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JOCHAMP mainly manufactures various cartoning machine types, which include bottle cartoning machines. We provide such beneficial equipment that accommodates different box sizes. Communicate with our service team now and expect an immediate and satisfying response!

  • Adopts PLC that controls the system automatically
  • Shows speed, quantity, and faulty causes
  • Come with automatic and manual switches
  • Efficient flow of process
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JOCHAMP Bottle Cartoning Machine

The bottle cartoning machines are designed with precise series of devices and gears. They have systems that perform carton drawings, open cartons, drawing features, wrappage filling, printing, and carton closing. These bottle cartoners form the bottle boxes by erecting, closing, folding, side seaming, sealing the cartons, etc. The mentioned machine is one of the in-demand equipment for various industries, as they create boxes that ensure safely packaged products.

JOCHAMP is your trusted bottle cartoner machine manufacturer based in China. We have been supplying our advanced equipment to multiple countries globally. Our company produces and sells more than 500 sets of machinery per year. With our well-trained workers and professional engineers, you can receive the high-quality machines you need for business or factories.

Feel free to send us what specifications you need, and trust our manufacturing skills!

Types of Bottle Cartoning Machines

The Entry-level Bottle Cartoning Machine offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for packaging bottles.

Tailored to suit the specific characteristics of bottles, this automated equipment ensures precise cartoning, delivering a professional and polished packaging presentation.

Operating at a speed range of 30-60 packs per minute (PPM), the machine boosts production output, streamlining the packaging process and reducing manual labor.

The Entry-level Bottle Cartoning Machine is a practical investment for businesses seeking to automate their bottle packaging without incurring excessive expenses. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy operation with minimal training.

By improving packaging efficiency and consistency, the machine helps businesses meet industry standards and elevate their brand image.

In conclusion, the Entry-level Bottle Cartoning Machine is a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their bottle packaging operations with cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

The advanced version of the Bottle cartoning machine is perfect for mediumtolarge enterprises, offering an advanced operating system and speeds up to 120ppm.

JCZ-130 Automatic cartoning machine

The enlarged Bottle cartoning machine is perfect for large bottles cartoning or multiple bottles cartoning, providing a convenient and efficient solution.

The toploading Bottle cartoning machine is ideal for products with special carton needs, but it has some limitations.

The continuous Bottle cartoning machine offers a stable operation and speeds up to 300PPM, making it ideal for large enterprises.

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

The semiautomatic Bottle cartoner is affordably priced, with easy operation, making it an ideal choice for small businesses.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Bottle Cartoning Machine


JOCHAMP manufactures bottle cartoners with versatile features. It can handle various container sizes and types. The machine can even accommodate more than one item in multiple cases.  Various industries find this machine beneficial.

High Speed
High Speed

Using a bottle cartoning machine can produce formed boxes in a short amount of time. Their high speed is the machines’ primary advantage. They are valuable for most production factories in different industries, achieving high efficiency and productivity. 


Easy Operation
Easy Operation

JOCHAMP bottle cartoners are also convenient to operate. They are designed with touch-screen interference. The mentioned machines have button settings where the flow of equipment processes continues. We also assist with proper usage.


Aside from speed advantage, the bottle cartoner also features consistency. This machine performs with more reliability than manual operations. It follows the machine operation principle and achieves accurate sizing of bottle cartons. 

Bottle Cartoner Characteristics & Capabilities

JOCHAMP bottle cartoning machines constantly feed the material and package the cartons with stable and harmonious machine components. These machines have pusher alarms when unpositioned materials occur. That ensures the packaging quality and safety. The vibrating mechanisms to categorize the items are performed reliably.

Moreover, the bottle cartoner has a halt facility checked automatically to achieve safe machine operations. They are convenient to attach with a blister packing or bottle filling machines to complete packing lines. This equipment has frequent speed regulations, a touch screen, and automatic controls.

Choosing Suitable Bottle Cartoner Factors

If you are looking for suitable bottle cartoning machines, considering the following factors can help:

  • Product sizes you desire to box
  • Items quantity you want to package
  • Carton sizes you need to use
  • Bottle cartoning machine speed
  • Installation space
  • Product and carton sizes change requirements

JOCHAMP also provides full assistance for choosing bottle cartoner for your business and factories.

