JOCHAMP Chicken Packing Machine

Jochamp is a professional manufacturer of a chicken packaging machine that can pack chicken products safely –protected against contamination and bacteria.

  • Comes with fully automated alarming capabilities
  • Made with high-quality, high-performance components
  • Can be tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Multi-function, long-lifespan machines

Custom Chicken Packing Machine Factory - Jochamp

Chicken packing machine is one of the poultry processing equipment. These are automated machines intended for chicken products, whether fresh or frozen. Our chicken packing machine is customizable in accordance with your ideal sizes, packing capacity, speed, and more specifications.

At Jochamp, we professionally manufacture chicken packing machines intended for industries such as poultry, food industry, and more. We have an R&D team that can configure your nut packing machine to your specifications. All of our machines are guaranteed to be certified by cGMP, ISO9001, SGS, CE, and other organizations. To ensure quality, each machine is examined with our innovative testing equipment. For custom chicken packing machine orders, please contact us!

Working Process of Chicken Packing Machine

Chicken product is put into the groove – Packaging film pulling – Packing bag forming – Bag kneading temperature setting –Touch screen set parameters – Sealing bag – Chicken product labeling and final touch.

Jochamp chicken packing machines are widely used in the chicken industry, like case packers, pallet hooders, palletizers, poultry, and so on. If you’re part of the industry, welcome to order from Jochamp for your required packaging machines!

Standard and Custom Chicken Packing Machines

Standard and Custom Chicken Packing Machines

Based on your needs, Jochamp can provide standard and customized chicken packing machines. We can offer free design to help your new business but can also design your own ideas. Customization will be based on your ideal machine capacity, speed, or performance.

Jochamp supplies a wide range of standard and custom machines to meet all your versatility and profitability requirements.  We can also provide a stretch hooder or a stretch wrapper material for wrapping chicken products.

Leading Chicken Packing Machine Supplier in China
Leading Chicken Packing Machine Supplier in China

Check out Jochamp’s most popular chicken packing machines. We are the only company in China that can supply high-quality machines for all packing applications. Jochamp is a reliable one-stop chicken packing machine manufacturer.

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