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Jochamp is a one-stop solution for your bottle case packer machine need. Whether they are packed into wrap-around, standard RSC, or display cases, Jochamp can manufacture and provide the right bottle case packer machine to meet your requirements.

  • Outstanding and stable operational conditions.
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Enhanced operator access
  • Compact solutions


JOCHAMP Bottle Case Packer

Bottle case packer is an automatic/semi-automatic packaging machine commonly used in beverage and foodstuff industry. It placed the bottle in a specific matrix into the plastic case or carton. These can accommodate a broad range of container/bottle sizes, including glass bottles, PET bottles, round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles, cans and other bottles. Jochamp bottle case packer has an advanced design, easy to operate with reliable operation. It has a strong, compact structure that ensures product quality, integrity and improve production efficiency.

Jochamp is your trusted bottle case packer supplier in China. For your concerns, please contact us!

Bottle Case Packer Feature

High Speed
High Speed Production

All our machines are designed with high-speed production. Its speeds range from 15 – 60 cycles per minute or can be customized.

Strong Construction
Strong Construction

Our team chooses the best quality metal material to construct the bottle case packer. Engineered to the highest durability standards in the industry.

Modular Design
Modular Design

Jochamp bottle case packer modular configuration brings high flexibility. It can meet a variety of different bottle sizes products.

Simple Operation
Simple Operation

Our bottle case packer is designed with simple operator controls. It has a high performance and integrates various machine styles.

Features and Benefits of Jochamp Bottle Case Packer

Using our advanced bottle case packer, you can benefit from its wide features and advantages.

  • Broad selection of footprints and infeed options
  • Quick changeovers with simple parts and crank adjustments
  • Integrates seamlessly with combi sealers and erectors
  • Walk-in magazine with easy loading
  • Guarantee high-speed packing of bottle
  • Can be combined with palletizing solutions
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Interlocked safety guarding
  • Sturdy welded structure
  • Vacuum self-cleaners
Bottle Case Packer Machine
Bottle Case Packer Machine

Jochamp Bottle Case Packer Parts

Jochamp provides multiple types of bottle case packers for your needs. It is made from different parts such as:

  • PLC
  • Motors
  • Sensor
  • Pneumatics Parts
  • HMI
  • VFD

We can customize this machine according to your specific speed, capacity, power, overall dimension, structure, and other configurations. Message us today.

Custom Bottle Case Packer Production

Jochamp bottle case packer can seamlessly combine with advanced case erectors and sealers, or our palletizing solutions. It comes from an extensive range of loading configurations such as drop-packing, side-loading, and top-loading options. You can decide on the custom bottle case packer production based on your requirements.

We can recommend the packing system based on your product such as semi-automatic bottle case packer machines, horizontal case loaders, pick and place packers, drop packers, and more. Please send your desired types or designs of machines. Our team will help you with the whole production.

Bottle Case Packer Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Bottle Case Packer

Bottle Case Packer Machine
Bottle Case Packer Machine

For your bottle case packing machine needs, Jochamp provides superior quality equipment that meets your requirements. These machines offer precise operation and easy maintenance. It is user-friendly due to its human-machine industrial control system (HMI). JOCHAMP Bottle Case Packer is suitable for a variety of cartons such as half-opened cartons, conventional slotted cartons, paper trays, wrap-around cartons, and more.

You can guarantee an effective operation and reliability because our machines have passed ISO9001, CE, and SGS certifications. It follows strict quality control and is thoroughly checked before the moving process. We can custom bottle case packer and work with you to create the best machine suitable for your operations. Contact us today.

Bottle Case Packer Machine
  • After-service assistance – we will guide our customers in the entire installation, commissioning, and training.
  • Training assistance – you can expect technical training that includes maintenance, control, operation, and equipment structure.
  • Spare parts assistance – We provide bottle case packer original spare parts to ensure stable and high-efficiency operation.
  • Online assistance – Our team will provide 24/7 online support. If ever you have trouble in packing and labeling machine operation, we will solve it immediately.
Bottle Case Packer Machine

Our wide range of automatic case packers is suitable for various arrangements in cosmetics, handicrafts, medicine, baking industry, nutraceutical, household consumer personal care products industry, etc. It can accommodate different bottle types such as:

  • flat bottles
  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles
  • oval bottles
  • round bottles product, etc.

Custom Bottle Case Packer Based on Your Applications

Food Industry

Jochamp designed the latest technology bottle case packer for the food industry. This machine can handle a broad range of food products. It exhibits a very compact footprint to combine seamlessly into packaging lines.

Beverages Industry

Guarantee safe and efficient bottle case packers are here in Jochamp. This machine is meticulously made from high-quality metal materials that feature corrosion resistance with strong capacity. We utilize simple-to-operate HMI screens to easily troubleshoot faults.

Daily Chemicals

Using the Jochamp bottle case packer, you can ensure smooth operation and efficient production. This packaging equipment is manufactured according to your needs. It can be easily integrated into your production line. A robust case packer that offers high-speed production.

