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JOCHAMP expertly manufactures case-forming machines that are in demand for most packaging industries. We designed them to form various case packaging sizes that suit specific products. As your business supplier, we ensure extended machine advantages for your distribution and packaging operations.

  • Helps decrease staff hours
  • Well-established structure and components
  • Customizable designs and sizes
  • Provides accurate packaging

JOCHAMP Case Forming Machine

Case forming machines, widely known as case erectors, are valuable tools that relieve workers of arduous chores like folding and creating cardboard packaging. Whether your cases composes of cardboard boxes or another packaging material type, a case former will save you hours of manual labor. Which typically required pre-form and taping the cases before hand-packing the products. 

In addition, the case-forming machine assures a greater output, simplicity of maintenance, and more straightforward operation. It also provides the most appropriate size for binding. Therefore, case erectors or case forming machines are suitable for use in various sectors, such as those that produce hardbound books and clipboards and duplex boards for pasting and pressing.

The packaging solution case forming machine is available in a wide variety of different configurations. It is crucial to have a concrete machine’s functions and capabilities to understand which ones will be packing process appropriate. Get in touch with us to establish which sort of case-forming equipment will best suit your needs.

Case Forming Machine Advantages


Using case-forming machines than hand-form cases indeed increases productivity and efficiency. The workers can only form about three cases per minute, while the device can erect boxes with about ten cases. The workers can use the extra time for other factory operations.


The working case-forming machines reduce human involvement with the packaging. That means there is a decrease in repetitive strains or risk of injuries. Moreover, the mentioned machines are easy and safer to operate. JOCHAMP made them with manuals and directions.


Forming cases using advanced machines achieves consistent results. It helps prevent sloppy erecting outcomes. Having consistent box sizes and forms can reduce shipping damages. The exact form of boxes can endure heavier weight than unformed product cases. 

Reduce Inventory
Reduce Inventory

Utilizing case-forming equipment reduces inventory waste. Organizing empty boxes save the floor, walk space, and even storage factory spaces. The workers will never get tired of finding areas for the unused boxes for packaging. JOCHAMP provides the suitable one.

Typical Case Forming Challenges

The following are some typical factors to be aware of when facing forming cases inconsistency.

  • Corrugated Material Quality: The properties of your preferred materials, including the age, type, and composition, affect case forming operations. The better the packaging and accuracy, the better the outcome will be.
  • Case Designs & Features: Case structural designs is crucial for the case packaging efficiency and delivery. It is recommended to check the box design elements and if they can endure the packaging processes.
  • Weather Conditions: The weather condition also affects the performance and quality of materials in forming processes. Examples are: in dry weather, the corrugated materials become more rigid and coarse, while in wet conditions, they become soft.

Consulting the packaging specialists is advisable to ensure excellent packaging results. Don’t hesitate to contact us right here!

Case Forming Machine

Case Forming Machine Reliability

The case erectors improve the case forming machine reliability. The following are the utilized technology to achieve seamless, efficient, and continuous processes.

  • Servo Sensors: It helps ensure all steps are entirely done before moving on. This sensor is adjustable, depending on various case forms.
  • Case Separation Control: This function ensures that every case is separated before being erected. It helps the case be arranged in a required position for forming, resulting in box consistency.
  • Pin-and-Dome System: It is applicable when cases are ready to form. This system erects the boxes even if they are wet, dusty, or on uneven surfaces.
  • Hot Melt System: This is the solution for forming case parts reliable bonds. It utilizes compression with hot glue to make the bond. This system results in a stronger bond that everybody desires.

How to Choose Suitable Case Former?

JOCHAMP customizes various designs and capacities of case-forming equipment. To help you decide which types are suitable for your factories, consider the following factors. You need to know:

  • The required case material. It may be hard or soft.
  • Preferred corrugated paper types
  • Brown corrugated paper number of layer
  • Carton boxes sizes
  • Required open speed
  • Adhesive tape measurements
  • Industry applications
  • Needed core components
  • Case forming machine desired process directions

We have a professional design team to customize your desired case-forming equipment. 

