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Jochamp manufactures bottom load case packer; built to effectively remove manual labor from the case filling and sealing process. These machines are produced to your particular production requirements.

  • Boost productivity dramatically
  • Packs a wide variety of products safely
  • SGS & CE-certified machines with EU quality
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JOCHAMP Bottom Load Case Packer

Bottom load case packer is an excellent option for loading packs from the bottom. These machines are suitable for packaging fragile products into cases and cartons. It featured servo technology to the bottom load structure, ensuring easy transfer and gentle product handling.

At Jochamp, we provide a bottom load case packer designed with superior durability, efficiency, safety, and productivity. These are manufactured to your specific requirements. Known as one of the heavy-duty machines, they are built to be reliable under critical conditions. You can ensure years of effective productivity using our bottom load case packers.

If you want to custom a specific packaging machine to your specifications, contact us!

Bottom Load Case Packer Benefits


For your packaging business, whether you’re in the food industry or pharmaceuticals, these case packers are a good option to boost your efficiency.


The machine loads products from bottom side, which means it secures products and ensure no damage. They are tape-sealed for security during shipment.


Every bottom load case packer is known for its highest durability and reliability functions. They keep their quality and machine condition even used for years.


If your industry requires efficient machines, this case packer is what you need. They generally boost the efficiency of the entire packaging process.

Why You Need a Bottom Load Case Packer

Custom-built bottom load case packers provide an automated substitute for top-loading case packers, smooth case loading, and compact footprint machines.

You will need our bottom load case packer if you need automatic machines to load complicated shaped products into cases. These are also best suited for heavy goods such as bottles, tubs, cartons, etc. It will satisfy your certain packaging necessities – speeds up to 15 cases per minute.

Why You Need a Bottom Load Case Packer
Choose the Best Case Packer for You

Choose the Best Case Packer for You

The exact machine may depend on the products you need to pack, machine weight, and line speeds.

Product type – The products you will pack influence the type of required cases and cartons. For example, bottom load packers are used for lawn furniture, outdoor grills, etc. Top load packers are also used for jarred products, pouches, and bottles. At the same time, products like dried pasta and soap bars are ideal for side load case packers.

Line speeds – It is better to choose machines with enough speed to sustain the production quota. If 20 cases or less per minute, a bottom load packer, side loader, and robotic loader are great. While for 20-30 cases per minute, pick rotary packers, and more.

Get Your Bottom Load Case Packer From Us

When you’ve determined that you need a case packer solution, turn to Jochamp for dedication to surpass your demands. We will collaborate with you to provide high-quality, tailor-made case packers. From the beginning of your experience through the life of your machine, our workforce will provide you with friendly, reliable service and unwavering customer support.

Contact us to learn further about the Jochamp bottom load case packer and how we can help your company succeed.

Get Your Bottom Load Case Packer from Us

JOCHAMP – Professional Bottom Load Case Packer Supplier

JOCHAMP – Professional Bottom Load Case Packer Supplier (1)
JOCHAMP – Professional Bottom Load Case Packer Supplier

Jochamp has spent over 15 years concentrating on R&D and the production of machines. As a leading manufacturer, Jochamp owns a wide range of best-selling packaging machinery including the bottom load case packer.

We provide these machines built with precision, validity, and efficiency in mind. It has been built with the toughest parts and systems to ensure quick, quick adjustment but less maintenance and repair.

We design and produce bottom load packers based on your specific requirements.  We are composed of dedicated staff that understands your design and summarize it with reasonable resolutions.

Visit us on Jochamp for all of your bottom load case packer requirements!