Advantages of Using Bottle Cartoning Machine

JOCHAMP manufactures different bottle cartoner types with numerous advantages, including the following:

  • Forms excellent working condition
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Minimizes cost and saves sustainable energy
  • Saves working time
  • Reduces damages
  • Reduces labor

Communicate with us now for more information and machine customization details!

Choose Horizontal Cartoning Machine from JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP is an experienced manufacturer of different cartoning machines. We utilize high-quality raw materials for manufacturing such equipment. In partnership with world-renowned brands, we ensure better materials. Plus, our company has skilled engineers that plan the whole mechanical structure and flow of machine operation. JOCHAMP has a complete set of precise machining instruments to design every part and enhance machines’ accuracy.

So if you are looking for a professional supplier, trust JOCHAMP services. You requested bottle cartoning equipment specifications be prioritized during the production. We always ensure the quality of the machines by conducting various tests.

Drop your message now and expect a quick response from our team!

Your Bottle Cartoning Machine Supplier in China

Bottle Cartoning Machine

Various industrial applications benefit from JOCHAMP bottle cartoning machines. The machines help increase factory productivity and business sales.

Bottle cartoner machines are valuable for:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • Food and  Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Commodity
Bottle Cartoning Machine

The bottle cartoning processes are done efficiently with machine functional structures and components. The following are the systems the bottle cartoning equipment has.

  • Feeding system
  • Leaflet folding
  • Open-carton device
  • Pushrod transmission system
  • Sealing carton system

Trust JOCHAMP to customize your desired bottle cartoner system or accessories.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Services

High End Technology

JOCHAMP continuously brings global technological competence and collects local and international high-tech bottle cartoning machine components. Additionally, we esteem our consistent focus on research and development, seeking to give the best possible cartoning solution.

Customizable Equipment

No matter what your requirements are, we’re here to help! Our skilled engineers have developed specialized solutions for a wide range of businesses. We can build bottle cartoning solutions on the spot following the specifications provided by the customer.

Customer Service

Our personnel will help you with everything from planning your project to designing, making, and installing your new machine. We will also help you with any services you need after the sale. Our service professionals are factory-trained and eager to help.

Experienced Worker

Our autonomous product development center employs fifteen and more mechanical engineers with medium or senior professional positions. More than twenty competent sales and after-sales staff ensure that our clients get the best possible bottle cartoning equipment and substantial technical assistance.

Your Bottle Cartoning Machine Provider in China

We acquire tremendous confidence from customers abroad by adhering to “pursuing the greatest quality.” As a company, JOCHAMP focus on supplying clients with the best bottle cartoning equipment, outstanding after-sales support, and competitive pricing.

  • “Customers like us can attest to the significance JOCHAMP places on machine quality and their success over the years in the industry. Therefore, they are the excellent choice that satisfies all of our bottle cartoning machine needs.”

  • “JOCHAMP can meet the special needs of our bottle cartoning machine. They’re happy to work with us to develop and implement a customized packaging solution. Our company’s productivity has risen thanks to the high-quality JOCHAMP devices.”

  • “The JOCHAMP bottle cartoning machine improves the look of our business’s packaging and cuts down on waste. We make more money overall due to JOCHAMP having strong technical skills, modern production facilities, and great employees.”

Bottle Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate Guide

There are quite a number of bottle Cartoning machines available in the market today.

The best part – this guide explores all fundamental aspects you need to know about bottle Cartoner.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Bottle Cartoning Machine?

This is the machine used to pack bottles into cartons.

Ideally, it is designed to fish fold, to form, to open and to load the bottles into the cartons.

It uses a combination of electrical, air, mechanical and light mechanisms in its operation to accurately pack bottles into cartons.

bottle Cartoning machine

Again, this machine is also capable of printing batch numbers and undertaking the tucking process.

Applications Of Bottle Cartoning Machine

The main industries depending on these Cartoning machines include:

Pharmaceutical Industry

In this industry, the bottle Cartoning machine is used for packing bottles containing medicine in the syrup form into cartons.

It is also used for packing vials into carton boxes.

This packing process is meant to ensure the integrity of the content of the carton.

Packing these bottles into a carton also ensure easy shipment and wholesale dealings.

It enables easy transportation and handling.

Cosmetic Industry

In the cosmetic industry the bottle Cartoning machine is used for packing bottles containing cosmetic products into cartons.

Some of these products include beauty products, hair products and body care products in liquid or gel forms.

The machine is also designed to give the cosmetic products the attractive appearance on the carton that they are packed into.

