Caramel Wrapping Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Caramel Wrapping Machine – The Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for any information on caramel wrapping machine, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to learn about components, working principle, features, or application – this guide will help you choose high quality machine.

Components Of A Caramel Wrapping Machine

A caramel wrapping machine has several parts that make it efficient.

figure 1 caramel wrapping machine

Caramel Wrapping Machine

The parts that you will find in a caramel wrapping machine include the following:

Control Panel

The control panel is a component that contain both the HMI [human-machine interface] and PLC [programmable logic controller].

It will help you control and monitor the caramel wrapping process from one station.

Feeder Unit

A feeder unit will relay wrapping film and caramel products into the caramel wrapping machine.


When operating a caramel wrapping machine, safety is important.

Both the workers and the products need to be safe during the caramel wrapping process. Sensors will detect and stop any malfunctions that might be hazardous.

Lubrication System


A caramel wrapping machine has several moving parts. These parts need to move efficiently with less friction.

Excess friction makes these parts wear off. A lubrication system minimizes wear and tear of moving parts by lowering friction.

Wrapping Unit

This component ensures the caramel wrapping process is flexible. Besides, this flexibility will ensure the caramel wrapping process happens safely. The wrapping unit contains wrapping disks and pistons which help in this process.

Printing Unit

When you wrap caramel, you need to ensure the wrap has information that your client can read.

This information helps your customers find information about your product. The printing unit will imprint vital information on the wrapping paper.

Distribution System

This system contains components that move parts within the caramel wrapping machine. These include motors, gears, and the transport unit.

figure 2 caramel wrapping machine components

Caramel Wrapping Machine Components

How A Caramel Wrapping Machine Operates

Here are the steps as to how a caramel wrapping machine operates:

Step 1: Preparation

In this step, ensure the caramel wrapping machine is in a suitable working condition. Afterward, connect it to the caramel processing machine.

This is to ensure the caramel wrapping machine continually receives caramel products.

Step 2: Feeding

This step entails adding caramel to the caramel wrapping machine. You should ensure to include the wrapping film and the caramel products before starting the machine.

Step 3: Wrapping

Once the machine starts operating, the hopper will feed caramel products into the wrapping area.

Concurrently, the machine also feeds the wrapping film to the wrapping area. Caramel products move with the aid of transport units from one region to another.

The caramel wrapping machine will wrap caramel products as it feeds and accurately cuts the wrapping material. Also, the machine binds the wrapping material before cutting to ensure an airtight package.

The machine can use heat, glue, or friction to form an airtight seal. Besides, automatic caramel wrapping machines with printers will imprint vital information on the wrapping materials.

Step 4: Discharge

After a successful wrapping process, the caramel products exit the caramel wrapping machine.

They proceed to another production process for storage or additional processing.

Wrapping Materials to Use in Caramel Wrapping Machine

A caramel wrapping machine is able to wrap caramel products with film wraps made from different substances.

These materials ensure your caramel products are contamination free. The materials ensure the caramel products remain fresh and airtight even as it reaches your customers.

Also, the materials have to withstand some form of pressure and tear during the handling stages. Wrapping materials you can use with a caramel wrapping machine include the following:

  • Cellophane
  • Polyester film
  • Composite film
  • Cast Polypropylene
  • Wax paper
  • Polyvinyl Chloride film
  • Poly Lactic Acid
  • Cast Polypropylene

Machines to Integrate with Caramel Wrapping Machine

It is possible to use a caramel wrapping machine with other support equipment in the production line.

These machines ensure you have a seamless production process.

Also, you can handle all the caramel processing needs under one roof.

Examples of machines you can use with a caramel wrapping machine include:

  • Caramel making machine
  • Counting machine
  • Packaging machine
  • Sorting machine

Troubleshooting A Caramel Wrapping Machine

It is important to understand how a caramel wrapping machine operates. This will help you troubleshoot it whenever problems arise.

Troubleshooting a caramel wrapping machine ensures that you experience no delays during the wrapping process.

Here are some problems and solutions to common issues you can encounter with a caramel wrapping machine:

Pulling Wrapping Film Via Forming Tubes

This problem is due to the following:

  1. The collar and the setup parts are not aligned
  2. Friction within the film coefficient
  3. The splice tape sticking to the collar

Solve this issue by cleaning the caramel wrapping machine.

Also, ensure you align the forming collars and the setup.

These solutions will inhibit the sticking of the splice tape.

Misaligned Wrapping Film

Inspect the following elements when troubleshooting this issue:

  1. Winding of the roll
  2. Alignment of the belts and tubes
  3. A loose wrapping film
  4. The wrapping material being off center the spindle

Solve this by replacing or fixing problematic wrapping films.

Also, you can align the belts of the caramel wrapping machine.

