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Jochamp manufacture reliable quality and high-speed cookie packing machine. These machines are thoroughly manufactured, checked, and inspected to meet industry standards. It offers efficient operation, improved sales and production. Message us now!

  • Specially designed for the food industry
  • Stable performance and low operation
  • Easy operating and maintenance.
  • CE, SGS, and cGMP approved

JOCHAMP Cookie Packing Machine

Jochamp cookie packing machine packaged delicious cookies securely and reliably. It is servo operated, which makes operation and commissioning much easier. The control system on this machine is an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer). It has a modularized architecture for great compatibility. The packaging solution allows quick retooling for various packaging formats. Jochamp is dedicated to delicate product handling so that your clients have a delicious and visually eye-catching experience with your cookies.

Being a reliable supplier in China, we will recommend the best and right packaging machine model according to your product size and characteristics. You can choose the machine based on the type of placement including box motion end sealing, rotary end sealing, bottom film loader, top film loader, etc. Various kinds of in-feed conveyors to suit your need such as feeding-on-film type, belt type, chain type, and more. Custom the right machine for efficient production and output.

For more details, please contact us immediately.

Custom Cookie Packing Machine

Our cookie packing machine can handle various types of packing material such as PVDC/PVC OPP, PT/PE, KOP/CPP, OPP/CPP, etc. It provides 30-100bags/min. packing speed or customized. Utilized for packing different regular and trayless products on edge such as:

  • Sandwich cookies
  • Square cookies
  • Round cookies
  • Bar cookies, etc.

Whether you invest in an automatic packaging system or a customized packaging machine, we will help you in the entire process.

cookie packing machine
cookie packing machine

Cookie Packing Machine Features

  • Compact structure, stable performance
  • Double frequency converter controller that can save time and film.
  • Adopt imported electric appliances and parts
  • Touch-screen interface, simple operation
  • Simple parameter settings, easy to adjust
  • Self-checking feature; easy to read trouble.
  • High-resolution photoelectric color chart tracking improves cutting accuracy
  • Clean rotation system for more dependable operation and maintenance.
  • The software controls everything, making it easy to alter functions and upgrade technology.
cookie packing machine supplier
Customized Cookie Packing Machine for Your Business

Leading manufacturer of the packaging line for more than 15 years. Rich experience, advanced production line, and technology to support your needs. Serves thousands of clients worldwide and gain a good reputation. Be one of our satisfied customers!

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