Food And Beverage Industry

This machine has the responsibility of making sure that the bottled beverages and foods are put in cartons properly before distribution.

There are several products that will need the services of a bottle Cartoning machine.

Products such as soft drinks, dairy products like yogurt, tea, coffee, water, alcoholic beverages and many others.

Consumer Goods Industry

In this industry the bottle Cartoning machine is used for packing items such as water bottles and many others into cartons.

It makes working easier for the manufacturing company.

They are able to pack their bottles into cartons of equal sizes containing same number of bottles each.

Types Of Carton Bottle Packaging Machines

Broadly, you may classify these machines as:

Fully Automatic Bottle Cartoning Machine

This machine eliminates any kind of human labor during its operation because it does everything.

Below are some of the tasks performed by a fully automated bottle Cartoning machine.

  • Supplies the cartons and the bottles at the entrances.
  • Erects the cartons
  • Folds the ear
  • Picks and inserts bottles
  • Closes the carton
  • Does the hot spraying
  • Does the date stamp
  • Creates an ink-jet print on the carton
  • Then it releases the carton.
  • This machine also does the product chuting.

The whole process is controlled and monitored through the control unit designed for the machine.

All the accessories’ parts within this machine such as folding systems and ink-jet printer are automatically coordinated.

Additionally, the harmonious coordination among these parts enables the smooth running and transition from one step to the next.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

fully automatic bottle Cartoning machine

Additionally, this machine is capable of confirming the integrity of the carton after it is packed.

Semi-Automatic Cartoner For Bottle Packaging

This type of bottle Cartoning machine can be vertical or horizontal.

It requires an operator to manually insert the product.

The in-feeding system is not automated. However, operating the machine is quite simple.

However, the production speed is low and the output is in low volume.

Additionally, it has features that enables it to pack the bottles into a carton.

semi-automatic bottle Cartoning machine

It is designed with accessories such as automatic folding machine, box conveyers and carton magazine.

Some of the advantages of this type of bottle Cartoner machine are listed below.

  • It is easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is low.
  • The machine has inbuilt system that preventing it from damage.
  • It is flexible enough to take in more advanced upgrades for the production process.
  • Safety of the operator is assured during the operation of this equipment.
  • Labor requirement of this machine is not too high because it is easy to operate.
  • It can be used by small to medium sized companies.
Features Of Bottle Carton Packing Machine

The bottle carton packing machine has been designed to offer the following features:

  • Mechanism that can check the product being packed
  • Ability to pick up the carton from the dispenser
  • Machine is designed to emboss codes
  • Capability to erect the carton through the use of a knife blade
  • System can also pick up the bottles from the dispenser
  • To accurately insert the picked bottle into the carton until the carton is filled with the required number of bottles.
  • Efficient carton closing and sealing
  • System can automatically discharge the already packed carton
Parts Of Bottle Cartoning Machine

The bottle Cartoning machine is basically made up of 7 main parts or components as described below.

Control Panel

The new technology has come up with ways to eliminate manual monitoring of the working process of this machine.

It uses an automated control module to monitor all the operations of the machine through a single computer screen.

The PLC module system of a much complex machine can control or monitor the following aspects.

  • The number of cartons in one operation
  • The number of bottles for each carton.
  • The printing processes
  • Fluid and electrical alarms
  • The process of bottle placement.

It is very possible to control the whole process through the control panel.

The human machine interface enables the operator to be able to change the requirements as desired.

Electric Panel and Electric Motors

The electric panel aids the tapping of the mains and the electric system is used to power up the whole system.

It is the electric panel that connects the whole bottle Cartoning machine system.

An electric motor is used for the conversion of the electric energy into the mechanical energy.

Automatic Lubrication System

Lubrication is important for proper functioning of gears, belts, and bearing.

The lubrication system ensures that these components avoid any kind of friction and that they can last longer.

Lubrication system also ensures that the operator does not spend a lot of money on damages caused by contamination or moisture.

Bottle Cartoning Pack Tooling And Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system runs a vacuum suction which draws blank cartons in for the packing process to begin.

These cartons are normally stored in the storeroom which has the entrance and exit sections.

Ink-Jet Printer

The function of this part is to print the required details on the carton after the packing process.

Remember, the descriptions here may include manufacture date, expiry date or any other description as desired.

Safety System

The machine comes with details about the safety procedures and should be followed as instructed.

