JOCHAMP Biscuit Sandwich Machine

Jochamp supplies biscuit sandwich machines that are made of 316 stainless steel grade for longer service life. These machines passed SGS, ISO9001, and CE standards.

  • Adopts intelligent control
  • Swift packaging speed
  • Ensure stability performance
  • Suitable for different bag types
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Custom Biscuit Sandwich Machine

Biscuit sandwich machine is used for packaging biscuits into plastic bags. It is a high-speed, fully automated packaging solution. These can also create different shapes of biscuits. It is an excellent choice for medium to large-scale productions. A vacuum station, date coding, and punching device are all available as part options.

What’s more, the custom biscuit sandwich machine has intelligent fault detection. It meets the most stringent hygiene requirements. We guarantee a clean and efficient biscuit sandwich machine. You can contact us directly for your production line requirements.

JCB-260 Biscuit Sandwich Packing Machine

This machine can be applied to round or rectangular sandwich biscuit packaging, and it has a quantitative cream filling function. It supports 2-8 channel sandwich biscuit packaging.

  • 2-8 lanes optional
  • Quantitative cream filling
  • Integrated operation of stacked packaging
  • HMI and PLC control
  • All stainless steel product contact surface
  • no cookies, no cream filling
  • no cookies, no packaging


Total power6kw
Net weight1000kg
Biscuit sizeRound:Φ40-70mm    Square:L(40-70)xW(40-70)mm
Packing profile2×1,2×2,2×3


Biscuit Sandwich Machine Design

Our company developed the hard & soft biscuit sandwich machine automatic biscuit production line by digesting and absorbing modern technology. The biscuit-making machinery is innovative in design, compact in configuration, and totally automated. It can be completed automatically, beginning with feeding, calendaring, molding, drying, oil spraying, cooling, and packaging.

Biscuit Sandwich Machine Design

Operator-Friendly Biscuit Sandwich Machine

All of Jochamp’s biscuit sandwich machine solutions are built on reliable processes and are operator-friendly. It has hygienic designs as well as clean and simple constructions. Furthermore, the units include useful devices.

Jochamp manufactures milk powder packing machines that are both effective and smooth. There are various features and functions available. It ensures durability for all powder packing activities.

Your Trusted Biscuit Sandwich Machine Supplier
Your Trusted Biscuit Sandwich Machine Supplier

Jochamp has been producing biscuit sandwich machines for over 15 years. We provide turnkey solutions, localized installation, after-sales and coaching support, and a fast response service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Biscuit Sandwich Machine Buying Guide

There are a number of factors you should consider before buying biscuit sandwich machine. These include features, parts, working principle and even maintenance processes, just to mention a few.

Biscuit Sandwich Machine Features

biscuit sandwiching machine

Biscuit sandwiching machine

The biscuit sandwich machine has the following features;

  • An automatic production system from biscuit sandwiching, to packing.
  • It has an automatic pressure sensor.
  • A PLC control system with HMI and a touch screen panel.
  • Accurate filling; no more, no less.
  • The biscuit sandwiching machine has multi-lanes, can either be from 2 to 6 lanes.
  • A no biscuit, no cream policy.
  • One or more cream pumps.
  • An easy changeover system and accommodates a variety of products.
  • It is made up of high-quality stainless steel parts.

biscuit sandwiching machine parts

biscuit sandwiching machine parts

How To Maintain Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

Regular maintenance of a machine will result in longevity of the machine.

This will increase the machine’s efficiency, and will also avoid mechanical issues, thus saving costs that may have had to be used on repairs.

The following are some of the ways you can maintain a biscuit sandwiching machine;

Clean The Machine Often

When using any machine, it is expected to get dirty or accumulate dust.

You should dust the machine regularly, remove any debris around it and tidy it to ensure it remains clean.

Pay a lot of focus on parts of the machine such as the oil holes, lead screws, gear boxes, racks, sliding surfaces.

Clean the parts well and ensure they have no oil.

If you use the biscuit sandwiching machine for a long without regular clean-up, it might cause issues to the machine and affect its working.

Regular Lubrication

Machine lubrication is one of the most critical steps in maintaining a biscuit sandwiching machine.

A machine cannot work well without oil lubrication, mainly done on the moving parts of the machine because of friction.

You should also make sure you change the oil frequently, ensure that the parts never run dry and you should use good quality oil.

