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JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of box closing machines with high quality, lower prices, fast speed delivery, and satisfying services. We are experts in research and development teams and have numerous approaches to different applications. In addition, we guarantee a rigorous quality contrast, innovative machinery equipment, and superior after-sales services.

  • Low noise and stable conveying
  • Flexible operation and safety protection
  • Suitable for various box size
  • High efficiency and wear resistance

JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine

A box closing machine is a cartoning machine that folds the flap, closes, and seals the top and bottom lids of a box packed with products. It offers exceptional and optimized performance as it closes plenty of different box sizes and types in single operations.

JOCHAMP box closing machines are the best solution for visible improvement and increased packaging productivity. This machine is ideal for heavy-duty, fast, and bulk packaging; therefore, it is perfect for E-commerce, pharmaceutical, automotive, cosmetics, foods, beverages, and more. We offer high-quality solutions for box closing machines for different packaging necessities.

Furthermore, JOCHAMP box closing machine has a robust, compact, and integrated structure that guarantees product quality, reliability, and uprightness of operations. Do you have questions? Please reach out to our experienced sales team for more information!

Box Closing Machine Advantages

Working Smoothly
Working Smoothly

The box closing machine is powerful, has a huge load capacity, and operates smoothly and quickly. The electrical setup is both high. It will be stronger and last longer, as well as produce less noise. Safe operation and efficient packaging.

Stable Operation
Stable Operation

Box closing machine parts have precise and long-lasting performance, and the structure is well-designed. There is no vibration during operation, and the machine is fitted with a protection device to prevent accidents.

Automatic Alarm
Automatic Alarm

Automatic alarm for broken or no tape, when the tape is used up or damaged, it will automatically alarm, which is convenient for users. Besides, it adopts a photoelectric sensor system to improve work efficiency to a greater extent.


Adjustable sealing height and width according to the size of the box, the carton will be transmitted through and sealed with tape automatically at the same time. The box closing machine may accommodate a variety of cartons or box sizes.

Box Closing Machine Technical Settings

JOCHAMP offers a high-quality box closing machine, consisting its advanced technical settings that guarantee sustainable and excellent performance:

  • Painted steel construction
  • Pneumatic and mechanical functioning
  • Fast operation manual
  • Box transporting through discontinuous movement
  • Lid closing device
  • Variable speed is in control of an inverter
  • The programmable logic controller controls the electric system
  • Safety guards under CE rules
  • All machines are absolute CE compliance
Box Closing Machine Technical Settings
Working Competency of Box Closing Machine

Working Competency of Box Closing Machine

The box closing machine is used to close or seal individual containers and packages and optimally protects and secures products during transport. All technical systems and built-in components that constitute the box closing machine are firmly and efficiently working. Aside from that, the entire mechanical construction of this machine is also durable and lasts for long-term use.

The knowledge and experience we gain as a manufacturer allow us to create bespoke solutions for your pursuing packaging business. We can help satisfy all designs and requirements and are willing to give the best solution for all of our customers.

Fully Innovated Box Closing Machine

JOCHAMP offers a unique range of box closing machines, perfecting sustainable performance and authentic innovation, suitable for complete packaging lines for food and non-food application. Every part of the machine design incorporates the minimum and maximum box sizes range.

By using a box closing machine, it has the potential to give the most upstanding and accurate operation, even for massive-produced product packaging you perform. We can provide your box closing machine with high-speed potential and endurance with our exceptional know-how capability.

Fully Innovated Box Closing Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine
Why Choose JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine

JOCHAMP is true of being the most knowledgeable manufacturer of box closing machines. We enhance ourselves in the research, development, and production of box closing machines. All machine is accomplished based on strict quality control and ensures that it is legally passed to the CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP certification.

JOCHAMP consists of 15+ mechanical engineers, 20+ after-sales service teams, and other expert personnel who work has more than decades of experience in box closing machine production. We can give a complete turnkey solution for the box closing machine with our ability and strong motivation.

Our uppermost priority is to satisfy the needs of all customers. We are dedicated to providing outstanding box closing machines and other related packaging machines that positively impact all local and overseas customers.

JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine Excellent Qualities

JOCHAMP is passionate enough about manufacturing box closing machines. All of our machines come in different models, and each of them holds impressive qualities, such as:

  • Sharp sensors
  • Simple steps of scheme adjustment
  • Purely stainless steel design
  • Easy to operate and requires less maintenance
  • Higher accessibility
  • Securely closes all variety of case dimensions
  • Gives accurate, uniform, and excellent product presentations
JOCHAMP Box Closing Machine Benefits

A box closing machine is suitable for massive and wide-ranging packaging operations. We can customize all your desired box closing machine based on your machine demand and requirements:

  • Time and energy-consuming
  • Provides high consistent packaging quality
  • Can work in stand-alone operation
  • Integrated into a complex packaging line
  • Accelerates packaging process
  • Has an automatic closing mechanism that fits the sizes of the specific boxes

Custom Box Closing Machine to Syrocket Your Business

Carton Box Closing Machine

A carton box closing machine is mainly used to seal cartons, which can operate alone and can also be equipped in a production line. It is suitable for circumstances where the size of cartons does not change frequently, which especially fits for continuous sealing of cartons in the same size. The machine is used in the fields of domestic electrical appliances, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine, and chemical industries. JOCHAMP can provide customized service according to your customers’ requirements.

