Corrugated Tray Former Supplier in China

Jochamp provides corrugated tray former, custom-built to load tray blanks. These are used to erect trays of different configurations and sizes.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Small footprint for saving space
  • Hygenic machine, lowers corrosion
  • Improved operating time

JOCHAMP Corrugated Tray Former

Corrugated tray formers, also known as tray erectors, are packaging machines that assemble various tray patterns and structures. A pallet or a paper magazine can be used to feed the tray formers. The sheet is unfolded when it enters the machine and emerges as a shaped, enclosed tray prepared for packing. It is a high speed, efficient machine that retains a steady production, allowing you to prevent unnecessary stops in the loading process and reduce operating costs.

Jochamp corrugated tray formers are dependable packaging machines that can operate around the clock, allowing you to maximize productivity, enhance efficiency, and remain competitive. If you’re interested, please contact us!

JCK-25P Corrugated Tray Former

The main function of this machine is to automatically put cardboard, and automatically fold the carton, form, spray glue, and glue the supporting equipment. By modifying the structure, it can be applied to more structured trays.

  • Using servo, the operation is more stable and the speed is faster;
  • This automatic box folding machine has casters and foot cups, which are easy to move and move;
  • This model adopts servo reclaiming, motor lifting and lowering rack, stable and reliable operation;
  • Simple operation, using PLC and man-machine interface, easy to use;
  • It is suitable for folding box forming of most e-commerce product cartons;


Machine ModelJCK-25PRemarks
Folding box speed15-25pcs/minaccording to box size
Applicable sizeL260-300*W150-250*H40-70mmForming size, non-standard customization
Power supply220V 50Hzoptional 380V
Air supply700NL / min 、 0.6-0.8Mpa
Table height800±50mmcan be customized upon request
Machine sizeL2350×W1100×H1500mmNon-standard customization is subject to actual
  • Using servo, the operation is more stable and the speed is faster;
  • This automatic box folding machine has casters and foot cups, which are easy to move and move;
  • This model adopts servo reclaiming, motor lifting and lowering rack, stable and reliable operation;
  • Simple operation, using PLC and man-machine interface, easy to use;
  • It is suitable for folding box forming of most e-commerce product cartons;

stainless steel frame

Heavy Duty Locking Casters

Alarm for too few case

Corrugated Tray Former Benefits

Reliable Performance
Reliable Performance

At Jochamp, we assure you of high-quality corrugated tray formers with reliable performance. Ensure productivity in the process.

Low Operating Cost
Low Operating Cost

These machines are power-saving and can help decrease massive costs related to energy expenses as well as labor hours.

Excellent Accuracy
Excellent Accuracy

Before shipment, we guarantee we check the high accuracy performance of every tray former. Your satisfaction is our goal.


We custom-built corrugated tray former according to your application needs. We make sure you receive a good-quality machine.

Delivers Up to 70 Trays for every Min

The ergonomic design of our tray former serves up class-leading efficiency at speeds of up to 70 trays per minute.

The fast and convenient features are perfect for the most demanding production systems, with a 5′ powered magazine and quick no-tool switchover. Like other machines, Jochamp corrugated tray formers are constructed in stainless steel and are available in both standard and tailored configurations.

Delivers Up to 70 Trays for every Min
Corrugated Tray Formers for Any Tray Sizes

Corrugated Tray Formers for Any Tray Sizes

Jochamp corrugated tray former is capable of creating a huge variety of corrugate tray types and configurations. It has a small footprint and is capable of gluing and folding any size of simple paperboard into premium cases.

We produce the most recent and cutting-edge adjustable corrugated tray formers. It guarantees a precise tray process at higher and lower mix volumes. These also can handle a variety of tray shapes, forms, and quantities.

Partner with Us!

Outstanding Quality – We get our own processing facility, and the mechanical design is molded using CNC machining principles to guarantee overall machine validity and mechanical performance.

After-Sale Support – We have established a strong after-sales service system. Any issues faced by customers will be documented in the customer service management system, ensuring that the issues can be found from the technical levels. We will react promptly with solutions.

Professional Group – Our engineering team is expert in mechanical design and testing. We ensure machine value and provide after-sales technical support. Our sales team is extremely professional, giving responsible technical advice before, during, and then after sales to make sure the good delivery of the machine into your hands.

Why Choose Jochamp Corrugated Tray Former

Why Choose Jochamp Corrugated Tray Former

For over 15 years, Jochamp has specialized in the manufacture of high-performance corrugated tray formers. We can also customize them to your exacting standards to meet your specific requirements. Our research and innovation facilities are set up to manufacture custom tray formers. We have a production plant of over 3000 sq m, which is sufficient for test execution.