Bottle Case Packer
Leading Bottle Case Packer Supplier in China

JOCHAMP is your one-stop solution for all kinds of bottle case packer machines. We have been focused in this field for more than 15 years and consistently deliver the highest quality machine to various industries. One-year quality assurance, lifetime after-sales service! Message us today.

  • “JOCHAMP is great to work with. They provide superior quality and efficient machines, as well as reliable customization services. The machine work well and made from branded parts. “

  • “Bottle case packer has a durable and high-technology construction. It offers high speed, excellent flexibility, and high performance. Thank you Jochamp for amazing machines.”

  • “Jochamp bottle case packers are literally designed from premium quality raw material. The components are versatile, guaranteed long-lasting, and functional. I am never disappointed, working with Jochamp company.”

Bottle Case Packer: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right bottle case packer requires complete understand of equipment classification, design, features, parts and working principle, amongst others.

This guide explores everything you need to know about bottle case packer machine.

It will make you be an expert in bottle case packaging.

What Is Bottle Case Packer?

A bottle case packer is a machine that facilitates the packing of your bottle into a case.

The machine packs the bottles properly on your case, mainly a carton case, and seals it using tape or glue.

bottle case packer

The packing process facilitates the effective shipment of the product to the final consumer while minimizing damage.

Benefits Of Bottle Case Packer Machine

The major benefits you get by using a bottle case packer include:

Reducing Labor Cost

A bottle case packer is an automated process meaning you require less human intervention.

Human resource tends to increase the operating cost of your machine.

You, therefore, reduce this cost when you use the machine. This has the effect of increasing your profit margins.

Use Of Fewer Packaging Materials

The main limitation of using human labor is that it is prone to mistakes that can negatively affect your operation.

Such mistakes include wastage of packaging materials which can increase the overall cost.

Using a bottle case packer machine ensures appropriate packaging materials, reducing the overall cost.

Gives You Control Of The Entire Process

A bottle case packer allows you ultimate control of the entire process. This is because you have the controls for setting the operation parameters.

The control panel also allows you to detect where there is a problem on your machine for easy diagnosis.


You save time by using a bottle case packer rather than human labor. This is because the machine can perform several activities at once.

Time-saving translates to a higher output since you have more time to continue production. An increase in output increases your profit margins.

Types Of Case Packer Machines

The method of packing the product inside your case determines the type of machine you are using. The main types available in the market are:

Drop Case Packers

Drop case packers is a machine that allows for automatic packing of your product into the case in a vertical manner. The product flows from the production line and into the case packer.

Besides, the advantage of this machine is there is minimal human interference. This is because as the product flows, it settles on the case.

Drop case packer

Again, the packing process is simple since there are no compartments that require careful product placement.

The main limitation of this machine is it does not require numerous packing cases. A single case usually packs less of the product due to its vertical position space.

Pick And Place Case Packers

This machine allows you to pick up your bottles and pack them onto the case before sealing them.

It is usually a semi-automatic machine which means it has a low production rate compared to the other machine types.

Side Load Case Packer

pick and place case packer

Fully Automatic Bottle Case Packer

A fully automatic bottle case packer does not require human intervention to operate.

The only procedure you have to do is set the parameters and switch the machine for operation.

Automation leads to higher production and packing process of your machine, increasing the overall output.

You have minimal machine downtime when using the machine, which facilitates the packing process.

However, this machine is costly and requires financial preparedness before purchasing it.

automatic bottle case packer

 You have to consider the cost of purchasing and maintaining the machine before you buy it.

However, you can compensate for the high buying cost with the low operating cost and efficiency.

Semi-automatic Bottle Case Packer

In a semi-automatic bottle case packer, some processes are automated, while others require human intervention.

Due to automation and manual intervention, your machine is less effective than the fully automated bottle case packer.

The main advantage of this machine is that it is less costly than a fully automatic bottle case packer.

However, the rate of machine downtime for your semi-automatic bottle case packer is higher, which affects the output level.

semi automatic case packer

semi automatic case packer

Stand Alone Bottle Case Packer

This type of machine does not require an installation platform. It is easier to use this machine as there are no installation requirements.

It is also cheaper to install and operate.

Vertical Case Packer For Bottles

A vertical case packer allows you to pack your bottles vertically inside the case. Your case does not have to tilt for the packing to be accurate.

vertical case packer

End Load Case Packing Machine

This type of bottle case packer allows you to pack your bottles at the end of the production process.

You can easily integrate this machine with your production process.

This reduces the overall cost since it is easy to install.

Before selecting an ideal bottle case packer, you must consider several aspects. For instance, you have to consider the nature of your bottles and the product.

You also have to check on the cost of a particular type of bottle case packer.

Machines To Integrate With Bottle Case Packers

You can integrate the following machines with your bottle case packers:

Case Erectors

A case erector is a machine that helps fold the carton materials into the preferred shapes.

The availability of these erectors in different shapes and designs help in creating different types of cases.

Glue Case Carton Erector

case erector

You can integrate this machine at the starting point of the operation of your bottle case machine.

Case Sealers

Case sealers help in sealing the content of your case.

This prevents the products from leaking or damaging them. Sealer sealers come in different types, which help seal your case as per your desire.

