Here we give the calculation method:

Bag size = product length + product height + 30mm end seal width.

Film width=(product width+product height)*2+30mm fin sealing width.

Let’s take bread as an example.

How to Calculate Bag Size and Film Width for a Product

Bread size: length 150mm, width 80mm, height 40mm.

The applicable bag length is 220mm, (150mm+40mm+30mm=220mm)

The suitable film width should be 270mm, [(80+40)*2+30mm=270mm]

For some cone-shaped products, such as cupcakes or muffins, the calculation method is similar to the above but slightly different. We know that the bottom surface of the cupcake product is small and the surface is large. The film width is smaller than calculated by the first method. So you need to subtract the length. We recommend taking product samples for inspection.

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