Drop Packer Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP has the comprehensive ability to provide professional high-quality drop packer machine equipment. We specialize in manufacturing drop packer machines including, design, production, sale, service in R&D, and structure for different industries. 

  • Adopt intelligent HMI to control
  • Equipped with the safety protection function
  • Drop Packer Machine speed is adjustable
  • Passed CE, ISO9001, SGS certification

JOCHAMP Drop Packer Machine

Drop packers from JOCHAMP are heavy-duty machines durably welded and constructed from purely steel metals. These are adopted with advanced system controls and sturdy components, making them indispensable in handling and finishing many drop packaging tasks. JOCHAMP offers a wide variety of drop packer machines engineered explicitly for current packaging needs. The drop packer machine from JOCHAMP remains well-function after more than a decade of continuous service. 

Aside from that, JOCHAMP has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing drop-packer machines. The machines are widely used in E-commerce, food, drinks, medicine, daily necessities, cosmetics, stationery, and many more. At the same time, we are also equipped with a professional after-sales service team, every partner is held accountable. Send your inquiry now!

JC-505 Drop Packer Machine

This machine is suitable for packing all kinds of bottled products. It provides a complete bottle sorting system, using a drop drop method to get the bottles into the carton. This machine is currently one of the cheapest ways to pack bottles.

  • The machine adopts PLC + touch screen control
  • Equipped with bottle shortage alarm and shutdown, no bottle is not packed and safe to pack
  • The operation interface of the machine is simple and convenient
  • The single-row square bottle is accurately divided into multiple rows by the servo lane divider
  • Suitable for packing all kinds of PET, PP and other plastic bottles


Power and power/Power supply3Phase, 380V, 50/60HZ, 3.5KW
Air source/Air pressure6kg / cm² 450 / min
Machine size/Machine sizeL5800*W1400*H1850mm
Applicable carton size/Suitable carton sizeL150-410*W150-330*H150-500
Applicable product type/Suitable product typeRound bottles of PET, PP and other materials
Packing speed≤12cases/min
Feed line height/Entrance height1100±50mm
Export height/Exportation height330mm
Remarks: The height of the applicable carton size is the height of the unsealed carton
  • The machine adopts PLC + touch screen control
  • Equipped with bottle shortage alarm and shutdown, no bottle is not packed and safe to pack
  • The operation interface of the machine is simple and convenient
  • The single-row square bottle is accurately divided into multiple rows by the servo lane divider
  • Suitable for packing all kinds of PET, PP and other plastic bottles

case erector

carton sealer

Secondary packaging line integration

carton sleeve inner bag

Labeling Machine


Glue sealing machine

Stainless steel

heavy duty casters

Leaflet Automatic Dispatcher

export conveyor line

Drop Packer Machine Advantages

Simple and Practical
Simple and Practical

Daily maintenance is straightforward and convenient, and there is no oil pollution. The use of oil-free lubrication of pneumatic components allows the majority of moving parts to be reused over the course of a lifetime. Users can save a lot of money by using this machine.

PLC Control Technology
PLC Control Technology

The main drive, which uses frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology in conjunction with a man-machine interface, achieves steeples speed regulation, has quick communication capabilities, and maintains the system’s reliability.

Dependable Service
Dependable Service

The drop packer machine is made of special pneumatic components to grasp and place products. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the product can be accurately and reliably loaded into the carton from the bottle conveying platform.

Smooth Operation
Smooth Operation

During the whole packing process, different mechanical mechanisms are independently driven by variable frequency motor to make the product lift, move, and fall and the automatic operation is realized by combining pneumatic, electric and optical control.

Drop Packer Machine for Industrial Needs

The drop packer machine has the most straightforward operator control while its overall functionality is incorporated in different packaging styles based on the particular products. Our drop machine is manufactured with simplicity, durability, and versatility, which is indeed valuable for serving various industries, mainly in: 

  • Personal care industry
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food production industry
  • Household consumables industry

Furthermore, JOCHAMP provides complete customization for drop packer machines — including your brand logos or symbols.