Tape Carton Closing Case Sealer Machine

case sealer

Labeling Machine

A labeling machine helps in giving your bottle case a special identity. You can integrate the machine to help give information on your case’s content.

labelling machine

labelling machine

Labeling can also help market your products as it gives your customers a unique appearance.

Production Machines

Integrating your bottle case packer with your production machine allows for a seamless process. You can integrate the machine at the tail end of your production process.

production machines

production machines

The advantage here is the different production machines that you can integrate with this bottle case packer.

Parts Of Bottle Case Packer

The critical components of a bottle case packer are:

Partition Insertion System

The function of this unit is to divide your case into sizeable parts that allow for easy packing of your bottles. The partitioning process depends on the size of your bottles and the position you want them on your case packer.

You also have to check on the size of the case.

Conveyor System

A conveyor system allows for the smooth functioning of your machine. This is done by conveying the bottles from one section to another.

A conveyor belt also transports the case from the introductory point through the machine until the bottles are on it.

You can have numerous conveyor belts in a single bottle case packer.

You have to set the speed for the conveyor belt on the control panel before you start operating your machine.

Lane Dividing System

The lane dividing system consists of numerous sensors which detect various aspects of your packing process.

For instance, the sensors can detect defective bottles and separate them from the quality ones.

This ensures you have the right quality of the bottles for packaging. Some sensors detect if the case you are using is full.

Once you have finished packing a particular case, the sensors trigger the closure of the exit, thus preventing further loading.

This helps in minimizing losses due to bottles pilling on a particular case.

Case Erector

The case erector is where your carton material gets its shape to become a case. This unit can take different designs depending on the design of your case.

A particular case erector can be of different sizes to facilitate the folding of different sizes and designs of your case.

Sealing Unit

Once you have packed your bottles on the case, it moves to the sealing unit. Here, sealing takes place to ensure your case is secure.

There are different types f sealing units depending on the type and design of your case. For instance, you have an adhesive that glues the openings of your case

Robotic Arm

The function of the robotic arm is to facilitate the movement of your bottles from the loading section onto the conveyor belts.

They hold the bottles and lift them from the loading point before placing them on the belts.

Control Panel

This is the nerve center of the functioning of your bottle case packer.

The various controls here help you manage the functioning of your bottle case packer machine.

These controls include power control, speed controls, and temperature adjustment controls.

How Bottle Case Packing Machine Works

The functioning of your machine relies on how the different parts of your bottle case machine work.

You will introduce bottles on the conveyor belt system.

This is through the robotic arms that pick up the bottles and place them on the conveyor belt.

As the conveyor belt moves, the bottles move along into the packing section.

There are various sensors here that detect the various aspects of your bottles.

For instance, the sensors can detect a defective bottle and remove it from the packing unit.

There is a section where you have to load your carton materials that the machine converts into cases as the machine function.

From the loading section, the carton moves to the case-creating unit.

This unit is available in different designs depending on the design you want for your case.

Here, the folding of the carton takes place as per the dimensions you set on the control parameters.

The carton case then heads to the portioning unit.

Here, the machine partitions the case into different compartments depending on how you want to pack your bottles.

The next step is the bottle loading section, where the machine loads the bottles onto the carton case.

As the loading takes place, the sensors detect how many bottles should fit in a particular case.

Once the case is full, the sensors stop further loading onto the particular case. The packed case then heads to the sealing unit of your machine.

Depending on its design, the sealing unit uses different mechanisms to seal your case. There are binders, adhesives, and sealers that you can use.

Once the sealing is complete, the case is ready for shipping to its final destination.

Features Of Bottle Case Packer

The main features of a bottle case packer are:

Packing Capacity

This is a feature that determines your output capacity. It influences the level of sales and profitability.

However, before selecting a particular capacity, you need to check your packaging requirement.

The right packaging requirement should consider the present and any future changes.

This is to prevent the need to purchase another machine if you increase the packaging requirement.


You need to check on the speed of your bottle case packer since it determines your working and output rate.

Selecting a machine with varying operating speeds is critical since you may incur changes in the production speed.

This is mainly due to the availability of different sizes and thicknesses of your carton.


Cost is the ultimate feature determining which bottle case packer machine to purchase.

You must check on the different prices from different manufacturers before settling for the ideal machine.

You also have to consider the other features of your machine before buying


The level of automation dictates the efficiency and work rate of your machine.

A fully automatic machine has a higher working rate than a manual bottle case packer machine.

Automation can reduce your operating cost while maximizing the output, increasing your profit margins.

You, therefore, have to check on the automation feature before selecting the best machine to use for your packaging solutions.

Uses Of Bottle Case Packer?

You can use a bottle case packer to pack your bottle product in a carton case ready for shipment. This reduces damages to your bottle product leading to losses.

This machine is vital in different industries that deal in liquid products.

For instance, its use ensures you pack your beverages properly before shipping to the final consumer in the beverage industry.

Common beverages you can use in your bottle case packer are soft drinks, milk, and alcoholic products.

You can also use the pharmaceutical industry machine to pack liquid medicinal products.

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