Cutlery Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

In terms of cutlery packing machines, JOCHAMP has extensive R&D expertise. We provide a high-performance cutlery packing machine with our qualified staff that is ideal for the majority of cutlery producers and other associated businesses.

  • Machine-human interaction
  • More secure, precise, and long-lasting
  • Outstanding stability
  • Photoelectric detection with high precision


JOCHAMP Cutlery Packing Machine

The cutlery packing machine is engineered with versatility and is easy to handle, intended for cutlery goods. It is engineered by adopting the PLC intellectualized interface control center and constant electrical system that maintains consistent performance with a long-time working state.

Moreover, this cutlery packing machine features high performance, waste reduction, less downtime, and safety operations. The explicit advantage and features that offer will further enhance and elevate packaging productivity. At JOCHAMP, we welcome all your structural designs for the cutlery packing machine and are honored to build it with enthusiasts and thoughtful services.

Application Scope for Cutlery Packing Machine

JOCHAMP is a fully-automated cutlery packing machine solution that is perfectly befitted for certain products with irregular specifications and multi-piece soft products such as follows:

  • Plastic fork
  • Plastic scoop/spoon
  • Medical pipette
  • Towel
  • Mouth mask
  • Toothbrush
  • Plastic tableware
  • Woolen brush
  • Gloves
  • Sponges, etc

Mechanical Qualities and Performance of Cutlery Packing Machine

  • Human-machine interface.
  • The main motor is equipped with a high-powered AC frequency converter.
  • Guarantees a step-less change.
  • It has a high-accuracy photoelectric detection tracing system with mechanized compensation in both directions.
  • Non-stage transmission.
  • Equipped with date printer.
  • More durable, precise, and stable.
  • Gives excellent stability for packing solid articles with regular and definite shapes.
  • The dominant parts of the cutlery packing machine are purely made from 100% prime-quality stainless steel.
Trusted Cutlery Packing Machine Supplier in China

For a variety of sectors, JOCHAMP, with more than 15 years of experience, provides cutlery packing machine solutions. Our entire line of packaging devices for cutlery is fully automated and covered by several patent applications. Contact us now.

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