Several Advantages for Case Packers

Choosing bottom load case packer as your business investment is a great decision you’ll make. These cartoning machines bring numerous advantages, such as:

  • Guarantee delicate handling of products (e.g. lawn furniture, outdoor grills, and more).
  • Can pack or sealed flexible and complex products safely
  • Case forming, stacking, and sealing are all done on one machine.
  • A small footprint conserves your warehouse space.
  • Bottom loading configuration is unique.
  • All products are handled with care.
  • There is no need for pick-tooling.
  • Nothing comes into contact with goods
Bottom Load vs Top Load Case Packer

If you’re in doubt about what to pick between bottom load and top load case packer, this guide will help you. We differentiate the two with different features and advantages.

Bottom Load: It is designed with a compact design.  These are used to erect, form, load, and seal cartons. It removes the need for physical tasks in the case packing and sealing operation. These are built to your exact specifications and therefore can solve a wide range of products while boosting production efficiency.

Top Load: These top load packers are an excellent innovative packaging solution. The top loading method ensures that the product, wrappings, and equipment interact optimally to generate the most appropriate case packers for your usage. It efficiently loads products into any style of tray or ready-made case.

What Can Bottom Load Case Packer Do For Your Packaging Business

Fast, Gentle Bottom Loading

As one of the reliable case packers, these machines guarantee fast and gentle bottom loading. They also ensure fast operations, from lifting products to carton sealing. It also eliminates physical labor which helps you save money and effort.

Improve Overall Productivity

If you prefer our bottom load case packer as your packaging machine, rest assured they can improve your overall packaging productivity. These are capable to load products into 20 or fewer cases every minute. All types are fully certified to cGMP, ISO9001, SGS, and CE certification.

Sealed the Cases with FilmTape

After the loading of products, the following process is sealing. Your custom bottom load case packer efficiently seals each case/carton from the bottom side. It uses tape, adhesive, or glue for safety sealing. The cases must be fully closed to remain in good condition and unimpaired during the shipment.

Efficiently Load Cases with Products

Choose Jochamp to supply your custom bottom load case packer requirements. It efficiently loads different products into cases and cartons. Apart from that, they are stainless steel constructed – built with safety and durability in mind.

Your Expert Bottom Load Case Packer Partner
Your Expert Bottom Load Case Packer Partner

We Provide Easy-to-Use Bottom Load Case Packers. We Can Be Your Professional Partner in China.

  • “Jochamp does a great job of customizing my ideal bottom load case packers. These machines are the best to use for my packaging application and business.”

  • “We are always grateful for Jochamp excellent services and machine offers. It efficiently forms carton and automatically packs products from the bottom side. These are the exact case packers I need.”

  • “Jochamp provides us with kind support and great customer assistance. We received the exact bottom load case packer we requested. These provide quiet operation yet high-speed and excellent performance.”

Bottom Load Case Packer: The Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you understand whether bottom load case packer is suitable for you or not.

It explores everything about bottom load case packer – from features, design, applications to features.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Bottom Load Case Packer?

A bottom load case packer is a machine that sets up a case and loads it with products from the bottom side.

bottom load case packer

bottom load case packer

 It is ideal for fragile and heavyweight products that must be loaded vertically.

Parts Of Bottom Load Case Packer

An automatic bottom load case packer has the following parts:

  • Case feeder: This component supplies folded cases to the case erector.
  • Case erector: This is the first component of the bottom case loader.

Its primary function is to erect the case on which products are loaded.

You can use the same machine to erect both regular slotted containers (RSC) and half slotted containers (HSC).

  • Case Conveyors: The case conveyor transports erected cases from the case erector to the case packer and then to the case sealer.
  • Mechanical grippers: Mechanical grippers hold the products in place when raising them to the erected cases.
  • Case sealer: This component of the bottom load case packer is placed terminally in the machine.

Depending on your products, you can either settle for a hot melt glue or tape sealing system.

  • Discharge rollers: These are placed at the terminal end and facilitate the exit of the sealed cases from the machine.
  • Product counter: This component is an add-on and helps with recording the number of products packaged in the cases under the period of machine operation.
  • Bottom loader frame: The frame of the bottom load case packer holds all the components of the machine together.

