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Jochamp is a professional supplier of ampoule packing machines that are ideal to maximize packaging efficiency. It is specially designed machine for sealing and filling operations.

  • Multipurpose packaging
  • Made of high-performance parts
  • Tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Improves efficiency
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Custom Ampoule Packing Machine

Ampoule packing machines are specially designed machines for consistent sealing and filling operations. It usually consists of a hot air circulation sterilization tunnel and a vertical ultrasonic washing machine to maximize packaging efficiency. This model can be used in a single or combination machine.

For over 15 years, Jochamp has been a professional ampoule packing machine manufacturer. We have an R&D team that can customize them to your specifications. All of our machines are guaranteed to be certified by cGMP, ISO9001, SGS, CE, and other standards. To ensure quality, each machine is tested with our advanced testing equipment.

Ampoule Packing Machine Features

  1. Sterilization tunnel. It uses the hot air laminar flow principle and a high-temperature sterilization process to preheat, dry, sterilize, remove pyrogen, and sterilize.
  2. Filling and sealing procedure. Step-by-step bottle conveying, positioning, filling, drawing, and sealing are used. The rate of sealing is high.
  3. Touch screen operation and PLC control. It can be used for linkage control or as a standalone device. The control is stable and highly automated.

Advantages of Ampoule Packing Machines

Pharmaceutical companies often use ampoule packing machines to fill ampoules. It enables increased production capacity to meet rising demand. With the assistance of an ampoule filling machine, businesses can produce hundreds of ampoules in a short period of time.

Monitoring the ampoule filling process on an ampoule filling and sealing machine is simple. Once the ampoule packing machine’s settings are complete, it can fill ampoules with the predetermined amount of drugs. The most significant advantage of an ampoule packing machine is its high accuracy. It ensures that the correct amount of medication is placed in each ampoule. Very simple to operate because it is fully automatic.

Boost Your Brand with Jochamp Ampoule Packing Machine!
Boost Your Brand with Jochamp Ampoule Packing Machine!

JOCHAMP is trustworthy supplier of ampoule packing machines that are providing consistent, high quality and superior performance. We can offer machine maintenance advice, after-sales support, and one-year quality assurance.

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