Drop Packer Machine for Industrial Needs
Drop Packer Machine System Highlight

Drop Packer Machine System Highlight

Drop packer machines are multi-faceted machine units that handle a wide variety of various products. This is easy to maneuver. It also delivers precise, accurate, dependable performance:

  • Minimal footprint area
  • System flexibility and customization to meet all products’ diverse sizes
  • Automatic sensing for high and low prime collection
  • Automatic control management system
  • Integrated orientation system for thoroughgoing loading mobility

The drop packer machine is combined with any subsequent assembled system and built to run in an extensive range of products at the required output.

High-Speed Drop Packer Machine

JOCHAMP is the most experienced manufacturer who developed a drop packer machine capable of executing drop packaging solutions. It is made that can work at an efficient speed ranging from 1 to 60 cycles per minute. It can automatically pack multiple products for most containers, pouches, cartons, jars, and boxes in various pack patterns. 

Furthermore, JOCHAMP is surrounded by professional engineers responsible for designing industry-leading drop packer machines by adapting the machine requirements and customer references. It is also helpful to optimize and enrich your packaging business.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Drop Packer Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Drop Packer Machine
Why Choose JOCHAMP Drop Packer Machine

For more than a decade, JOCHAMP has focused on packing machinery research and development. We have 15+ expert mechanical engineers and 20+ after-sales service teams who can produce complete turnkey drop packer machines, surpassing the desired specifications.

All drop packer machines have passed the SGS, CE, cGMP, and ISO9001 certifications. Every step of production we undertake is always based on the product’s strict quality control — from material selection to machine assembly, testing, and inspection, and all the process is actively supervised by a specialist.

From its establishment until now, JOCHAMP has always been eager to introduce newly innovated and developed drop packer machines from local and overseas customers. 

Drop packer machine become the most acknowledged machine in different industries due to the unequaled qualities it holds:

  • Heavy-duty welded
  • Economical and ultra-compact
  • User-friendly machine
  • Flexible that suits various applications and needs
  • Comes in securely protected doors
  • New design, compact structure
  • Particularly suitable for the automatic packaging line, easy to move
  • Suitable for bottles, boxes, bags, barrel products
Drop Packer Machine Offers Advantages

Drop packer machines are often used in a multitude of packaging sectors. Due to its impressive advantages, it becomes highly demanded in different markets:

  • Wide applications, applicable to a variety of product packing
  • Requires less maintenance and with optimal ease of use
  • Quick and easy-sized changeover
  • Multiple case configuration
  • Fast cycle speed, stable working
  • Accurate and precise product positioning
  • Integrates into the automatic packaging line

Drop Case Packer for Different Applications

Drop Packer Machine for Tray

We offer drop packer machines that are widely used for tray packing. It is integrated with the downstream case erecting system. These machines feature a compact design to be suitable for corrugated cases. Our drop packer machine for tray features easy to use and little maintenance properties.

Drop Packer Machine Pouch and Bag Loading Process

Our drop packer machines can load bags and pouches with the following process:

  • Corrugated cases are automatically erected and then convey bags to the staging area
  • Drop packer machines then load the pouches to the cases
  • The cases are sealed and folded
Container Loading Process

JOCHAMP drop packer machines loaded containers, jugs, or bottles through the following process:

  • Erecting the case and conveying bottles, jugs, and other containers
  • Loading of the containers to the case
  • Sealing, folding, gluing, or taping the case
Professional Drop Packer Machine Supplier
Professional Drop Packer Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP offers rich expansion functions such as labeling, date printing, image recognition, manipulator, etc. The drop packer machine, has a rack with a multi-spraying process, better corrosion resistance, and cleaner. We have a skilled after-sales service team that is in charge of each partner. Compact design, more possibilities to integrate packaging lines. Send your question right away!

  • “JOCHAMP is a great business partner; they manufacture a high-quality drop packer machine with a safety protection function that offers an alarm warning and the indicator light flashes if an accident or malfunction occurs; we are happy to use JOCHAMP’s machine production services.”

