Card Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP designs high-speed and reliable operation card packing machines. It can pack cards up to 20,000 per hour or adjustable to meet your packing requirements. This machine is integrated with an advanced packing system, continuous motion, and ultra-sonic sealing.

  • Multi-functional and high-accuracy machines
  • Cost-effective packaging solution
  • Durable and reliable function for many hours
  • Designed according to your needs

Custom Card Packing Machine

JOCHAMP card packing machine is a high-speed and automated machine that can pack various card products such as paper cards, PVC, and PE cards. It adopts feeding, cutting, heat sealing, finished product conveying, variable frequency speed control, color touch screen, etc. For quality control, this machine is integrated with inspection devices to detect consecutive card numbers, double cards, card number data records, etc. Our machine can be modified within certain constraints to meet your needs.

Jochamp can manufacture the right machine for your applications. These machines are assembled from high-quality parts and components. We follow strict quality control and comply with various international standards such as CE, SGS, cGMP, ISO, and more. With a skilled and professional designer and engineering team, you can assure well-manufactured and functional machines for your packing requirements here. Please contact us immediately!

Types of Card Packing Machine

The 3-side Sealing Cartoning Machine for Card is a specialized packaging equipment designed to use single-piece formable cartons for packing cards. This packaging method is particularly suitable for cards that require relatively tight and secure packaging.

By utilizing formable cartons, the machine ensures that the cards are snugly held in place, reducing the risk of movement or damage during transportation and handling.

The 3-side sealing feature of the cartoning machine provides a tight and secure seal around the cards, offering enhanced protection and tamper-evident packaging.

This packaging solution is ideal for various types of cards, such as playing cards, gift cards, or other similar items that need to be securely packaged in a professional and presentable manner.

The 3-side Sealing Cartoning Machine for Card streamlines the packaging process, optimizing efficiency and reducing manual labor. Its precision and reliability make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their card packaging operations and deliver high-quality, well-protected cards to customers.

The Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine for Card is a specialized packaging equipment commonly employed for bank cards, SIM cards, recharge cards, and similar items that require single-packaging.

This advanced machine utilizes ultrasonic sealing technology to effectively seal all four sides of the plastic package, ensuring a secure and tamper-proof closure. The ultrasonic sealing process generates high-frequency vibrations, which create a strong bond between the plastic materials, ensuring reliable and durable seals.

With its precise sealing capabilities, the Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine ensures that the cards are protected from external elements, such as moisture and dust, maintaining the integrity of the cards during storage and transportation.

This equipment is widely used in the card manufacturing industry, providing a fast and efficient packaging solution for individual card units.

The Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine for Card optimizes the packaging process, offering a professional and reliable packaging solution that enhances product presentation and ensures the cards reach customers in pristine condition.

The Flow Wrap Machine with Card Issuer for Card is an advanced packaging equipment that combines a card issuer system with a flow wrapper system. This integration allows the machine to handle both single and multiple card packaging seamlessly.

By incorporating the card issuer system, the equipment can efficiently dispense and insert cards into the flow wrapper, streamlining the packaging process and ensuring precise card placement.

With its precise control capabilities, the machine operates at an impressive maximum speed of up to 350 products per minute (PPM). This high-speed operation significantly boosts production output, making it an ideal choice for large-scale card manufacturers and businesses with high-volume packaging needs.

The Flow Wrap Machine with Card Issuer for Card optimizes packaging efficiency, reduces manual labor, and delivers neatly packaged cards. Its versatility and high-speed performance make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their card packaging operations and meet demanding production requirements.

Why Choose Jochamp Card Packing Machine For Your Business

  • High productivity and increased sales
  • Energy-efficient machine
  • Automatic and high-output
  • Strong and corrosion-resistance steel construction
  • Reduced labor and production cost
  • Low noise operation
  • Save a lot of packaging materials
  • Easy-to-operate touch panel control/ no need for personal training

Card Packing Machine Integration

  • High-speed perfect ultra-sonic sealing
  • Custom pattern at the sealing edge
  • Servo motor stepless control stroke
  • Pack large quantity of cards in 1 hour
  • Equipped with PLC control
  • With a split design to facilitate transportation
  • Designed with an optional film folding module and printer/applicator
  • Integrated with various inspection devices
  • Suitable for thickness as thin as 0.3mm cards
Skyrocket Your Business with JOCHAMP Card Packing Machine

Our machine guarantees to improve your business productivity and efficiency. Jochamp offers one-year quality assurance, 24/7 fast response, and excellent after-sales services. Message us!

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