

A flow packaging machine is a machine that helps perform the flow packaging process-the purpose of packaging products through the machine. Generally speaking, flow wrapping machines help the packaging process, especially products such as tea bags, biscuits, chocolate bars and many others.

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