Bath Salt Packaging Tips and Tricks

Bath salt is used for bathing and the packaging material used must be eco- friendly and moisture resistant. The packaging involves choosing the right material ensuring your product can last longer and maintain its quality.

This guide covers some of the most effective salt bath packaging ideas you can integrate in your production line.

1. Choose Appropriate Bath Salt Packaging Bags or Solution

There are several factors to be considered when choosing the appropriate bath salt packaging bags such as durability, ease of use, environmentally friendly, and protection from moisture.

Here are some of the types of containers used when packaging bath salt.

Packaged Salt Bath
Packaged Salt Bath
  • Glass jar – Glass jar helps to maintain the essential oil fragrances for bath salt and protects it from moisture.
  • Plastic pouches bags – They are cost effective, versatile and it is used to protect moisture from entering.
  • Foil bag – Foil bag bath salt packaging is mostly used for long term storage and it creates a barrier against moisture, air, and heat that may damage the bath salt.
  • Kraft paper bag – Kraft paper bag contains a foil lining that acts as a barrier or prevents moisture from entering the bath salt.
  • Pest plastic containers – This type of bath salt containers gives a blend of aesthetics and they are durable.

2. Adopt Secure Bath Salt Packaging Sealing Mechanism

Adopting a secure bath salt packaging sealing mechanism helps to maintain the product’s freshness, and prevent contamination thus the product quality is maintained.

Some of the sealing mechanisms include;

· Heat Sealing

Heating sealing a heat is used to seal the bag together ensuring no space is left for moisture or air to enter.It is mainly used in plastic bags or foil bags and is preferred for long term storage. For most bath salt manufacturers, edge sealing machine remain an effective option.

· Zipper Closures

In zipper closures, a zip is placed to allow the opening and closing of the bag, and is used in plastic bags or mylar bags. You can consider our zipper pouch packaging machine.

· Ti-tie Closures

This is a metal tie usually attached at the top of kraft paper bags and it’s easy to use.

· Velcro Closures

Velcro closures are usually attached to the bag opening to help secure sealing and it is used in plastic bags and fabric bags.

They are durable and easy to use.

3. Select Reliable Bath Salt Packaging Equipment

Salt Bath Packaging Machine
Salt Bath Packaging Machine

When selecting a reliable bath salt packaging equipment there are several factors one should consider such as efficiency, consistency, and product quality.

Types of bath salt packaging equipment include;

i. Filling Machine

Under the filling machine, we have a volumetric filler which is used to ensure the correct or exact bath salt is filled. At the same time, it weigh filler ensures accuracy in weight measurement enabling consistency.

ii. Sealing Machine

In sealing machines, we have heat sealers where heat is used to create air tight seals and it is mostly used in plastic and foil bags.Vacuum sealer removes all the air before sealing prolonging the shelf life of a product.

iii. Labeling Machine

Labeling machines can be categorized as automatic labelers where the machine automatically labels the containers. It is quick, saving, and used in large scale operation

Manual labelers are where labeling is done manually and are mostly used in small-scale operations.

iv. Bagging Machine

In the bagging machine, we have the form fill seal machine which automatically forms the bags, fills them with the product, and later seals them while pre made porch only fills and seals pre made porch.

v. Secondary Packaging Machine

The cartooning machine automates the packaging of seals into cartoons or boxes while the case packer enables multiple boxes or cartons into large cases for shipping.

4. Perform Quality and Safety Tests on Packaged Bath Salt Bags or Containers.

Performing quality and safety tests on packaged bath salt bags or containers helps the product’s standards and regulations are met.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is done to check on any defects and labeling accuracy.

Seal Integrity Test

Here two tests are done mainly the dye penetration and the vacuum leak test is done to ensure no water or moisture can penetrate through the package.

Strength Test

The tensile test – This is the force needed to pull the seal apart ensuring it can withstand the conditions while being transported to various areas.

Drop test – The package is dropped from a certain level of high ground to ensure durability.

Moisture Barrier Test

In the moisture barrier test two methods are used mainly;

Gravimetric method where measures the weight of the package from time to time in different humidity conditions to help determine the moisture ingress while in the calcium chloride test, the chloride is placed inside the package to measure the amount of moisture absorbed.

5. Integrate Bath Salt Packaging Ideas with Market Needs

There are several factors one must look at in inorder to integrate bath salt packaging ideas with market needs one must focus on the following.

· Customer Preference

One must research and engage with their customers to understand their style, preferences, and what attracts them the most.

· Industry Trends

Let your packaging be aligned with the current industry trends, enabling transparency to your customers Examples include showing the product quality and ingredients.

· Competitive Dynamics

Design a bath salt packaging that is appealing, unique, and attractive to the eye or stands out on the shelf.


Bath salt packaging entails different processes such as choosing the right material for packaging, ensuring the right quality is produced, and moving with the market trends.

If you are looking for modern and efficient bath salt packaging machines, JOCHAMP offers a perfect solution for your – contact us now.

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