Carrot Packing Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp is an accredited producer of high-quality carrot packing machines with 15 years of expertise. We can tailor them to your specifications in order to meet your specific needs.

  • Smooth operation, user-friendly
  • SGS and CE-certified machine
  • Comes with 1-year quality guarantee
  • Used in the agricultural field, food industry, etc

Custom Carrot Packing Machine Factory in China – Jochamp

Carrot packing machine is commonly used to pack carrots in plastic bags or cartons. This helps the carrot preserves its freshness and its quality during transportation.

In Jochamp, all types of carrot packing machines we offer are made in accordance with the GMP hygienic standards. Then this way you rest assured, that you will receive machines that ensure food safety. We also construct the machine using corrosion-resistant 316 and 304 stainless steel grades.

We also offer customization services at competitive pricing! Feel free to message us.

How Carrot Packing Machine Works?

Carrot packing machines are a great addition to your vegetable packaging line. The machine delivers turn-key carrot processing solutions – from receiving to dissemination. It packs and seals carrots safely into plastic bags and cartons.

All of our carrot packing machines are of superior European quality, made entirely of food-grade materials, and are extremely affordable.

Custom-Made Carrot Packing Machines

At Jochamp, we team up with our customers in order to understand their unique requirements and to provide carrot packaging machines designed sufficiently for your price limit and production capabilities. Our custom-made machines are all custom-made to meet your specific needs and can be easily expanded in the future with new machines to match your operations, whether small, medium, or large.

Outstanding Carrot Packing Machine Supplier in China
Outstanding Carrot Packing Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp supplies high-speed carrot packing machines for dependable and high-quality packing. These are CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP-approved machines that can boost your sales and output. A low-cost solution for your company!

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