All of the corrugated trays former comply with the SGS, CE, cGMP, and ISO standards. If you’re interested to avail of them, feel free to contact us!

Benefits in the Packaging Industry

Our corrugated tray formers come with heavy-duty designs and beneficial features, including:

  • A small footprint frees up space and facilitates integration.
  • The adaptable design makes changing tray size and style relatively easy and less expensive.
  • Rapid, no-tool changeover boosts efficiency and decreases downtime.
  • The use of stainless steel helps improve cleanability and excludes corrosion.
  • The simple loading of the high-capacity magazine decrease operator exhaustion and extends cycle time.
  • An advanced guard system ensures operators are protected while also allowing for maximum upkeep access.

With Jochamp support for your trays former requirements, rest assured all these benefits are accompanying the machine.

Construction Highlights

We made corrugated tray formers along with numerous highlight attributes, such as:

  • High-quality stainless steel assembly
  • Forming section with servo control
  • Ergonomic 5′ horizontal fueled hopper with a load height of 42″
  • Heavy load detection is built into the robotic drive system.
  • Adjustable crank stroke allows for the formation of 2″ to 8″ (50mm to 200mm) deep trays.
  • Hot melt glue system
  • PLC control system with touch screen HMI
  • The fully interconnected blocking guard set
  • Several alternatives are open upon request.

Custom Corrugated Tray Former for Your Applications

Retail Ready Packaging

Our corrugated tray former is great for keeping retail-ready packaging products. The exact tray former benefits the retailers and manufacturers get products to consumers faster. The machine erects easy-to-open cases and displays on a shelf to keep pouches, jars, or cans simple for customers to shop.


We can custom-made corrugated tray formers for erecting cartons suitable for keeping beverages and other related products. Most beverage-making industries preferred this machine to create accurate packaging tray sizes and configurations.

Consumer Products

There is a specific corrugated tray size and design for different consumer products, such as pouches, sachets, bottles, and more. Our custom corrugated tray formers can handle cases with hard designs for attractive display and branding. These machines are also used to make consistent case size.

Frozen Foods

The corrugated tray formers produce strong cases with uniform sizes for packing frozen foods. This machine decreases fiber while growing bundle strength. It is used to erect cardboards into high-impact packaging cases for product display appeal and effective branding.

Your Reliable Corrugated Tray Former Supplier

JOCHAMP Focuses on Producing Corrugated Tray Formers with Simple Operation yet High Packing Efficiency. We Offer a 1-Year Quality Guarantee & After-Sales Support.

  • “Jochamp’s corrugated tray formers are incredible! We tested them and found how they can effectively manage a wide range of products and precisely creates packaging trays.”

  • “My corrugated tray former requirements are created in accordance with my specifications. Jochamp, thank you so much! We hope to establish a long-term business partnership with you.”

  • “Thank you very much, Jochamp! Their custom corrugated tray formers have been extremely beneficial to my business. These tray formers can precisely make paperboards into attractive trays.  And apart from that, they are very simple to use and of high quality.”

Corrugated Tray Former: The Ultimate Guide

Corrugated tray former play an integral role in modern packaging systems. This guide will help you choose a perfect corrugated tray former for all your applications. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Corrugated Tray Former?

A corrugated tray former refers to a set of machines whose design and specifications allows for joining more than two trays.

Joining these trays can be in a single, triple or double continuous process.

Carton and box manufacturing industries are some of the familiar places where you can find this machine.

corrugated tray former

corrugated tray former

Function Of Corrugated Tray Former

The primary function of a corrugated tray former is to manufacture different types of corrugated trays for various functions.

These machines manufacture corrugated trays with unique features that facilitate their usage.

For instance, these corrugate trays are strong, allowing you to store heavy products.

They are also weather resistant which offers protection to your products.

Advantages Of Corrugated Tray Former

Using a corrugated tray former offers the following benefits:

  • High production output

Using a corrugated tray former results in high production output.

This is because there is minimal human intervention, and you can adjust the machine to a production output of your desire.

High production output is essential when you have a high demand requirement.

  • Enhances the production of quality trays

There are several stages of production of your corrugated trays. Some mechanisms detect fault trays and materials in each stage, thereby removing them from the production line.

Using these machines also removes the need for human interference in the production of your trays. Human interference can compromise the quality of your corrugated trays.

Another way of enhancing the quality of your corrugated trays when using this machine is by ensuring you have suitable raw materials.