Clean the parts well, then lubricate them with oil.

Do A Regular Maintenance Check On The Machine

A maintenance check means looking at the machine parts and ensuring everything is in order.

Make sure you also observe the safety operation rules. Make sure you do not overload the machine and every part of the machine is where it should be.

You should have a daily inspection after you have finished using the machine, and a routine maintenance especially on the parts that move a lot.

Change Machine Parts Regularly.

Anybody working with a machine knows that spare parts are essential. Always have spare parts for the parts that can wear out easily.

When a machine has been used continuously for a long time, some parts tend to wear off quickly.

Some features are pretty long-lasting and do not need to be changed frequently.

For a machine to work effectively and for one to avoid excessive damage to the machine, you need to change the parts after some time.

Benefits Of Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

Some of the main benefits of this biscuit machines include:

  • A biscuit sandwiching machine is very efficient and effective. With this biscuit machine, you can achieve the best results with little to no discrepancies.
  • The machine has a continuous operation and sensors that detect any possible malfunction.
  • Its operational costs are low.
  • The machine has flexible specifications. It can have from 2 up to 6 lanes for you to choose from and pitches from 50 and 100 mm. This means you are able to choose one that will best suit your needs.
  • The machine has high operational speeds and this results in high production output.
  • With a biscuit sandwiching machine you can achieve a variety of shapes for your biscuits. This ensures you have different options for your clients to choose from and this increases demand.
  • The biscuit sandwiching machine is very versatile. You can use several products to fill the biscuits and they come in different shapes, and sizes.
  • When using a biscuit sandwiching machine, you are assured of reliable and consistent results. The device is entirely accurate and very fast.
  • A biscuit sandwiching machine has easy and fast changeovers. A biscuit sandwiching machine has an easy layout which is quite easy to operate. The easy layout also makes it easy to clean.
  • Using a biscuit sandwiching machine reduces labor costs since most of the work is done by the machine. The machine also does not require supervision, this means you will not have very many people working for you.
Parts Of Biscuit Sandwich Machine

A biscuit sandwich machine has the following that ensure the machine does its functions properly;

  • Control panel – the control panel has a PLC with HMI, and this is where you input all the product specifications.
  • Conveyor system – this is the belt-like part that transports the products from one step to another.
  • Stencils – this is the part that fills the biscuit with the cream.

It has several configurations and allows for different color combinations and flavors.

  • Motor – this is responsible for moving parts of the machine.
  • Magazine assembly – this is the part that holds the biscuit before filling. It also has cutouts that allow crumbs to leave the system.
  • Laser sensors – this part detects when the machine misses a biscuit and stops, it also allows you to tighten setting parameters.
  • Row stackers – this part stacks the biscuit sandwiches.
  • Air knife assembly – uses compressed air to enhance the quality of the product.
  • Automatic rejection sensor – this part is responsible for height control of the biscuit sandwiches.

It also detects any missing cream on the biscuits and rejects them.

  • Guard clamps – they hold and join various components preventing damage to the machine.
  • Electrical cabinets – this is where all the electric units that provide power to the machine are housed.
  • Diverters – are responsible for diverting the sandwiched biscuit to the final stage.
  • Hoppers – the hoppers supply cream to the stencils.
  • Cake wire adjusting unit – this is a system you can use to adjust the tension of the wires.
  • Tray loader – this part is responsible for loading the product into pre-formed trays and also counts the sandwich biscuits.

biscuiit sandwich production line

biscuit sandwich production line

How Biscuit Cream Sandwich Machine Works

The biscuit sandwiching machine has a biscuit feeder equipped to it that feeds the biscuits to the conveyor of the sandwiching machine.

As the feeder feeds the biscuits to the conveyor of the sandwiching machine, the sandwiching machine ensures that the biscuits are aligned properly.

It then passes the lower parts of the biscuits under the head dosing cream called the stencil.

At the stencil, the machine fills the lower side of the biscuits with cream.

The machine uses a pressure-less feeding system that ensures the product does not break.

biscuit cream flow chart

biscuit cream flow chart

 It also ensures the filling is at the center of the biscuits to ensure there is no spillage.

The conveyor system then moves the biscuits to the next part, where the machine places the upper parts of the biscuits on the parts with filling.

The machine moves the sandwiched biscuit to the next stage, where it packs the sandwich biscuit.

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