The frame must be very strong to ensure the stability and longevity of your machine. You should consider stainless steel for frame construction.

How Bottom Load Case Packer Works

The bottom load case packer automatically loads products into corrugated cartons from the bottom following the steps highlighted below:

  • First, this machine loads products involves erecting cases into the desired shapes.
  • Second, products are subsequently conveyed to the staging area awaiting stacking and staging. You can use this case packer with assorted products including heavy machinery to small household items such as bottles, widgets, jugs, etc.
  • Third, products are then stacked following the packaging pattern ascribed to by your company to ensure optimal product safety and unit capacity.

Subsequently, the products are staged accordingly.

  • Fourth, the packer then gently elevates the products into the case from the bottom section of the case.
  • Fifth, the packer firmly folds the small and large flaps of both top and bottom sections and seals them using either tape or glue.
  • Lastly, the packer moves the packed cases to the exit section and dislodges them for pick up and shipment or further processing as appropriate.
Applications Of Bottom Load Case Packer Machine

This machine is highly desirable for numerous product packaging in many applications in diverse industries.

You can use this packer for virtually any loading that requires your products to maintain an upright position during loading.

More specifically, you can use a bottom load case packer to load products as follows:

  • Bottles and cans for industrial use.
  • Products wrapped with transparent films or shrinking tapes.
  • Highly sensitive, delicate, and fragile products
  • Gallon jugs and cartons with gable tops.
  • Products that must be packed in lay-flat or rectangular cartons

You can use this packer in diverse industries including dairy, food and nutrition, medicine, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, dairy, etc.

Drop Case Packer Vs Bottom Load Case Packer

Drop case packaging and bottom load case packaging are two different product loading techniques that utilize divergent machines.

Whereas bottom load case packers load products from the bottom section of the cases, a drop case packer loads products from the top of cases.

drop case packer

A drop case packer is an ‘older’ version of a top-load case packer, only that it loads containers through gravity.

Drop case packers are less costly compared to bottom load case packers, at least in the short run.

In the long run, however, the cost of operating a drop case packer surpasses that of a bottom load case packer.

bottom load case packer

bottom load case packer

Hence owing to numerous maintenance that must be scheduled for its efficient operation.

6Features Of Bottom Load Case Packer Machine

The features of the bottom load packer machine vary from one mode to the other.

Mostly, the extent of variation will depend on the machine’s application and manufacturer.

General features of a standard design bottom load case packer are as follows:

  • User friendly
  • Compact design
  • Offer full product support
  • Highly durable
  • Gentle product handling
  • Alternative to products that cannot be picked using a vacuum
  • Easily customizable
  • Compact footprint
  • Can include a built-in robot as an add-on.
  • Flexible sealing systems: Glue or adhesive tapes
  • Minimal clearance between case and product collation
  • Ease to access operator zones
  • Optimal production speed
  • Exceptional product collation
  • Large capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent case squaring
  • Automatic operation
  • Ease and fast changeover
  • Exceptional for low product infeed operations
Advantages Of Bottom Load Case Packer

A bottom load case packer is a utility loading machine that is fundamental in packing heavy and fragile products.

This machine is handy in packing products that cannot be loaded through the vacuum method.

Benefits of bottom load case packers are as follows.

Compact Footprint

A bottom load case packer is specially designed to occupy the smallest space possible.

As such, you will not require a large production space to install your loading machine.

Efficient Product Loading

A bottom load case packer accumulates products before loading them into the cases.

This machine is an all-in-one operant, right from case erection to case sealing.

It also handles products gently, offering an ideal alternative for handling fragile products that cannot be suitably loaded through top load case packaging.

It is also ideal for packaging products that are heavy or less rigid and complex.

Excellent Design

The design of this product loading machine allows for easy customization to suit your application requirements.

It is specifically best suited for applications that require low-speed packaging that may have shrinkwrap or clear film at the top.

