Eraser Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp eraser packing machine to improve your productivity and increase your sales. Our machine provide flawless and good wrapping results. It is available in various models that meet international standards. Choose the right machine to satisfy your needs.

  • Automated PLC control
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance
  • Tailored to your stipulations
  • Rigid and handle wide range of eraser sizes

Jochamp Eraser Packing Machine

Jochamp eraser packing machine wrap erasers with wrapper placed into it in accordance with precise wrapping specifications. It provides good eraser outer protection. The machine is built to be strong and able to survive repeated use. Equipped with automated controls that are simple but modern allow you to specify parameters with the greatest precision. It may be utilized in a manufacturing or industrial setting with ease and function well. Machine speed can be adjusted so that output meets your specifications.

Jochamp offers durable and high-performance eraser packing machine. These machines can pack different types, textures and sizes of erasers efficiently and quickly. It can operate accurately and meticulously resulting in flawless and high-productivity eraser products. For your machine requirements, please get in touch now. We will help you obtain the right machine for your applications.

Suitable Wrapping Materials

Jochamp manufacture various packing machine such as eraser overwrapping machine, eraser paper sleeve packing machine, automatic eraser packing line, eraser pad printing machine, etc. These machines can wrap erasers using the following wrapping materials:

  • KOP
  • Cellophane
  • Double side heat-sealable film or paper, etc.
Eraser Packing Machine Supplier
Eraser Packing Machines Manufacturer

Eraser Packing Machine Features

  • Energy-efficient machine
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Used in a factory or industrial setup
  • High-speed and adjustable control
  • Easy modification to accomodate different specs and sizes
  • Pack away hundreds of erasers per day
  • Highly affordable rates
  • Customizable according to your OEM design
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