Quality raw materials and the right production processes facilitate quality corrugated trays.

  • Reduces the operation cost of producing your trays

You have a low operation cost when using a corrugated tray former. For instance, you reduce the operational cost since you dont have to hire human resources.

There is also a low wastage of raw materials, reducing the purchase cost. This is due to setting the correct operating parameters for your machine.

Parts Of Corrugated Tray Former

A fully functional corrugated tray former has the following parts:

  • Headbox

A headbox consists of air which acts as a cushion for the operation of your machine. Controlling and stabilization of the pulping pressure takes place on the headbox.

Steaming of the pulp also takes place in the headbox of your machine. This helps in softening, thus facilitating further production.

  • Wire section

You have numerous wires and cables running through your corrugated tray former. Cables and wires facilitate the transmission of electricity to the different sections of your machine, facilitating its working.

  • Load system

A loading system helps apply pressure on the corrugated board to harden it.

A single machine can have various load systems depending on the strength you want for your corrugated trays.

  • Rollers

An ideal corrugated tray former consists of various rollers which facilitate its operation.

You have the upper corrugated roller, lower corrugated roller, pressure roller, glue, and wiper roller.

The upper roller holds the single upper layer of your tray cardboard. Its purpose is to facilitate easy binding of the upper tray layer to the lower layer.

A pressure roller exerts a force on the layers of your tray, giving its strength. You can vary the force by checking on the controls.

You also have a glue roller that binds your corrugated tray’s different layers.

This is done by spreading a layer of adhesive on the surface of the different layers of your corrugated tray.

Wiper roller cleans the different sections of your corrugated tray former. This prevents contamination while enhancing the quality of your trays.

  • Control system

A Control system consists of various controls that allow you to set the operational parameters for your machine.

These parameters include your machine’s speed, temperature, pressure, and loading quantity.

You also have the power button from where you switch your machine on and off.

How Corrugated Tray Former Works

The operational of your corrugated tray former depends on the functioning of its parts.

Introducing the raw material into the machine is the first step toward the production of your trays.

Raw materials are mainly pulp or fiber, which forms the corrugating medium and the liners. Corrugating medium has a wave-like pattern while the liners form the outer part of your corrugated trays.

After introducing your pulp, it flows to the heating chamber. Heating softens the pulp, making it easier to join the liners.

Liners flow to the machine through the corrugated rollers. You have the upper and lower corrugated rollers, each with a specific task.

Upper corrugated rollers hold the upper liner, while the lower corrugated rollers hold the lower liner.

The glue roller facilitates the spreading of an adhesive on the surface of the liners in preparation for the corrugating medium.

The glue roller then spreads the corrugating medium on the surface of your lower liner, leaving a wave-like pattern.

Attaching the corrugated medium to the liners is the next step.

This happens by pressing the corrugated medium on the liners using the pressure rollers.

Pressing allows the medium to attach firmly to the liners, giving stability to your tray.

Your trays then move to the cutting section. It is here where trimming as per your dimensions takes place.

Tray Erector Machine Vs. Corrugated Tray Former

A tray erector machine manufactures trays that are lightweight compared to corrugated trays.

Using a tray erector machine is limited to applications that are not heavy.

 tray erector machine

tray erector machine

Your corrugated tray former fabricates a strong and durable tray ideal for various uses.

There are parts of a corrugated tray machine that are not present in a tray erector machine.

These parts facilitate the production of corrugated trays, which differ from standard trays.

Such parts include the glue and pressure roller. A pressure roller helps in binding the liners and the corrugating films.

corrugated tray former

corrugated tray former

Features To Look For In Corrugated Tray Former

Vital features to check in your corrugated tray former include:

  • Pressure rate

Pressure is an essential element in the formation of your corrugated trays. Pressing your liners bind the corrugated film making your tray

You, therefore, have to check the pressure limit of a particular corrugated machine before purchasing it.

  • Production capacity

Corrugated trays have different production capacities. These capacities are vital, especially when you have an output demand.

Selecting a machine that suits your output demand can reduce your operating cost.

The production capacity should consider the present and future output requirements.

  • Corrugated tray former.

Corrugated tray former is available in different types. For instance, you have an automatic and semi-automatic corrugated tray former.

An automatic corrugated tray former usually costs less than an automatic machine.

However, you will incur additional costs for a semi-automatic operation than operating an automatic corrugated tray former.

You also have to consider the state of your corrugated tray former. A brand new tray former is expensive compared to a second-hand corrugated tray former.

