Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machine

Jochamp provides cucumber shrink wrap machines that perform efficiently and safely. These are one of the best packaging machines you can add to your existing packaging line.

  • Made with adjustable speed
  • Compact & modular construction
  • Proven and tested technologies
  • Keep cucumber fresh for a long time

Custom Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machine Supplier – Jochamp

Cucumber shrink wrap machine is used to keep cucumber fresh for long period. Shrink wrapping can protect the cucumber during transportation since it takes a long time. It keeps the product prevented against damages and stays in good condition.

Jochamp provides a cucumber shrink wrap machine that eats up power during operation. They perform continuously for long period without overheating. These machines are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic functions, which increase work efficiency and decrease work intensity. We can custom-made them according to your specific needs. The machines have the capacity of 10-60 pcs per min.

If you require our cucumber shrink wrap machine for your industry, please contact us! We’re ready to answer your inquiries 24/7.

Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machine: The Advantages

  • Help decrease waste costs of cucumber warehouse.
  • Decrease the potential that cucumbers will spoil when stored at home.
  • Water evaporates more gradually when cucumbers are plastic-wrapped than when they are not wrapped, according to experimental evidence.
  • It is more practical and hygienic. Cucumbers are prone to producing bacteria after being touched repeatedly by humans. It minimizes the danger of cross-infection after being wrapped in plastic.

Level of Maintenance Work

First level. This is based on regular maintenance. This level focuses more on lubricating, tightening, and examination of all applicable mechanical machine parts and their sanitation service.

Second level. You need to adjust and check the focus. Inspect the mechanical parts, particularly the motor, clutch, transmission, cylinder, transmission components, steering, and braking parts.

Third level. The attention is on detecting, adjusting, and debugging potential problems, as well as balancing the degree of wear and tear on the parts.

Your Trusted Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machines Supplier
Your Trusted Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machines Supplier

Jochamp is producing all kinds of chip packing machines that are designed to handle all your chip packaging needs. We also offer excellent customization services, lifetime after-sales services, and comprehensive customer support!

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