Tape Carton Closing Case Sealer Machine

The size can be adjusted manually according to the box’s size which is easy and convenient to replace labor, increasing work efficiency up to 30% and saving 5%-10% on consumables. This machine is an ideal option for light high boxes, it can save costs and increase production efficiency. That can be widely used in food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemicals, electronic tobacco, etc. JOCHAMP has a professional technical team and warm after-service.

Erector Case Carton Box Closing Machine

The automatic case carton erector box closing machine is a vertical carton box forming machine, speeding up to 8-12 boxes/min. PLC with interface control, non-stop in the whole process, which is-suction box, forming, folding bottom and sealing, easy operation and maintenance stable. JOCHAMP is an expert manufacturer and warmly welcomes clients from worldwide. Contact us now.

High-Quality Carton Box Flap Folding Closing Machine

Automatic folding cover, manual adjustment of the width, height, suitable for the line of cardboard boxes, box folding lid sealing completed, without manual intervention, automation is strong, two conveyor belts are driven around. The sealing head is easy to wear, advanced sealing liner, and has an independent switching operation. Please contact JOCHAMP without hesitation if you need any help with the box closing machine for your requirements.

Automatic Carton Box Closing Folding Machine

The machine is equipped with an accurate size scale, precise adjustment of carton packing height, and more convenient operation. Automatic folding of the top cover, safe operation, and simple operation. Stainless steel roller, smooth operation, large bearing capacity. Simple operation, easy to use. The wiring layout meets the design requirements, the process is simple, safe, and stable. JOCHAMP will be strictly checked, and every machine will be tested to ensure it can work well before packaging.

Expert and Trusted Box Closing Machine Supplier
Expert and Trusted Box Closing Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of box closing machines. From raw materials to machine assembly and testing, every stage is overseen by experts. One-year quality assurance, lifetime after-sales service. 24/7 hours fast response service. Require now!

  • “Thank you for your excellent services, JOCHAMP, in customizing our box closing machines; the machines are well-suited to our needs, resulting in flexible operation and safety protection. Big thanks to JOCHAMP”

  • “JOCHAMP has manufactured our desired box closing machine; the quality is unquestionably solid, and it is the appropriate box closing machine that’s ideal for our business because the machine offers a good performance due to its high efficiency. Thank you JOCHAMP.”

  • “We ordered a box closing machine from JOCHAMP. They provided our requested box closing machine, and the quality is superb; appropriate for various box sizes; plus featured with low noise and stable conveyance; fantastic quality.”

Box Closing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s look at some fundamental aspects you must consider when buying box closing machine. Whether you want to learn about features, working principle, features or classification – all information you are looking is right here.

What Is Box Closing Machine?

Box closing machine is the machine used to safely close a packed cardboard box from the side or the top of the box. The main reason for closing boxes after packing them is to protect the contents from damage and to make transportation easier.

box closing machine

box closing machine

Machines can be used to close boxes very fast and with high accuracy when compared to hand sealing.

Applications Of Box Closing Machine

Box closing machines are useful in all industries that use cardboard boxes to pack and ship their products. Such industries include;

Food and beverage– for closing boxes packed with products such as soft drinks, processed foods etc

Textiles – Products such as tiles are packed into boxes and the boxes are closed using box closing machine.

Transport and logistics – box closing machine is used here for sealing boxes that have been packed with manufacturing products.

Consumer goods – goods such as toys, are packed into boxes and they are sealed.

Benefits Of Carton Closing Machine

Some of the main benefits include:


Each box has the same sealing style and accuracy as the previous one because the process is automated and well controlled.

Box closing is done in the same way for each box without any form of errors.

High Speed

The process is automated for each step with the size change that does not need adjusting the settings through an HMI.

Closing process through the machine is 150 times faster than human labour doing the same job.


Box closing machine can be used on its own or can be designed within other production equipment such as packing or weighing machines.

Intuitive Operation

The machine is simple and can be used effortlessly since it can work with less or no instructions at the beginning of every cycle.


A box closing machine is capable of handling various box sizes without having to in put data to the computer for different sizes.

Accuracy And Precision

Box closing machine is automated and can handle each box with utmost accuracy and precision.

The machine is able to reject boxes that did not achieve proper sealing.

Types Of Box Closing Machine

Semi-automatic Carton Sealer

Semi-automatic carton sealing machine is one that combines manual and automatic mechanisms.

The format adjustment for this machine is done manually while other processes are automated.

