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As one of the leading packing machine manufacturer, Jochamp provide turnkey solution for any product packaging. Just send us your requirement and get a free consultant.

High Efficiency Automatic Packaging Machines

JOCHAMP is a professional packaging machine company in China.  We provides optional materials and devices to manufacture your private packing machine according to your needs.We provide custom services, while Jochamp has fully autonomous turnkey design and manufacturing capabilities. Our automatic packageing machines are widely used for packaging food, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Jochamp’s benchmark product – automatic cartoning machine can be connected to the production line to achieve online packaging, widely used for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

  • Compliant with GMP design, passed CE, ISO9001 certification

  • Packaging efficiency: 30-300 PPM(by product)

  • Help customers save 3-5 labor on average

  • Multiple patents

  • Super cost-effective

One-Stop Packaging Solutions For You

Jochamp carton box packing machine includes cartoning machine, case packer, case sealer etc.
Jochamp wrapping machine includes flow wrap machine, shrink wrap machine, overwrapping machine, etc.
Jochamp pouch packing machine includes rotary pouch packing machine, horizontal pre-made pouch packing machine, etc.
Jochamp FFS machine includes VFFS machine, HFFS machine, 4-side sealing packing machine, Stick Pack Machine, etc.
Jochamp blister packing machine includes alu pvc/alu alu blister packing machine and blister card packing machine.
Jochamp provides customized turnkey solutions based on factory floor plans and packaging needs.

Why 1000+ Customers Choose Us

From raw materials to machines leaving the factory, we implement strict quality control from start to finish to ensure the stable quality of each machine. Jochamp has a team of 10+ mechanical engineers who design exclusive packaging solutions for customers. Among them, 2 have more than 20 years of industry experience, and 5 have more than 10 years of experience. We have more than 100 well-trained assembly and commissioning employees, and more than 10 out-of-home installation and commissioning personnel. 

Our Promise For You

  • Fast delivery guarantee.
  • Jochamp will help improve your packaging and production plans
  • Free sample testing and packaging planning.
  • All machines have passed CE, ISO9001, SGS certification.
  • One-year quality assurance, lifetime after-sales service
  • Regular after-sales care, giving guidance on maintenance
  • A very competitive price to help you cut costs and increase profits.
  • Jochamp provides operator training and life-long after-sales support, and these are free.

Different Packaging Style Catered by Our Automatic Packaging Machines

JOCHAMP automatic packing machines are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of packaging styles.

We provide machines to put products into cartons. These cartons can be of different lock box structures, such as: tongue-in, self-locking, hot-melt sealing boxes, etc.
Jochamp manufactures various forms of case packing machines to adapt to more forms of product packaging. Such as: side load case packer, top load case packer, robot case packer.
Our packaging machine can be used for pillow packaging, it is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics, household goods and other industries, it is one of the most common packaging methods.
Stick packaging is commonly used in the packaging of granules, powders and liquids. Jochamp's stick pack machine runs up to more than 20 lanes and can be produced online with cartoning machine.
Quad Seal
The pouch packing machine manufactured by Jochamp has a very wide range of uses, which can adapt to the packing of flat pouch, stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, spout pouch.
Blister packaging is commonly used in capsules and tablets. The blister packaging machine made by Jochamp has a wider range of uses, it can be used for: batteries, stationery, tools, toothbrushes, chocolate and other packaging.
Simple and Efficient Packaging Machines
Here in JOCHAMP, we can provide fully automated and efficient packaging machines that offer a lot of benefits such as reduced carbon footprint. Therefore, allowing your business to save shipping and storage. Our packaging machines offers a large canvas and shelf-presence for marketing. We offer simple structured and easy-to-use packaging machines that are applicable to different industries. These machines are also suitable for packaging both non-food and food products. Guaranteed that all our automated packaging machines can save your time while increasing your efficiency.
Fully Automated Packaging Machines for Different Products
We offer fully automated packaging machines that is suitable for packaging different products such as: • Powders • Granules • Cheese • Coffee • Rice • Brown sugar • Flour • Liquid • Tomato sauce • Bread • Pet food • Chicken essence • Washing liquid • Snack food • IQF food • Guazi, and more. We can also customize automated packaging machines according to your requirements. Just send us your details and specifications.

Great After Sales Service

Our high-accuracy automated packing machines are equipped with servo motors and intelligent systems, which help you enhance productivity. We have a 20-person after-sales team, of which more than 5 after-sales engineers can go abroad. Besides, we have a number of professional agents who can carry out localized pre-sales and after-sales services. We not only manufacture packaging equipment, but we also cooperate with more than 20 professional factories to provide overall packaging solutions.

Automatic Packaging Machine Manufacturer

As the leading manufacturer in China, JOCHAMP can provide you the best quality services such as the following:

  • 17+ Years of Industrial Experience
  • Customized Machinery Design
  • Overall Packaging Solution Provider
  • Supplies all kinds of packaging machinery
  • More than 50 strategic cooperation machinery factories
  • Free sample testing
  • Up to 15 days of fast delivery
  • Support TT, LC, and other payment methods
  • One-year quality assurance, lifetime after-sales service

Why Choose JOCHAMP as Your Automatic Packaging Machine Supplier

For technical training on adjustment and operation of the equipment abroad, the seller shall send technicians to the buyer’s factory while the buyer shall be charged for such service costs including round-air ticket, boarding & lodgings, visa fee as well as a daily service fee of USD200.00.
Jochamp has passed several patents ( Utility Model Patent Certificate, Design Patent Certificate, and certificate for inventor’s patent right.) and certification tests (CE and SGS).
According to products confirm production lists and according to production lists to choose machine type, drawing, spare parts matching, machining, purchasing-assembling-testing-debugging-testing-machine product filling testing-cleaning-packaging-delivery.

Request Your Free Automatic Packaging Machine Quote Today

JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines for the different industries for more than 17 years. We specialize in providing automatic packaging machines. Our factory covers an area of 6000 square meters. Every month, we have full capabilities of producing more than 50 sets of the packaging machine.

All our machines are guaranteed to have 1-year warranty and lifetime services. If you purchase packaging machines from JOCHAMP, you can expect that our customer service will help you all throughout the transaction. We can provide you with a one-stop solution for machine installation, maintenance, and more.

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