Butter Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp professionally manufactures a series of butter packing machines suitable for your production facilities and business. We design them with multifunctional components, enhancing production efficiency.

  • Accommodates a wide range of packaging sizes
  • Applicable for various products
  • Come with adjustable handles
  • Precisely pack the butter
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JOCHAMP Butter Packing Machine

The butter packing machines are advanced machines designed to fill, wrap, and pack butter or margarine products. They are packed into aluminum foil, ecoline, parchment paper, or your desired packaging. These packing machines come in different systems, providing case packaging, pallet wrapping, and palletizing solutions. 

Jochamp provides an automated packing machine for your butter products. As your expert manufacturer, we customize standard features into robotic mechanical systems. Plus, We also offer palletizing setup with flexibility and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

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Benefits of Using Butter Packing Machine

Jochamp offers high-tech packing machines for butter, providing numerous advantages for your dairy production projects and experience. Consider the following:

  • Wide Option Of Brick Shape & Sizes: Custom packing machines fill and wrap semi-round and rectangular brick shapes with folding bottom or long side. That achieves consistent packaging for specific sizes. 
  • Accurate Dosing: The butter packing machines come with measuring components and accurately dose and fill the created bricks without leakage.
  • Easy to Maintain and Operate: With well-established technical design and rigid structure, machine parts are easy to maintain. We made them with PLC controls with ease of touch and operation.

Involved Packaging Machines for Butter Products

Numerous butter packing machine types are available and open for customization to suit your production requirements. Below are some butter packaging solutions.

  • Dosing & Wrapping: This machine features great versatility when it comes to shape and pack weight. It produces and packs various required types and sizes of butter packaging.
  • Filling & Sealing: This machine has reliable, compact, and versatile features, used for filling and sealing containers or any packaging with 125g to 1000g weight ranges.
  • Bulk Filling: The machines applicable for bulky or large butter packing sizes are also involved and available. 
Your Trusted Butter Packing Machine Supplier

Being the trusted supplier in the packing machine industry, Jochamp accommodates the needs and high demands of our valued customers. Our high-quality and cost-efficient butter packing machine will guarantee that you will obtain greater profits. Connect with our team now!

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