Shisha Tobacco Production Techniques

Shisha tobacco has emerged and spread widely due to its new manufacturing process techniques. These include the introduction of new flavors and ensuring high-quality products are produced for its customers or consumers. Contents 1. Shisha Tobacco Leaf Selection Leave selection is the first process of manufacturing techniques. In this process quality tobacco leaves are selected …

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How to Dry Shisha Tobacco

Drying of shisha tobacco also known as curing is a method that is used to keep or ensure tobacco leaves are dry. This is done after tobacco leaves are harvested from the farm. Contents Different Methods of Drying Shisha Tobacco Generally, the drying or curing process of tobacco entails 4 main steps which include; Wilting …

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Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

Mixing ingredients is an important part of the shisha tobacco manufacturing process. Contents What Is A Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine This is a custom-made machine that you can use in blending and mixing the tobacco used in making your shisha. It mixes among others a variety of substances such as tobacco, additional molasses, and flavors …

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