Wrapping Material Creasing

This happens due to the following:

  1. Setup rollers that are not adjusted properly
  2. Rollers getting contamination from the film material
  3. A forming collar that is not aligned, has an obstruction, or is worn out

Solve this by replacing, properly adjusting, or correctly placing the forming collar.

Improper Winding of Wrapping Material

This happens due to the following:

  1. A degree of friction on the film
  2. Tube alignment incorrectly forming
  3. The belts experiencing high levels of pressure

To solve these issues, you can adjust, clean, or replace the belts.

Wrapping Film Incorrectly Tracking

This happens due to the following:

  1. Spindles that are not tightly set
  2. Wrapping film on incorrect thread carriages
  3. Film rolls that are off-center the spindles

Solve this by tightening or aligning the wrapping film and spindle.

Also, use wrapping films with appropriate threading.

The Wrapping Film Belt Fails to Move

To solve this issue, inspect the following elements:

  1. Drive shaft bearing
  2. Tightness of belts
  3. Drive couplings
  4. Gearboxes
  5. Cables of the feed motor

Alter the gearboxes, bearings, or drive cables to solve this problem.

Inconsistent Package Size

Some possible causes include:

  1. The wrapping film experiencing bad threading
  2. A feed belt that is dirty
  3. The wrapping feed belts experiencing incorrect tension

Solve this by cleaning the wrapping feed belt and replacing wrapping film with the correct threading materials.

Lastly, adjust the tension on the feed belts.

Quality Standards A Caramel Wrapping Machine Should Comply With

A caramel wrapping machine should comply with quality standards to ensure they are safe to handle products for human consumption.

Look out for the following quality standards:

  • FDA standard of quality
  • CE standard of quality
  • SGS quality standard
  • PAD standard of quality
  • MSD standard of quality
  • CO mark of quality
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility [EMC] quality standard

How to Maintain A Caramel Wrapping Machine

Properly maintaining a caramel wrapping machine ensures that it performs efficiently at all times.

Some maintenance practices include the following:

  • Using a wet piece of cloth, you will clean the external components of the caramel wrapping machine
  • Employ compressed air to eliminate materials in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Remove wrapping materials sticking on the machine
  • Ensure you perform regular inspection
  • Replace or repair worn-out elements
  • Lubricate all moving parts to minimize the rate of wear and tear
  • Ensure all electrical components are safe and secure

Caramel Wrapping Machine Sealing Techniques

A caramel wrapping machine can seal the wrapping film using different methodologies.

These include:


This process uses glue substance to join two separate surfaces.

Besides, the glue is food safe and will not produce volatile organic compounds.


Also known as thermal sealing, heat sealing is a common sealing method.

It employs heat to join two parts of a wrapping film.

When you apply heat, it will melt the glue on the surfaces then bind them.

Some categories of heat sealing you can use are:

  1. Hot-wire welding
  2. Impulse welding
  3. Induction heat sealing
  4. Continuous heat sealing
  5. Hot-bar heat sealing


This entails employing an ultrasonic technique to seal the wrapping materials.

It uses less energy than its heat-sealing counterpart. Additionally, it uses less film since the seals are narrow.

figure 3 caramel wrapping and sealing machine

Caramel Wrapping and Sealing Machine

Suitable Materials For The Construction Of A Caramel Wrapping Machine

Since the caramel wrapping machine gets into contact with food items, the parts need to be hygienic.

Stainless steel is a suitable material for constructing a caramel wrapping machine.

stainless steel

This is because stainless steel offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Rust resistant
  • Fire and heat resistant
  • Aesthetic appearance

Considerations When Selecting A Caramel Wrapping Machine

When selecting a caramel wrapping machine, consider the technical and operational aspects.

These include aspects such as:

  • Configuration
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Production output
  • Maintenance
  • Quality standards
  • Operational flexibility

Benefits Of Using A Caramel Wrapping Machine

Some advantages of using caramel wrapping machines include:

More Output

It is possible to connect a caramel wrapping machine with some auxiliary equipment within your caramel production line. This will increase your output levels more than when operating manually.


Since the machine does the wrapping, the caramel products remain hygienic. There is no contact between the operators and the caramel products.


It may be expensive to purchase a high-tech caramel wrapping machine. However, it will save you a lot of money as time goes by.

This is because it has advantageous features such as no caramel, no wrap. It will also operate for a long time with minimal human intervention.


Automatic caramel wrapping machines will wrap several caramel products per unit of time. This means you will meet your client and customer needs within a short time.

Appealing Caramel Products

A caramel wrapping machine produces an appealing caramel wrap. This makes your caramel products appeal to your potential customers by standing out from the competition.


A caramel wrapping machine will enhance the safety of your operators. Also, with automatic versions, it will stop the wrapping process should it detect malfunctions.


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