There are emergency buttons in place and should strategically located for easy access in case of an emergency.

Conveyors, Rollers, Carton Chute and Guide Rail

These are meant to be used for the smooth movement of cartons and bottles within the system.

They can be controlled from the control panel to operate the required speed and efficiency.

How Cartoner For Bottle Packaging Works

There are basically four steps involved in the process of packing bottles into cartons through the cartoning machine.

Under The Box Action

The sucker which is at the carton feed mouth holds the carton in the downward direction and the push plate opens the box.

Once the carton is formed, it is transferred to the loading stage through the conveyor belts.

Loading Area

The filling machine operates by driving the bottles into the carton through the use of a pressurized arm screw.

Here, the process is faster and one loading can take up to 2 seconds.

Folding Mechanism

After loading, the conveyor belt takes the carton to the folding stage.

A push plate works by flipping up the lower end to close which makes the ears to close automatically.

There is a rotational motion which aids in folding and pressing the ears of the carton along the rail.

Cover Action

The carton is folded in tongue and the push plate bends the box.

Remember tongue remains in the carton then it is tested by fastening the cover to see it was done properly.

The carton is then released from the system.

Benefits Of Bottle Cartoning Machine

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Operation takes place very fast leading to high output volume in a short period of time
  • Bottle Cartoning process is very accurate and this means improved efficiency
  • Machine is automated and does not require much of human labor; this helps in cutting the overall cost
  • Process is progressive and allows easy monitoring and operation
  • Process saves much time since it also comes with printing options
  • It is very stable during operations and comes with easily adjustable systems.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through quality and consistency of the Cartoning processes
  • High manufacturing efficiency especially for companies that require high production volume
  • Compact and reasonable design for better handling and packing of the cartons.
  • The machine does not create any kind of environmental pollution during its operations.
Continuous Bottle Cartoning Machine Vs Intermittent Cartoning Machine For Bottle

These two machines function to give a similar end product which is to pack bottles into cartons.

Again, they both apply a similar principle in operation.

However, there is a slight difference when it comes to speed.

The intermittent Cartoning machine for the bottle is almost 150 times slower than the continuous bottle Cartoning machine.

continuous bottle Cartoning machine

This difference in speed is experienced due to the fact that the intermittent bottle Cartoning machine stops at intervals.

Additionally, the machine stops to allow time for the process of creating cartons into shape to take place.

The continuous bottle Cartoning machine does not stop until the process is done and all the cartons are packed with bottles.

Otherwise, both of the machines have a similar disadvantage when it comes to the initial cost because they are both expensive.

The boxing cycle is only available for the intermittent Cartoning machine and not for the continuous Cartoning machine.

Another aspect is that the intermittent Cartoning machine allows you to make cartons of various shapes and sizes.

JCZ-130 Automatic cartoning machine

intermittent bottle Cartoning machine

While the continuous Cartoning does not incorporate the making of any kind of cartons.

Configurations Of Vertical Vs Horizontal Cartoner For Bottle Packaging

The two machines differ when it comes to the feeding mechanism.

In other words, the method through which the bottles are inserted into the system.

Just as the names suggest, horizontal bottle Cartoner inserts the bottles through a lateral drawer and is also automatic.

While vertical bottle Cartoner inserts the bottles into the system vertically and its never automatic.

The horizontal bottle Cartoner allows for the formation of carton boxes and loading them and finally closing them.

On the other hand, vertical bottle Cartoner does not offer the option of making the cartons.

Both of them have their advantages depending on the type of product and the volume of production.

Cartoner For Bottle Packaging Maintenance

The daily cleaning and maintenance of bottle Cartoning machine is simple and is usually provided by the manufacturer.


It is important to follow the safety guidelines of the machine as provided by the manufacturer.

Things like overloading, touching the inverter immediately after the operation should be avoided.

Also ensure the power is turned off after the operation.

Good Lubrication

The machine should be kept lubricate all the time especially during operations.

Again, fuel or the oil should be changed frequently to avoid contamination.

Butter should be added once every month to the bearings.


It is very easy to work in a well-organized place and this will also help to avoid making any mistakes during operations.


Cleaning process should ensure that the inside and the outside of the machine are clean.

Ensure there is no oil drops remaining in the sliding surfaces, racks, oil holes, lead screws.

Additionally, ensure there is no foreign object in the motor and all other parts.

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