  • Cost of a corrugated tray former

Budgeting for a suitable corrugated tray former is critical since it forms the basis of your selection. The cost of machine should be friendly and have a low operational cost.

A new corrugated tray former is pricier than a second-hand corrugated tray former.

However, the overheads for a second-hand tray former can increase the overall cost, making it more expensive than a new corrugated tray former.

  • Availability of spare parts

The availability of the corrugated tray former’s spare parts guarantees continuous production in case of any malfunctioning of the different parts.

You can inquire from your manufacturer before purchasing your machine

Corrugated Tray Former Vs. Case Erectors

Both of these machines rely on paper and pulp to manufacture their products.

However, a corrugated tray former manufactures corrugated trays while case erectors produce cases.

 case erectors

case erectors

Types Of Corrugated Tray Former

The main types of corrugated trays former are:

  • Fully automatic corrugated tray former

An automatic corrugated tray former features a unique user interface allowing you to control most operations.

This machine requires minimal human interference since most of its operations are automated.

It does this by letting you set the operating parameters on the interface.

The machine can only stop operating if there is a troubleshooting requirement or you have put it off.

This type of machine’s advantage is its cost-effective measure and high production output.

Minimal machine downtime means maximizing your output while reducing the human resource cost.

  • Fully Manual Corrugated Tray Former

A fully manual corrugated tray former allows you to control all its operations. It depends on the human resource factor to maximize its output.

This machine features a low purchasing cost but a high operational cost.

It depends on the human resource factor that negatively impacts the quality of your corrugated trays.

Machine downtime is high with this type which lowers its production output level. You, therefore, can use this machine if you have a low output requirement.

  • Semi-automatic Corrugated Tray Former

A semi-automatic corrugated tray former combines the operation of automatic and manual corrugated tray formers.

Combining these features allows for an average output production of your corrugated trays.

You spend less when purchasing this machine than a fully automatic corrugated machine. However, its efficiency is lower compared to an automatic machine.

Before selecting a particular corrugate tray former, you must consider cost, production output, and efficiency.

These aspects can facilitate the production requirements.

Corrugated Tray Former Maintenance Process

Maintaining your corrugated tray former enhances its productivity. There are different aspects that you should consider during the maintenance period.

The following are ways of maintaining your corrugated tray former:

  • Lubricating the rollers

The rollers play a vital part in the production of your corrugated trays. Lubricating them minimize friction which can cause wear and tear to your machine.

Adequate lubrication of these rollers extends the lifespan of your machine while reducing your maintenance cost.

You need to use the recommended lubricant by your manufacturer for optimum results.

  • Regular cleaning of your corrugated tray former

Cleaning removes unwanted particles from interfering with the production process. This is common sense pulp, and the corrugating film gets stuck along the production line.

Removing these particles facilitates the production process while minimizing the chances of your machine breaking down. Remember to clean using your manufacturer’s procedure.

  • Replacing worn-out parts of your corrugated tray former

Worn-out parts slow the production process or result in poor-quality corrugated trays. Therefore, you must replace worn-out parts to enhance your production frequently.

You must use spare parts from your manufacturer or recommended dealers. This guarantees the compatibility and durability of your machine.

  • Checking on the pressure unit

The pressure unit facilitates the functioning of your pressure roller. You have to ensure it is working correctly at the right pressure levels.

Having the correct pressure unit guarantees the optimum functioning of your corrugated tray-forming machine.

Corrugated Tray Forming Machine Vs. Carton Forming Machine

The main difference between a corrugated tray forming machine and a carton forming machine is in the type of product they produce.

A corrugated tray is durable and has high stability than cartons.

Both corrugated tray forming machines and carton forming machines utilize the same raw materials. These materials are mainly pulp and paper.

However, a corrugated tray forming machine has extra components that facilitate the corrugated trays’ production.

carton forming machine

carton forming machine

For instance, you have pressure rollers that are not present in a carton-forming machine.

You have to spend more when purchasing a corrugated tray forming machine than purchasing a carton forming machine.

The high price is due to the quality and durable product offered by a corrugated tray.

Applications Of Corrugated Tray Former

Corrugated tray former has various applications in different industries. For instance, you expect this machine in the shipping industry.

Such a machine produces trays for storing goods for shipping. This is due to the strength and weather-resistant features of these trays.

You also expect this machine in the cosmetics industry. Corrugated trays produced here facilitate your products’ storage while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

The medical field is another area where you can use these machines.

You use these corrugated trays here to store medicinal products and equipment which require special handling.

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