  • “We are happy to have JOCHAMP as a collaborator since they provide a high-quality, easy-to-manage drop packer machine, as well as an intelligent HMI to control and display machine running action status and with real-time alarm function. The best provider JOCHAMP”

  • “If you truly want to satisfy your special drop packer machine demands, JOCHAMP is the manufacturer to consider. When it comes to our specific drop packer machine requirements, they’ve never discouraged us, and they continue to provide great support for us. We are glad that we have a professional manufacturer from now.”

Drop Packer Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing a suitable drop packer machine will improve safety and productivity during packaging process. A reason this guide explores all the vital aspects you should know about drop packer machines.

What Is A Drop Packer Machine?

A drop packer machine is an equipment that one can use to pack a variety of products at once.

As the name suggests the machine drops the products into a box. Depending on the product other layers of the product can be added to the case or box.

A drop packer machine has been configured to know how to pack and how many pieces of products can fit into a single case.

drop packer machine

Features Of Drop Packer Machine

Every machine in the market today has different features that make them appealing to a buyer.

Every manufacturer makes sure that the machine has top-notch features to make them unique.

The features determine how the machine will work and if you will be able to achieve the intended purpose.

A drop packer machine with very good features may be a bit more expensive than the others. The price may be high but you will get your money’s worth since it will last longer and work very effectively with little to no breakdowns.

The following are some of the features you can find on a drop packer machine;

  • A drop packer machine should have very fast changeovers
  • Interface that is quite easy to operate and use
  • Made of a heavy-duty material making it very long-lasting
  • High operating speed which increases the production rate
  • A design that is compact
  • Dual belt drive case sealing
  • Safety interlocks to ensure full guarding
  • A design that is easy to maintain and clean
  • Very flexible and can accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes and also several kinds of products
  • Precise setting which ensures accurate production
  • Has a system that is very reliable and can be used at any time
Benefits Of Drop Packer Machine

Packing a product is one of the most important steps in any business.

The way your product is packed is what will attract consumers to you and also will reduce damages when shipping the products.

In the industry today there is a lot of packing equipment depending on the product being packed.

A drop packer machine is an equipment that one can use to pack a variety of products at once. As the name suggests the machine drops the products into a box.

The drop packer machine can either be automatic or semi-automatic.

Both work well and are better and very effective compared to packing products using manual labor.

Listed below are the benefits of a drop packer machine;

  • A drop packer machine is very fast. This increases the production speed which results in a lot of work getting done.

This means if an order is made, the consumer can get their products in good time.

  • The machine reduces the overall production cost because of its production speed. One can produce a lot of products and get a lot of money for it.

Though it might be quite expensive to purchase the machine, you will get back the money within a short time.

  • A drop packer machine is quite easy to use and maintain. Its parts are not complicated and the design is also simple which makes cleaning it very easy.

The maintainance of the machine is also very simple.

  • A drop packer machine is very effective and efficient hence will give you value for your money.

It works very well and its production speed is very high.

  • A drop packer machine packages the products well, making it easier to transport the product. It also makes it easier for a consumer to buy the product.

The products are packed very well which ensures no damage to the products or no spillage if the products are in liquid form.

  • A drop packer machine is very flexible. This means you can pack a lot of different products with different shapes and weights.

This is very beneficial to the packing company since you do not need several packing machines.

  • With a drop packer machine, one can save on time especially if the products are needed within a certain timeline.

The high production speed makes the packaging of the products very quick and effective.

  • With a drop packer machine materials are utilized well and there is no wastage.

The machine has been configured to know the exact amount of material to use.

  • Using a drop packer machine reduces the labor costs since most of the work is done by the machines.

The machines also do not require supervision meaning you will not have very many people working for you.

Parts Of Drop Case Packer Machine

For any machine to work well it needs some parts and without them, you will not be able to get the desired end product.

drop case packer machine parts

drop case packer machine parts

Additionally, the parts work together to achieve the intended goal and make sure the end product is perfect.

