Bread Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp manufactures the right packing machine for various bakery products. Easy to operate, low maintenance, and can perform accurate packaging works across various spectrums. Perfect for all types of large-scale and small-scale industries.

  • Efficient, and intelligent machines
  • Offer consistent performance level
  • CE, SGS, ISO, and cGMP compliant
  • Customized structure and design

JOCHAMP Bread Packing Machine

Automatic bread packaging machine is a powerful piece of equipment used for whole/half loaf bagging, sliced bread, pita bread packaging, and more. It is designed with the combination of the latest automation technology and can pack different bag sizes. With sensors on the servo motors, it offers reliable and high-speed operation.

Jochamp range of bread packaging machinery is not just automated and efficient. It is also constructed from durable materials such as metal and aluminum thus, it works for longer work life. The metal surface is hygienic and safe for applications. The machine is energy-efficient and helps reduce manual labor costs. You can improve your production by this faster-packing speed driven by smart, automated technologies machines. For your unique specifications, we will help you in the whole production process. Contact us now!

Features and Advantages

  • Comes with distinct voltage capacities
  • Equipped with a powerful engine
  • Automatic bag magazine and product adjustments
  • Servo-driven system
  • Special airflow system for sliced bread
  • With clip band closure that is fully automatic
  • Stable function and simple operation.
  • Works specifically for different bread of different sizes and shapes
  • High-speed
  • Adopts precision indexing device and PLC to control
  • Designed with a high-sensitivity photoelectric color mark tracking system
  • Made from food grade stainless steel 304

Custom Bread Packing Machine

Custom bread packing machine in various sizes, colors, features, designs, and shapes. The machine’s adaptable design enables you to personalize it to your product’s specifications and speed needs.

Whether you require a bread packing machine for small- and large-scale production, you can find the right machine at Jochamp. We manufacture a machine that packs bread bags into cases or large plastic trays. Choose the products that are within your budget.

Bread packing machine
Professional Bread Packing Machine Supplier – 15+ Years of Experience

Jochamp is your trusted bread packing machine manufacturer in China. We support OEM and ODM requests to suit your needs. All machines are well-manufactured, have high-quality construction, are hygienic and have superior performance.

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