You could also install add-on robots to enhance the loading process and provide support services that may complement the product loading process in a warehouse.

The robots also come in handy in the customization of product collations and transfer of cases thus simplifying the packer’s mechanical design.

The design is also suitable in industries with high hygiene standards as it is highly efficient for sanitation.

Cost And Environmentally Friendly

Operational requirements of bottom load case packers are best suited for lower costs of production as well as production of minimal environmental wastes.

The case preconditioning procedure allows for small clearance between the case and product collation.

This optimizes pallet use while also minimizing the quantity of materials used, thus significantly saving on material cost.

It also produces less waste to the environment as a result of the small clearance.

There are also reduced tooling costs associated with product picking associated with other case loading techniques.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

This type of case packer has a simple and compact design that is easier to use and maintain.

Since it has a lesser number of add-on tooling for product picking and placement that is ubiquitous with other techniques such as top-loading.

It supports low change over and requires minimal maintenance and downtime.

Bottom Loading Case Packer Vs Top Load Case Packer

These two types of case packers are vital in product packaging.

The primary difference in functionality lies in the orientation of product packaging in the case.

Top load case packaging loads products in pre-erected corrugated cartons from the top side.

While bottom load case packers load products into these cases from the bottom.

bottom load case packer

bottom load case packer

You can load your products flat or vertically using the top load case packer while the bottom load case packer only supports vertical loading.

Top load case packers are ideal for loading lightweight products with assorted shapes that can easily be handled through pick and place.

On the other hand, the bottom load case packer is suitable for heavy or fragile products that require smooth handling.

Cases for top load packers come pre-erected. These cases are loaded through either grip pick and place arms or suction pumps designed per the shape of your product.

The packer picks the products supplied by the filling lines through lateral arm movements and gently packs them into rows following a particular packing pattern.

top load case packer

In the case of bottom load case packers, the cases have to be picked and erected by the machine.

The machine then picks and raises the product through a loading funnel.

Again, the packer precisely folds the flaps and then moves them towards the exit section. The case is sealed and dislodged from the packer.

Choosing Efficient Bottom Loading Case Packer

Selecting the most ideal bottom load case packer from the many competing standards and customized models requires an informed decision-making process.

You may simply need a new packer to replace an old one, address changes in the production process, or initiate a new production process altogether.

You should consider the factors below when choosing an ideal and efficient bottom loading case packer for your application.

Product Line

Your product line is a major determinant of the specifications of a bottom load case packer that you will require to meet your application needs.

Some products are larger and more delicate and require a machine that is designed to ensure gentle and smooth product loading.

The type of product line you deal in is also a predeterminer of the type of packer you have to select for your operation.

There are some products such as bottles that are best suited for a top load case packer or alternative loading.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of your bottom case packer significantly affects the cost of operation and processing efficiency.

The model of the bottom load case packer you select should be fast enough to achieve optimal product loading at a considerable speed.

Selecting a faster packer that is beyond your application’s optimal line speed will increase your cost of production unnecessarily.

Generally, most bottom-load line packers can easily achieve a loading speed of 15 to 20 cases per minute.

Floor Space

The model layout of the bottom load case packer you select must be optimal for the available floor space for installation.

You should select a compact model with flexible layouts and profiles that goes a long way in ensuring optimal use of the available space.

Machine Load

The model of choice must be suitable for efficient handling of your production demand.

It is recommendable that you test the machine on an application that resembles your own before purchase.

Settle for machines that can handle your demanding loading needs if you are operating in a busy system.

The robustness of the machine should ensure longevity, effective handling of product weight, cost of the production per cycle, and weekly runtime limits.


You should select a machine with flexible changeover that can easily address emerging business needs in your field of operation.

Some models are more flexible than others for automation and changeover options.

There are bottom case packer models with attached robotics that are highly flexible in changeover and automation.

Ensure that you conduct thorough market research and visualize the procedural operation of the machine before settling for it.

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