The list below contains the parts of a drop case packer machine;

  • Box erector – this is where the box is formed from a flat box and is folded and sealed.
  • Conveyor belt – this is a belt-like structure where the products are placed and are transported to where they are supposed to go.
  • Staging area – this is where the products are placed before being released into a box or case.
  • Box loader – this is where the box or case is loaded with the products after they have been assembled according to how many will fit in the box.
  • Case sealer – it is an equipment that one can use to seal a case or box after it has been loaded.
  • Vacuum blow-off – this is used to keep off the dust from the machine.
How Drop Packer Works

A drop packer working process is quite simple compared to the other machines.

As the name suggests a drop packer machine works by dropping products into a case or box.

Before the process starts, a box is erected and formed into a case automatically. This is case is where the products will be dropped after packing.

The first step involves the products being loaded into a high-speed conveyor belt automatically. Besides, the conveyor belt then moves the products to the staging area where they are assembled.

Staging area is a little space that has a bay door that opens to let the products into the staging area and then closes when the right number of products is in.

They are automatically assembled in a prearranged sequence depending on how many the case can carry.

After the assembly, the products are then dropped into a case. If the case can allow for another layer it is added until its maximum capacity.

The case is then moved to the sealing area where it is sealed by either using a tape or glue.

This process goes on and on until all the products are packed.

Side Load Case Packer Vs Drop Packer Machine

A side load case packer is equipment one can use to pack just like the drop packer machine. The difference is in the way of packing.

The side load case packer packs from the side while the drop packer drops the products into the box from above.

JC-500S Side Load Case Packer

side load case packer

The side load case packer is mostly used for products that cannot spill over and are not fragile such as a bar of soap.

For a drop packer, this is suitable for bottled products since they are loaded into the box in an upright manner.

When it comes to the packaging speed, a side load case packer is faster than the drop packer machine. With a side load case, packer products are put in the box a bit faster.

With the side load, the packer can load a lot of products in one box since it can have rows.

With a drop packer, you cannot add another row since it may damage the product.

Both the side load case packer and the drop packer machine have easy changeovers.

drop packer machine

The side load case packer and the drop case packer are both very versatile machines and can allow a variety of product shapes and sizes.

You can use just one machine to achieve very many product designs.

The drop case packer and the side load case packer are both made of heavy-duty material making them long-lasting.

Both the machines are simple to use and their design makes it easy to clean them.

Applications Of High-Speed Drop Load Case Packer

The drop load case packer is very significant and very useful. This machine is commonly used by companies with very high demand since it has a very high production rate.

Using a high-speed drop load case packer has so many advantages that make it very useful to a lot of industries.

A high-speed drop load case packer is a very reliable and very fast packing machine.

With a high-speed drop load case packer, you can be able to pack a lot of products within a short time.

high speed drop load case packer

high speed drop load case packer

Everyone in the world has come across a box or case that was packaged using a drop load case packer.

A lot of industries have benefited from using these machines. Some of the industries include;

  • The food and beverages industry uses the drop load case packer to pack products such as bottles of milk, wine, and frozen food among many others.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Household products
  • Medical industry
  • Chemical and petroleum
Drop Packer Vs Tray Packer Machine

Both the drop packer machine and the tray packer machine are equipment used to pack a variety of products.

Products such as cans, bottles, bars of soap, packs of crisps and so many others.

The major difference between the two ways of packing is how the products are packed.

Additionally, the drop packer machine loads products into a case but with a tray packer, the products are loaded into a tray-like case.

tray packer machine

Also, the tray packer only loads one layer of the product compared to the drop packer which can allow for more than one layer.

Most products that rely on the tray packaging system are those that need tight packaging.

Tight packaging is mostly done on fragile products or those that can be damaged easily.

Both the tray packer machine and the drop case packer are made of heavy-duty material which makes them very durable and long-lasting.

Both the drop load case packer and the tray packer are very versatile and you can pack a variety of products in different sizes and shapes.

A tray packer machine is quite fast compared to a drop packer machine.

Both the drop packer and tray packer machine have very fast changeovers making the production rate very high.

Both the tray packer and the drop case packer are very effective and efficient when it comes to packing any kind of product.

The tray packer and the drop case packer both have a very compact design and are very easy to clean and maintain.

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