Case Forming Machine

Customize Your Case Forming Machine with JOCHAMP

Highlight Production Efficiency

JOCHAMP, a company that has years of expertise in the industry, is in the business of making and providing case-forming equipment. Our staff assures outstanding quality control by employing only raw materials of the highest possible quality and the most cutting-edge technology available.

Because of the one-of-a-kind layout of our case-forming machines, we can overcome case variances and prevent jams, allowing your line to remain operational. Because of its uncomplicated design, the device is user-friendly and capable of swift transitions. It always results in square packaging. The safe operation of our machinery is possible through features such as ergonomic magazine loading and safety curtains and shields.

No one can compete with JOCHAMP. Because of our packaging understanding and solution-driven equipment, we are the leaders in this business. The availability of our technical assistance and our best-in-class guarantee will assist in getting your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Please send us an email right this minute!

JOCHAMP - Your Expert Manufacturer in China

Case Forming Machine

JOCHAMP manufacturers case forming equipment with various designs and types to suit specific usages. The following defines some of them.

  • Automatic Case Forming Machine: You will be able to increase productivity while also reducing the amount of maintenance needed. The machine allows for quick and simple alterations to the case sizes.
  • Semi-automatic Case Forming Machine: Manual case packing lines are the best candidates for semiautomatic case formers. The case pre-forming process o for hand packing will become more efficient due to this equipment.
  • Forming Products & Materials: They come with tape, adhesives, box materials, and anything required to keep the packing business going optimally.
Case Forming Machine

Packaging plants face several challenges in today’s fast-paced economy, including tight production deadlines and shipment timelines. 

  • Case erectors that do not jam and result in downtime 
  • Machines that make cases that are consistently square and have perfect angle integrity of ninety degrees
  • Better packing, stacking, and palletizing of the issues.
  • Keeping the throughput and transportation flow steady while guaranteeing that no damaged items in transit

Each case-forming machine’s components work together to manufacture solid, square cases without jamming. It results in preventing the machine jams that can occur at the transition points of the machine. 

Why Choose JOCHAMP Services

Our Company

JOCHAMP company is your well-established company specializing in manufacturing various advanced packing machines, including the case-forming equipment. We have 15 years of experience in the manufacturing field. Moreover, we have 100 skilled workers and ten professional mechanical engineers, providing more than 50 sets of packaging machines.

Assurance Quality

As your professional manufacturer, we provide our customers with a two-year warranty. JOCHAMP has passed multiple patent certifications, including Design Patent, Utility Model Patent, and Inventor’s Patent Right Certifications. We also adhere to SGS and CE certification standards. According to the machine quality, we also provide lifetime after-sale service.

After-Sale Service

JOCHAMP has a responsible customer assistance department that guides our customers at each machinery project stage. Our team is always ready to accommodate and serve our clients worldwide. We provide services, such as machine installation, commissioning, maintenance, and spare parts supplying. JOCHAMP assures satisfying responses and services. 

The JOCHAMP state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities occupy more than 3000 square meters. We organize each manufacturing equipment we use in our facilities. Our production processes are done smoothly with our professional workers and engineers. We make sure of the complete materials and safe storage facilities.

Case Forming Machine Supplier
Your Trusted Case Forming Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP is your one-stop case-forming machine provider based in China. We supply more than a thousand high-tech packaging machines globally. As professional suppliers, we ensure firm transport machine packaging during shipment. Trust our machine qualities and satisfying services. Let’s talk about your business improvement now!

  • “JOCHAMP is committed to delivering superior customer service and a personalized, one-on-one experience. They supply our business with our go-to functional case-making machine, which lives up to and above our expectations. We appreciate your willingness to accommodate the alterations we requested to the packing equipment.”

  • “Thank you, JOCHAMP, for meeting our requests on time and contributing to expanding our company’s sales by employing your dependable case-making machinery. We greatly appreciate it.” We urge you to get started with JOCHAMP as soon as possible in your business endeavors!”

  • “We agree that JOCHAMP stands out from its competitors due to the thorough attention to detail and the vast packaging alternatives it provides. Our purchase case-forming machine ensures that we provide our clients with the highest possible quality products. As a result, a significant number of clients choose to invest in our business.”

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