Blueberry Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp is one of China’s largest manufacturers of packing machines for fresh and processed blueberry. We offer some different machine options for packing that are exclusively made for the industry of blueberry. If you want to own a proven and tested blueberry packing equipment, Jochamp will provide what are you looking for.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Modular packaging solution
  • CE, SGS, and ISO9001 certification
  • Safety protection for the whole line

JOCHAMP Blueberry Packing Machine

Blueberry packing machine is ideal weigher for both medium and small-sized producers of blueberries. It is precisely designed and produced to perform the whole packaging process fully automatically by using the same machine. It is also an ergonomic and compact machine that is very versatile and can install a diverse format of container loader with full automation.

Jochamp become a leading provider of packing equipment for blueberry and different fruits worldwide. Our sustainable and persistent hard-working dedication helps us to create and produce innovative and new ideas for manufacturing highly effective blueberries packing equipment.

Integrated Blueberries Solution

Jochamp offers a perfect packing solution for a wide variety of blueberries. We also offer advanced artificial intelligence to maximize grading excellence across stem holes, calyx, and advanced detection of defects. Here are the following process and functions of our blueberries packing machine.

  • Infeed – include dumping and tipping solutions, optimize the processing line capacity, and maintain the gentle handling of blueberries.
  • Sorting and Grading – highly suited to packers of blueberry. Grading options are integrated with our all-other solutions. Through better shelf life and superior selection, it enables packers and growers to increase their business.
  • Artificial Intelligence – We are committed to our innovation and through artificial intelligence, our knowledge of packing equipment continues to increase.
  • Filling and Packing – a solution that is very suited to blueberry packer’s over-demanding requirements for filing and packing.
Integrated Blueberry Solution
Blueberries Packing Machine Features

Blueberries Packing Machine Features

We have trusted worldwide as a provider of blueberries packing solutions as we have the following unique product features:

  • Wide Application – can be used not only for packing blueberries but also for some other fresh fruits.
  • Automated Packing Function – adopt precise indexing and PLC control. Each working and action station does an accurate and easy operation.
  • Adjustable Speed – the speed is adjusted by frequent conversion and it depends on the pouch and products and what actual speed needs to be set up.
  • Automatic Checking System – a system that can check the sealing, filling, and bag situation.
  • Durable – made with 304-grade stainless steel that ensures safety and sanitation together with GMP standards.
Your Leading Packing Solution of Blueberries - Jochamp
Your Leading Packing Solution of Blueberries - Jochamp

Jochamp packing equipment can supply a wide range of packing solutions for fresh blueberries and other processed fruit industries. Our equipment is one of the most accurate, gentle, and fastest equipment offered worldwide. Get your specific options of packing solutions now, choose Jochamp!

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