This machine can seal both top and bottom of boxes in large numbers in a single cycle.

 semi automatic carton sealer

semi automatic carton sealer

Some of the features of a semi-automatic box closing machine include;

  • The machine is machine is made up of lateral conveyer belts with sealing units below and above.
  • The tape tension and working height can be adjusted easily with a manual tape threading.
  • A compact design with a belt infeed roller and belt run-out roller conveyers.

Carton Box Stapling Machine

Carton box stapling machine is the machine used for securing boxes especially when being transported.

The machine uses either a pneumatic or manual mechanism to staple the bottom or top of boxes.

Besides, the machine creates staples that can join and firmly press the box layers together creating a stable and stronger box.

carton box stapling machine

carton box stapling machine

Staples can be removed from the carton and the box can be used again and be re-stapled.

This machine can work efficiently and can produce sealed boxes at a high speed.

Through the staples created by this machine, a bond is created that can resist temperature, dust and moisture.

Automatic Box Closing Machine

An automatic box closing machine has all the steps automated including the format changeover.

The machine comes in a compact design with a heavy and very stable design.

This machine is easy to maintain and is simple and easy to use.

automatic box closing machine

automatic box closing machine

Cornering process is automatic with a complete pneumatic system

Manual Box Closing Machine

This machine uses a hand-held dispenser to dispense tape used for sealing the box.

manual box closing machine

manual box closing machine

Intermittent Motion Box Closing Machine

This machine works and stops at intervals to allow for the formation of the boxes before another cycle begins.

intermittent motion box closing machine

intermittent motion box closing machine

Continuous Motion Box Closing Machine

This is a fully automated box closing machine with every step automated and does not need human labor.

Case Sealer Machine Vs Box Closing Machine

Case Sealer Machine

Case sealer machine is a packaging machine that can fold and seal top of the already packed cartons.

The machine can only seal the top lid of the carton and not the bottom.

case sealer machine

case sealer machine

Tape is used for the sealing purposes.

Box Closing Machine

The machine used for sealing both the bottom and top of the carton boxes after they have been packed.

box closing machine

box closing machine

This machine does not pack the cartons, it only seals them either through tape or staples.

Parts Of Box Forming And Closing Machine

Control System

Every cartoning machine is made with a control panel that enables the operator to monitor the whole process.

Gearing System

This part is made up of electrical panel and electric motors and they function as the heart of the machine.

Lubrication System

A cartoner being an electromechanical machine, must be properly lubricated especially in the moving parts.

Closing Systems

There are several ways through which a box forming and closing machine can carry out its closing and sealing functions.

This can be achieved through tape, glue or staples.

How Carton Box Closing Machine Works

Carton box closing machine works by;

Folding the two smaller flaps then folding the two larger flaps; this will create a stronger seal.

The machine ensures that box is folded according to the required size.

After forming the box, the machine automatically seals the edges of the box using a tape or hot-melt glue or staples.

The machine then creates an H shape which will offer the highest strength and a temper-evidence seal.

Different Techniques Of Closing Carton Boxes


A tape is made of PVC or polypropylene as the base material.

An adhesive such as acrylic, hot-melt or natural rubber can be used on the base material to give it the sticking property.


This technique uses adhesives in liquid form to stick the flaps together.


A stapler is designed within the machine to aid in closing the box using staples.

Number of staples per seal depends on carton quality, staple type and contents.


Strapping uses a PVC or metal for sealing purposes.

Features Of Carton Closing Machines

Automatic measurement of the box during the in-feeding stage.

This means that there is no need to repeatedly input the data for different sizes of the boxes.

Additionally, the closing mechanism is automatic and can adjust easily to the specific size of the box in uses.

The machine usually input a reference number on the box after sealing.

Compact design that occupies a small space on the working table saving on the working space.

The machine is also equipped with the box erection equipment hence able to erect and seal boxes.

Besides, the control system is simple, clear and easy to learn and use by the operator minimizing downtimes.

Guard panels are very clear for easy monitoring of the production process.

Machine is designed in a simple way for easy operation and maintenance.

Machine framework is made up of stainless steel for strength and durability.

Sensors are designed within the machine for controlling glue application and checking of open flaps.

How To Maintain Box Closing Machine

A box closing machine must be cleaned frequently and the rotating components must be wiped and lubricated as frequent as instructed by the manufacturer.

Lubrication of the cam mechanism and the transmission chain parts should be done at intervals of 15 working hours.

For lubrication mechanical oil grade 50 is recommended and grease which is calcium-based is recommended.

Parts such as synchronous toothed or transmission belts should not get into contact with oil, this will increase their service life.

After every three months, the box closing machine should be shut down in order to check the tension at the transmission chain.

Shutting the machine down also allows checking of the tightness of the transmission parts and necessary readjustments.

This ensures that the box closing machine is working properly and with reliability.

Filter screen should be cleaned frequently and before cleaning, ensure that the pressure of the machine is turned off.

In case of machine failure, get experts to repair the machine.

The machine should not be disassembled to avoid damaging the parts.

You may also be interested in case packer or cartoning machine.

For all your box closing machine, contact us now.

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